Civilization Hijacked

Four days ago :

“Wind power produced up to 2/3 of Texas’s energy output in 2020”


Yesterday :

Frozen wind turbines have caused almost 1/2 of Texas’s wind generation capacity to go offline in the midst of an “unprecedented storm”.


The green energy industry has hijacked civilization, the environmental movement, and common sense.

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26 Responses to Civilization Hijacked

  1. Patrick Blasz says:

    one of your best video presentations to date . . . clear, concise, compelling.

  2. Kevin Kiefer says:

    It’s ironic that the same people who wanted DDT banned due to its killing of raptors also want to promote wind energy that has probably killed more raptors than DDT ever did. This fits a perfect definition of hypocrisy. By the way, does anyone know Tony’s e-mail address? I need to ask him about something.

  3. arn says:

    After the dollar was highjacked by the FED(using the eternal excuse by the few to fool the many ,pretending to help and prevent crisis ),
    the biggest economical crisis ever happened = the great depression.
    Later it turned out that the crisis was artificially created by the fed by systematically reducing the money supply.
    AGW and Lockdowns are the same trick of the same boot stamping on the face of humanity -Forever ,as mr Blair used to say.
    Just on a global scale,and with the difference that it will be far worse and that it will be used to implement fascist rules to help people out of the misery by the very same people who created the misery.

  4. John Sturges says:

    Good article by Daniel Greenfield “John Kerry Emitted 302 Tons of CO2 to Save the Planet”

    When does this level of cognitive dissonance indicate mental illness?

    • John Sturges says:

      For those interested a good article on cognitive dissonance as a tool of Narcissists is on the internet by Andrea Schneider. Kerry and most politicians are Narcissists. Same for those in Hollywood, many reporters and all those who believe themselves superior to others.
      The 1st step of any cure is recognition of the issue, which is narcissist individuals.

      “Cognitive Dissonance in Narcissistic Abuse”

      • Mary says:

        I agree. Narcissists and more importantly, psychopaths. Bill Gates strikes me as one of those. Psychopaths lack a conscience, want to control people, and enjoy sadism. This is who runs our world now. Globalism allows them to coalesce into a big group and work together to exterminate the rest of humanity. Then they can upload into the big AI and live forever as gods, or so they seem to imagine. Unless we create mechanisms to prevent psychopaths, narcissists, and sociopaths from rising to the top, a direction they are naturally inclined to seek, then they will destroy us in the end.

  5. Steve Case says:

    Last night CBS News covered the black out in Texas and never once mentioned the frozen wind mills.

    When George Orwell wrote “Animal Farm” he chose the windmill to represent the boondoggles that oppressive governments promote in order to create an appearance of progress.

    Wind “turbines” are the modern day equivalent of Shelly’s Ozymandias

    Wind mills, a 14th century solution to a 21st century non-problem.

  6. G W Smith says:

    Great video, Tony! Thanks!

  7. fred lees says:

    Saw a clip of Bill Gates lecturing on climate change and the curse of CO2.

    How can a man who is obviously intelligent (and very rich) be so incomprehensibly stupid.
    My 10 year old grandson knows more about climate change and the chemistry of life than Gates.

  8. Carol Cossa says:

    Weather modification is NOT a myth, but I don’t think any of us know who controls all the geo-engineering. I can’t help but wonder if this horrible damage in TX is because they’ve been talking about secession due to the outrageous policies of the Biden corporation (current NWO organ of destruction).

  9. Reuel Smith says:

    love you and your work Tony

  10. Jim Dorsheimer says:

    Stupid is as stupid gets…
    Was Rick Perrywinkle in charge of this disaster?

    • czechlist says:

      As I recall, Governor Perry tried to build more natural gas powered plants and was accused of being paid off by the fracking industry.

