Spinning The Turbines

The wind turbines have shut down in Texas, and now green energy scamsters are spinning the truth to place the blame on somebody else.

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  1. Heretic Jones says:

    I wouldn’t say the scientific/technocratic elite are incompetent. I’d say, based on Rockefeller documents, WEF documents, climategate emails, and massive volumes of historical evidence presented by authors such a G. Menuhin, S. Sand, H. Ford, and many, many others, that the scientific/technocratic shills are carrying out their zionist duties quite effectively.

    The only incompetence today is found among individuals who refuse to avail themselves of the volumes of readily accessible information on the reset agenda and who is behind it.

    • Jessica+pohl says:

      Typical of Tony’s commitment to free speech, to allow a rabid anti-Semite hiding behind a pseudonym like this one to regurgitate his venom on this site. Sign of a real mensch.

      • Rowland Pantling says:

        Protocols of the Elders of Zion, mate!

      • Marguerite says:

        How do you know Heretic Jones is a rabid anti Semite? Could there be truth to Heretic Jones’ statement vis a vis Zionists and are you afraid that there is truth to what he/she says? Instead of using rational discussion, most trolls throw around the anti Semite card rather casually. Whenever anyone questions Zionists, they are vilified and pilloried. Sorry your tactic is not working on me. Tonight is Jewish but I bet he’s willing to entertain the idea that Zionist policies are not necessarily good for the planet.

      • Richard says:

        WTF are you babbling about

    • Jon-Anders Grannes says:

      Due to the leftist propanda and brainwashing many today have a false concieness about Nature, Climate, Gender, sex, etc.. etc.. How to get them Woke?

  2. Thaipixie says:

    Tony where are you posting your videos on alt-tec.? Please put links on your pages here!!

  3. scot says:

    The current weather situation might out a monkey wrench into Biden’s communist take over plans for awhile. I’m sure they will come up with some B.S. excuse though.

  4. James Henry says:

    Thanks Tony for the debunking the claims of wind mill proponents that filled today’s papers. Very helpful.

    • Anon says:

      The misdirection is like blaming a theft, on not the thief, but on his poor upbringing (okay).

      And even the snow is not to blame, as any “windless period” would cause the same thing.

      What is to blame is: not completely backing up the renewable energy system with fossil fuels. But think about that, what corporation would invest in fossil fuel power if it was only going to be used intermittently? (How would the companies recover the investment cost or turn a profit? By charging $9000 a MW/hr is how.) Also, by making such an investment, the corporation would suffer a public relations fiasco for supporting fossil fuel development and then gouging customers on prices. So what will be the solution to this? Obviously government is going to need to subsidize the fossil fuel industry (which will be politically very difficult and draw ire from Green Energy proponents). So it is an AMAZING CATCH-22.

      And the dominoes continue to fall:

      And what will be the effect on Texas businesses when $9000 MW/hr fossil fuels kick in to supplement the grid?

      Sweden Wrestles With Power Shortage As Cold Weather Hampers Supply

      On Friday, the Holmen forestry company closed down large parts of its paper mills in Braviken and Hallstavik due to the high electricity price.”

      “We are watching the (electricity) market with our hands on the handbrake. And if the calculation doesn’t add up, we have to close. This week, we operated at half speed,” said Holmen CEO Henrik Sjölund.”


      So, if you are a business owner, are you really going to relocate to Texas where you may need to shutdown your business during the weeks of the year when the State is plagued by extreme temperatures and high energy prices?

      Of course not. Why choose Texas, when China has abundant low cost energy and cheap labor.

      This is all stuff Progressives simply can’t comprehend.

  5. Susan says:

    Daily Mail had a photo of a helicopter with an ethylene glycol antifreeze sprayer washing down the ice on the blades… wonder what that cost and environmental damage from the chemicals wasted that never touched the blades?

  6. Ginny Silcox says:

    During the summer, the TX power grid has to deliver power to a HUGE air conditioning load, so how come they can’t supply a similar load in winter? So does your report mean that the standard utilities rely on wind power to somehow supply their oil and gas-fired plants? That seems really weird…though the shortage of natural gas is certainly a valid point. This is only one example of how global warming BS will change policies to victimize everyone as we plunge into a mini ice age…and China Joe will be playing video games while he ignores millions of us freezing our butts off.

