February 12 Global Warming Update

Ten years ago, Texas leading climate experts said the state would be hot and dry for the rest of the century.

Texas is vulnerable to warming climate – Houston Chronicle

Temperatures have declined since then, and Texas has had its wettest years on record.

Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

They are facing historic cold and snow next week.

10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

Twenty-one years ago, The Independent and Climate Research Unit announced the end of snow in Britain.

Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past – Environment – The Independent

The Met Office announced the end of Scottish skiing.

Skiing is ‘doomed’ … so enjoy it while it lasts | The Scotsman

The National Trust predicted a Mediterranean climate for Britain.

National Trust campaign highlights how gardens will look if global warming brings Mediterranean weather to Britain | Daily Mail Online

Two years ago, The Independent said February warmth was a “climate breakdown.”

We shouldn’t be enjoying a heatwave in February – this is what climate breakdown feels like | The Independent | The Independent

The UK has record snow and just had the coldest February night in 66 years.

Pictures show Braemar after coldest night in 25 years

The Thames is freezing for the first time in 60 years.

Big freeze continues: Britain is told to brace for up to four inches of snow and 50mph gales today | Daily Mail Online

Perhaps The Guardian got it right in 2004?

“Britain is plunged into a ‘Siberian’ climate by 2020”

Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us | Environment | The Guardian

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10 Responses to February 12 Global Warming Update

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    According to global climate disaster folks, climate is not a one year phenomenon. Nor is it a 100 year phenomenon. It is a 20 year phenomenon, and only when the correct 20 years are selected.

  2. Michael Spencer says:

    But Tony: 97% of ‘climate scientists’ say!

    Don’t you know anything?

  3. William Dammer says:

    Great work. You are a ray of hope amidst the insanity.

  4. Login n Reason says:

    However those experts at the Daily Telegraph are explaining that the mini ice age of 1350 – 1850 was because of volcanic activity:-
    ‘The period between roughly 1300 and 1850 is known as the “Little Ice Age”, a natural phenomenon thought to be caused by volcanic eruptions, which saw Europe experiencing extremely cold winters.’ No mention of solar minimum or cycles of cooling and warming over millennia. The volcano argument is a supposition not proven a a prime cause.

  5. WCK says:

    It only takes a few sheeples to spook the flock.

  6. kzvx says:

    If we are still here in 30 years’ time, I’m sure the climate will be much the same as ever but you can guarantee they will still be screaming about ‘climate change’

  7. rah says:

    It is going to be a Texas version of the Valentines Day Massacre on the roads.

    Late Dec. 1989

    I had just arrived at Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX. after 3 years assigned at Bad Tolz, Germany. Family NCO quarters on post would not be available for a few months so I had rented a nice 3 bedroom brick home about 10 miles from post and gotten my family settled in.

    I woke up the morning I was to report to my new assignment as one of five SF medics at SOMED (Special Operations Medical Department) to train SF medic wannabes, and certain other special operations medic/Corpsmen types.

    I was excited to get to the school house and meet everyone and scope things out. Already in uniform I turned on the TV to watch as I spit shined my jump boots. There I found the weather report and that Ft. Sam was closed, meaning only essential personnel were required to report for duty.
    I was still determined to go in and scope things out. It was cold, extremely cold for S. Texas, and considerable snow had fallen. But that was no big deal for a guy that had spent the last 3 years in the Alps and other snowy places before that.

    Then I started paying attention to what was being shown on TV. Saw some guy pushing a car with the wheels spinning but nobody behind the wheel. Saw all kinds of crashes being shown and drivers that obviously hadn’t a clue about driving on slick roads.

    I finished polishing my boots, set them aside, and changed out of my uniform. I wasn’t going anywhere!

    And now it’s happening again. Two waves, one on Sunday and one on Wednesday of cold and snow for Texas reaching deep down into the state.

  8. Justa Joe says:

    Early example of the leftist infiltration of the military

  9. GLENN OBANION says:

    I recently subscribed to a terrific website called The Visual Capitalist. However, I found a compelling set of graphs that dramatically illustrates the dramatic rise in temperature they attribute to human caused CO2 emissions. Their concluding paragraph: “Global warming and climate change are some of the most pressing megatrends shaping our future. However, with the U.S. rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, and the reduction of global carbon emissions highlighted as a key item at the World Economic Forum’s Davos Summit 2021, promising steps are being taken.” Can someone check the veracity of these claims and the source of their data? Website: https://www.visualcapitalist.com/global-temperature-graph-1851-2020/

  10. spren says:

    Living in Connecticut, I am surrounded by arguably the largest populations of moonbats in the country. Back in 2005, people were writing letter to our local small town rag lamenting the scourges of global warming soon to come. They cried that snowfalls were soon to be a thing of the past and that the Vermont ski industry was going to be destroyed. (funny thing is they never were concerned about all of those dastardly “carbon emissions” arising from so many people driving their cars to Vermont)

    Their next scare driving them to hide under the bed was that the foliage season was going to be wrecked, and that the famous maple syrup produced in the region would come to a halt.

    Well, sadly for them, we’ve had several years since then of record snow and cold, skiing is still flourishing, the fall foliage is still beautiful, and I can still get myself some of that amazing Vermont maple syrup. But all the same people are still crying doom.

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