  11. Dan M says:

    We’ll see if the Governor of Texas decides that the state should build more natural gas power plants and halt the continued expansion of unreliable wind power. It would be great to but this on the ballot in Texas, now that nearly everyone in the state has experienced this green energy debacle. As you point out, green energy is not green, but kills wildlife and consumes massive amounts of land/wildlife habitat. Furthermore, wind and solar generally stop working when the weather is extreme – at the exact time when you need reliable power, putting many people’s lives at risk.
    I have relatives in Texas. Their homes are very poorly insulated and in fact they are designed to let hot air escape because the summers are so hot. In a cold spell like this with no ability to heat a home, temperatures inside drop extremely quickly – and that can have deadly results. By contrast, my home in Massachusetts is well insulated and I could probably go a week without power and below freezing temperatures before my pipes freeze. But I’m not looking forward to the future here as RINO Governor Baker is signing the state up to become much more dependent on green energy.

    • Ganderson says:

      @ Dan M

      Charlie “Parker” to the rescue! I wish he’d tell more of his folksy stories about friends of his who got the ‘Rona. Just make sure you’re wearing your mask while you freeze in your house.
      The brain wizards who run UMASS have locked the campus down, because of a SPIKE!! or SURGE!! in what they are now calling “active cases”, because apparently just plain “cases “ is not scary enough. Swami Rami, the chancellor, and that old hack Marty Meehan, the system president, have gone so far as to inform local business, those that haven’t been forced to close, anyway, not to allow their UMASS student employees to come to work; the folks (as governor “Parker” would say) who work at my local globo-gym have been instructed not to allow UMASS students in to work out. To their credit, the staff there is quietly not complying. Who’d ever have thought that we’ d be looking back with happy nostalgia to the administrations of Deval Patrick, Jane Swift, and yes, even M. Stanley Dukakis!

  12. Glenn OBanion says:

    I recently subscribed to a terrific website called The Visual Capitalist. However, I found a compelling set of graphs that dramatically illustrates the dramatic rise in temperature they attribute to human caused CO2 emissions. Their concluding paragraph: “Global warming and climate change are some of the most pressing megatrends shaping our future. However, with the U.S. rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, and the reduction of global carbon emissions highlighted as a key item at the World Economic Forum’s Davos Summit 2021, promising steps are being taken.” Can someone check the veracity of these claims and the source of their data? Website:

  13. Shawn Marshall says:

    Great job as always Mr Heller. When government controls industry so tightly that it constrains rational decisions then you know we have descended into fascism. Lysenkoism is the modus operandi of the Western nations today. Meanwhile our enemies Russia and China are laughing their ar$es off as they buy our harlots in the Federal government.

  14. Matt D says:

    I have a video suggestion – “carbon footprint of exercise”. There must be some data about how we breath out more CO2 when breathing heavily – thus these global warmists should STOP all exercise IMMEDIATELY to lower their carbon footprint.

    …make their poor heads explode :)

  15. Alex Harris says:

    Was patiently waiting for Tony to address this on YouTube, then I got fed up and came here. As usual, he doesn’t disappoint and his shrewd and thorough research leaves nothing to chance. Btw, a cursory search I did show that snow in texas currently is nowhere near the record 56 inches of the 1940s and 50s

  16. William Reder says:


    Something you may not have noticed that highlights the perpetual lying of the media.

    The USA Today lauded Texas wind farms:

    “Wind power produced up to two thirds of Texas’s energy output in 2020, according to the Energy Information Administration.”

    However, The Independent had something different to say:

    “Frozen wind turbines have caused almost half of Texas’s wind generation capacity to go offline in the midst of an ‘unprecedented storm’.”

    “Wind turbines accounted for almost a quarter of Texas’s energy in 2020, making it the second-largest power source after natural gas.”

    Hmmm, let’s see. In the first article, they are bragging about wind power producing TWO-THIRDS of Texas’s energy output in 2020. After the disaster in Texas, the media dialed back their BS and claimed it’s just “almost a QUARTER of Texas’s energy in 2020.”

    Well, which is it? Is it two-thirds or is it one quarter?

  17. Robert Auld says:

    There is one problem with this video: when the filmed portions come on, the video data rate goes up markedly, and the picture periodically freezes while the data catches up. This did not used to happen with your videos. Tony, perhaps you should look into this.

  18. Richard says:

    Global Warming / Cooling / Vortex / Change / Settled science is a scam by US Politians to STEAL Billions from Tax payers and all the money will go to Pork projects so they get their kick backs

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