  7. Richard Fritz says:

    Keystone is shut down for 2 reasons
    Some Billionaire is making Billions shipping same Oil to USA via his Choo Choo train
    Keystone was going to shut off some Saudi oil going to Beaumont texas

    its ALL about money

  8. Vegieman says:

    The reference to the Gettysburg Address cut off the necessary requisite to the success of a government of the people, by the people, for the people – God. The collective forsaking of our origin is the very reason we are well on our way to perishing from the Earth.

  9. Alexander+MCCLINTOCK says:

    Thanks Tony for calling out these silly decision makers. Without your constant efforts the voices of reason are being drowned out. Perhaps some of those making silly predictions will take more care if they face ridicule when they are shown to be ‘false profits’

  10. Colorado Wellington says:

    73 Percent of the U.S. Covered in Snow, the Most Widespread Coverage in 17 Years


  11. D. Boss says:

    Tony is correct as usual, the power grid problems in Texas and elsewhere are linked back to the Climate Scam. However there is a nuance most are missing:

    Powering the grid is a zero sum game. That is there is virtually no storage, and every watt consumed must be generated, virtually instantaneously. So if demand rises, generation must also rise.

    The problem arises because the big generators at power plants, no matter if they are driven by steam turbines (nuclear, coal, oil or gas fired boilers), water turbines (hydroelectric), or gas turbines (jet engines) have an issue with resonant behavior.

    They have to maintain a constant speed to produce the 60 Hz mains frequency (50Hz in rest of the world), but at just below the mains frequency/generator shaft speed, is an extremely destructive resonant mode. Now when you add load to a generator, it tries to slow down. So you then add “throttle” to the turbine driving it to maintain correct speed/frequency.

    This addition of “throttle” to the turbines is part of the “reserve” capacity. If you run out of extra “throttle” the speed/frequency drops too much and the generator must be tripped off, and brakes applied to prevent it from shaking itself to bits due to this resonance.

    THE only reason you get cascade failures of power grids, is because of this property of electric generators on this scale. When you don’t have enough reserve capacity to meet demand, big generators trip off, and a cascade of other generators automatically tripping off occurs and you get widespread blackouts.

    Then you have restart issues as follows: Nuke plants take up to a week to bring back online. Coal, oil or gas fired steam plants take from 8 hours to a few days to bring back online (because once you shut off the boilers, and they cool off, it takes time to bring everything back to temperatures and pressures). Hydro plants can be brought back online in about 20 minutes, likewise gas turbines can ramp up in under an hour.

    But if you had a cascade failure, you can only bring back the whole grid according to the slowest ramp up time.

    Green energy garbage, destabilizes the grid and this has been happening in Europe too. Because it is so intermittent, you must have reserve capacity – always “spinning” meaning you have to have fast response fossil fuel plants always at the ready, to take up the slack when wind dies or varies and when clouds or darkness kills solar generating arrays.

    In fact green energy scams – tend to force utilities to burn more fuel than if the green garbage were not even there – due to having this spinning reserve always at the ready.

    Texas has been flirting with “how small can we make our reserve capacity and get away with it” mentality for years. This combined with the large wind and solar unreliability burdens on reserve capacity – and you have the elements for a perfect storm of green garbage, greed, and mismanagement causing massive blackouts that will only increase in frequency, severity and duration as these asinine policies continue.

    Yes, the wind and solar experiment is to blame for the blackouts, but not as directly as you might think. The ultimate cause is the failure to have enough reserve capacity by the power authorities. But the proximate cause is this idiotic view that green garbage like wind and solar can replace traditional grid generating mechanisms. Their unreliability and intermittency is the antithesis of how a grid operates and causes you to have to have huge amounts of reserve generating capacity, and in fact spinning reserves.

