Joe Biden Bringing Unity To The Middle East

This is what I have been fighting against for the past 13 years.


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12 Responses to Joe Biden Bringing Unity To The Middle East

  1. Tish Farrell says:

    Good heavens, Tony. You’ve explained it so succinctly. Now I understand.

  2. James Henry says:

    How do we fight back? The “cabal” has a lot of money and power. This is a serious issue.

    • jack b :-) says:

      Run for local level offices, attend and COMMENT @ school board & city council meetings. Write letters to state & national political office holders – on BOTH sides. Donate WISELY to politicos. Pay close attention to that one. ;-)

      How do you think ‘they’ took over, besides cheating?

      Way past time to get pissed, people. Now you have to ACT. The CCP is watching.

  3. Jim+Hughes says:

    Do you really think Slow Joe is even aware that the air strike took place?

    He’ll be sitting at the kid’s table at Thanksgiving dinner, if he lasts that long.

  4. jack b :-) says:

    Exactly. Some of us in the energy industry in Texas have understood this fact, along with the left’s obsession over single-party (liberal / progressive / socialist: pick one, it’s all the same now) rule for decades now. Particularly since my one-time friend here in Midland – Bush jr. – ceded his entire presidency to the mighty M-I-C , who Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell address.
    And by turning Texas blue, that battle would be over; however, with the corporate media, corrupt to the core education system, congressional socialists and the Biden puppet administration’s hydra-style actions thus far (only been a month people!) the lib’s may not even need Texas. OR anything else, much less ‘electoral votes.’

    The fait accompli is (nearly. so very nearly) complete.

    * And I was thinking about much of this as our power was off for 2 days in sub-zero temps in Midland, shivering in front of our little fireplace with our worried cats, burning completely through 1/2 cord of seasoned oak and some mesquite, as the new, utterly clueless joke of a president was continuing his executive actions to kill off our entire industry for PURE POLITICAL GAIN and TOTAL CONTROL of this once blessed republic.

    • Richard says:

      Corporate media scares me more than dumb liberals – Gov Abbot was interviewed and he stated 67% of People moving to Texas from CA or IL NY said they would not be voting Democratic – so their hope yet for the Republic of Texas- sad that Harris county is all Democratic led now it could be Detroit in 10 years

  5. Michael Castillo says:

    We’re dealing with the descendants of Krushev’s minions. Their ideology trumps any logic, so the only way to defeat them is with education, populist activism and by winning elections.

    • Phil Inman says:

      You might want to study up on Krushev. And on Putin and Russia now on the whole. There is a relationship, but Russia didn’t do this. Look up Friedman at the Willard Hotel 1961

  6. Andree Hammerschmidt says:

    This nightmare that’s happening in the White House and with the potential of causing destruction go humanity has to end !

  7. Phil Inman says:

    They are willing to lose money now to end the U.S. Like Silverstein admitted as he grumbled about the loss of rentable square footage comparing the twin towers to the new building. He said it was just a sacrifice he had to make. He will go to hell. No use owning the media, the banks, big pharma and the congress of the USA if you not going to put it to good use.

  8. Robert says:

    I had a feeling this would happen. Fuel in Australia shot up the week Biden got into power. We will no doubt be at war in the Middle East very soon.

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