Biden : “What Am I Doing Here?”

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8 Responses to Biden : “What Am I Doing Here?”

  1. Rory Forbes says:

    Embarrassing himself and his country, while bankrolling as much pork as his family can sock away.

  2. Steve Case says:

    I’ve seen several of these now, and I don’t think they’re pasted together smear jobs, they’re real, President Biden is Uh I well Uh over at Free Republic they’ve started a poll on who can guess the date that he or the Democrats pull the plug on this guy.

    We all know that he’s not in control, the Democrat leadership i.e., Pelosi & Schumer are calling the shots. It’s just a matter or time until they invoke the the 25th amendment and remove this embarrassment from the oval office.

    I can’t see this train wreck continuing.

  3. Steve Case says:

    Is there a You Tube of that?

  4. Charles Straw says:

    How sad it would be to wake up every day knowing you were Joe Biden..a sad slave to other’s dreams and powers…a bland nothing of a person, notable only for existing as a parasite in a corrupt power structure for 50 years. A stooge who lies and lies again and who probably lies to everybody because he possesses no true life of his own

    Other than being a chump, is Biden known for any special talent? Is he a landscape painter or a master of several foreign languages? Was he a jump rope champion in grade school? Nah, he’s just bland old Joe

  5. Fran Snyder says:

    It is unkind to make fun of someone who struggles with a disability !!!!

  6. Fran Snyder says:

    It is unkind to make fun of someone who struggles with a disability !!!!! Biden stutters, get the hell over yourselves. People who stutter can have the issues shown in this Post. My Uncle Al had a stutter and it caused him pain when people pointed it out or made fun of him. He was extremely intelligent!!

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