Biden Freezing People To Save Them From Overheating

Texans are freezing to death because the Biden Administration didn’t want Texas to generate more greenhouse gases during the cold snap.



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10 Responses to Biden Freezing People To Save Them From Overheating

  1. Steve says:

    You have to apply for an environmental permit modification to stay alive now, and pay extra for that privilege.

  2. Felton Suthon says:

    The creation of Jimmy Carter coming to full fruition.

  3. G W Smith says:

    Biden comes in and AGW is now a fact, no longer debatable, deniers will be denied electricity, and frozen for imposterity.

  4. Solar Mutant Ninjaneer says:

    DOE micromanagement at its worst. What a bunch of bureaucratic losers. We used to refer to DOE as “revenge of the C students,” but they have degenerated since then.

    • Carol Cossa says:

      I am a retired fed contractor who worked for DOE Emergency Ops…and I can definitely affirm what you are saying. One thing I would add is how many times I observed them drinking on the job.

  5. saveenergy says:

    Bottom of page 3 –
    “C. All entities must comply with environmental requirements to the maximum extent necessary to operate consistent with the emergency conditions. This Order does not provide relief from an entity’s obligations to purchase allowances for emissions that occur during the emergency condition or to use other geographic or temporal flexibilities available to generators.”

    So they now have to ” purchase allowances for emissions that occur during the emergency condition ” ( extra carbon credits) for pulling the government out of a hole of it’s own making !!!
    ERCOT should publicly refuse, until the wind & solar operators have compensated Texas for failure to supply

  6. czechlist says:

    Yeah, well now my head hurts. Directives like this esoteric interpretive legalese is a major reason our government doesn’t function for hovno (pardon my Czech). My interpretation is – yeah, you can fire up your coal powered plants when everything else has failed – but only to the extent you absolutely have to. Like you can ramp up and ramp down a coal station like a volume knob on a TV. Someone said you go to war with the military you have. IMO ERCOT dealt with this with the resources the Texas Public Utilities provided and the EPA allowed.

  7. Walter Wagner says:

    Maybe they can try the Gates snow-job over Wyoming, see how cold we can actually get it with human intervention:

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