    (spinning reserve means you have a gas turbine driving a generator at proper speed, but only producing a tiny fraction of it’s capacity, in case the wind droops and you instantly need to throttle up this spinning reserve generator to compensate – so if you have 3,000 Megawatts of wind turbines, you also have to have an extra 3,000 Megawatts of gas turbine generators to back them up in the event the wind dies – running constantly and not producing power while the wind is blowing but nonetheless burning fuel for the sake of reserve capacity – which is ludicrous on it’s face – if the goal is to replace fossil fuels, you actually need extra fossil fuel plants to back up wind and solar farms !!!)

    This doesn’t address the idiocy of wind and solar in that they require huge amounts of resources and indeed fossil fuels to mine, refine, transport, manufacture and install them – orders of magnitude more than mere fossil fuel plants, and that they have 10-15 year lifespans instead of 50 to 100 year spans for conventional plants, and the green garbage is literally not recyclable – and presents extremely toxic waste that must be disposed of.

    Even nuclear plants cannot be the only elements in your grid’s generating scheme – they do NOT throttle easily or quickly – so if you had too many nuke plants you would also get cascade failure blackouts with big storms unless you have lots of hydroelectric and/or gas turbine generators too…..

  12. Steve Curwen says:

    Governor Gregg Abbot I’d not fooled!!!

  13. griff says:

    So checking on this, it seems the problem lies with failing fossil fuel power plants…

    ‘ERCOT, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, did not conduct any on-site inspections of the state’s power plants to see if they were ready for this winter season.’
    ‘it’s becoming very clear that many power plants, including the natural gas system that supplies those plants with fuel, were simply not insulated well enough to protect against the cold and that ERCOT was way off in its assumptions about the state’s ability to weather a major winter storm.

    Instead of sufficient capacity dozens of power plants crumbled when the cold hit, plunging the state into massive power outages and putting lives in danger.’
    ‘Ercot turned off power for millions of customers after several power plants shut down due to the below-freezing temperatures the state is experiencing. Officials at Ercot said the equipment at the plants could not handle the extreme, low temperatures. The choice was either shutting down power for customers or risking a collapse of the grid altogether.’

    ‘While Republicans have been blaming frozen wind turbines for the state’s blackouts, officials and experts say that malfunctions in natural gas operations played the largest role in the power crisis.

    Ercot said all of its sources of power, including those from renewable sources, were affected by the freezing temperatures. The state largely relies on natural gas for its power supply, though some comes from wind turbines and less from coal and nuclear sources.

    Natural gas can handle the state’s high temperatures in the summer, but extreme cold weather makes it difficult for the gas to flow to power plants and heat homes. Michael Webber, an energy resources professor at the University of Texas Austin, told the Texas Tribune that “gas is failing in the most spectacular fashion right now”.’

    Demand was also high – higher than planned for: On the demand side, for example, Texas on Valentine’s Day shattered its previous winter peak record by almost 5%. The peak was 11,000 MW above what ERCOT, Texas’s electric grid operator, was projecting and planning for as of November — some 15–20 good-sized power plants’ worth. And on the supply side, power lines taken out by the weather are a piece of it, as you’d expect.

    Data from Southwest Power Pool (SPP), the grid operator for much of the Great Plains, show that 70% of its “outaged” megawatts (MW) were natural gas plants.

    ERCOT, which is powered primarily by natural gas and wind, was warning that “Extreme weather conditions caused many generating units — across fuel types — to trip offline and become unavailable.” It clarified elsewhere, though, that the majority of the capacity it had lost overnight was “thermal generators, like generation fueled by gas, coal, or nuclear.” In all, Texas was out more than a third of its total capacity.

  14. From 1979 until the mid 198os I got approximately 200 letters published in the Austin American Statesman defending nuclear power generation on environmental, safety and economic grounds. I know the publisher and asked why they let me publish such letters but never themselves published any comparisons between nuclear power and the quaint and antique conversion methods of earlier centuries. Never was an answer forthcoming, but I got vague assurances we were “on the same side.” Petr Beckmann, Czechoslovakian electrical engineer, and Sir Fred Hoyle with his son Geoffrey, have published relevant books about this. Meanwhile, the scientist-impersonators smearing all power plants in the 1980s have–with no exceptions–converted to Global Warmunism imposed by “the violence of law.”

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