Mike Lindell : Absolute Proof

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  1. arn says:

    Here is another proof.(in case this vid wasnt already posted here)
    Everything you wanted to know about Covid that never gets covered by the LysenkoMSM

    (at 15:30 is a great example how great masks works with stuff thats 80* the size of a corona virus)

  2. So how is threatening pregnant women with guns working out for the Grand Old Party?

  3. Daniel Smeal says:

    Was there ever a doubt? Not in my mind.

  4. nobler says:

    Scott Adams does coffee talks (he drinks coffee and talks) on YouTube. He pointed out a simple proof that the election was stolen. One word: decrement.

    Do you remember going to a concert or some other event, and a guy at the gate has a little silver thing with a button that he pushes every time another person enters. This is how they get the “gate count” which kept the fire marshals happy. That little counter can do only one thing: increment, which means to count UP. (It could also be ‘reset’ to zero, but only the boss had the key to do that.) Any nerd who took a logic design course knows how to make an “up counter”. The same nerd could make a down counter, but that’s a different machine altogether. And all the nerds know it.

    Presumably, a voting machine can only count UP. One click, one more vote. But when you look at the November vote tallies over time, votes for Trump decremented, i.e. counted down. Voting machines should never count DOWN.

    And there is Adams’ one word proof: decrement.

  5. Mikey0 says:

    And then what happened?

  6. John Sturges says:

    Good way to win by fraud, just like Global Warming, is to so misinform and jigger information so far to one-side that the enormity of it all overwhelms any commonsense to such a degree that the average person does not believe those who reveal the truth. So far outside one’s imagination that one simply cannot believe it.
    Lindell has performed a great service, but few will believe.

  7. Sharo says:

    Can you please send this video to me and any other future information on election fraud, the primaries, and real world news.

  8. Debra says:

    So incredibly informative and appreciative. I only wish Mike would have talked less. He kept interrupting which made it difficult to watch the entire thing.

    • Gordon Raboud says:

      Totally agree. It would have been a much better video if Mike would have let the guests talk. He could have asked them to repeat or clarify for emphasis.

  9. Tony Lam says:

    Trump knew about cheating years ahead, he was anything but surprised, and I still am not clear what is going on right now. In the whole thing starring Biden just a dog and pony show for the public while the military have the final say for everything ? Did those executive orders carry the same weight as children crayon arts? I suspect it is part of the plan to sit back and let Biden and party make a fool of themselves and for the swamp to be drained. The Republicans badly need a lesson from defeat, they are too complacent and laid back, and now we know who the 10 turn coats are. If you cannot stop the cheating, why bother with an election, just have the Democrat appoint a president. Now that we saw even a Republican landslide means nothing.

    • Appoint a president? Don’t you mean have a coronation?

    • arn says:

      Well,the military has he say.

      4Star General Wesley Clark revealedin his “7countries in 5years” speech that Pentagon plans existed since 2001 to bomb countries like Syria,Lybia etc.
      And though he exposed this plans in 2007 Obama had no problems executing the wars((the attack on Lybia was 100% illegal even according to US laws as he didnt had the congressional approval)).

      This means that the Pentagon knew already in 2001 that it absolutely does not matter who is president,that the president will execute the pentagon plans.
      This also means that not just the president but also the MSM was completely controlled ,so that they would ignore Wesley Clarks relevation.
      (it also means that the european politicians(+canada,australia,nz) and their msm will go along with those lies and wars)
      It got even worse:When Seymour Hersh exposed Obamas conspiracy with the turks to attack Syria based on lies in his article “the red line and the rat line”
      the newspapers he worked for(i think it was the new yorker) refused to print his article and so did all other news outlets
      that there are no bigger headlines that would generate more advertising money
      than the exposure of a president trying to destroy a country based on lines.

      It got even more strange after wikileaks revealed in 2016 that Obamas cabinet was completely selected by the citiibank- month before Obama was even voted president.
      So the citibank knew beforehand who will be president and they knew that the “president” will acceppt whatever the citibank says.
      This means that obama never run the country as those who chose the cabinet
      run the country.
      And this means – the citibank has been executing the pentagon plans of 2001.

  10. Hotwire says:

    Mike is a terrible interviewer but his outrage is justifiable. Election fraud should be a capital offense, as it is critical to every democracy that election be truth to the peoples will. These are the same terms upon which Elizabeth II queen of the UK has the power dissolve the British parliament.
    It was good to hear the term coup used again for it was true. This is coup by a hostile force in and out of America. It threatens the whole of the free world, not just the USA.

    • Gerald Machnee says:

      I think Mike did well under the circumstances. He was very enthusiastic about what he was doing as nobody had done it before. The computer stuff was available on The America Report including the video of the computer hacking back and forth. Hopefully this will get wide circulation.

  11. Gerald Machnee says:

    Biden should resign as well as a lot of others.

  12. Peter Carroll says:

    Until all these claims and counter claims of election fraud etc. are openly and independently investigated, by that I mean in open court, the doubt and distrust will remain.

    I have said this before on other web sites. The US voting system needs a complete overhaul. It is currently third world standard.
    What is required is, a single, independent, legally established, federal agency, that is responsible for ALL, federal and state elections.
    Such an agency exists, in Australia, as the Australian Electoral Commission.
    The US would be well advised to to implement such a system and put an end to this farce that repeats itself every four years, much to the amusement, and consternation, of the rest of the world.

  13. michael nunn says:

    I am watching from Australia and have been convinced by the Sky Media here that everything in the video is true.
    Particularly, the data concerning the network exchange is brilliant.
    The sections re the fraud have been backed up by the presentation of the TIMES MAGAZINE article “The secret history of the shadow campaign that SAVED the 2020 election” broadcast by Sky program OUTSIDERS.
    Put the two together it would seem inevitable that US is heading for another communist witch hunt as with Mc Carthyism in the 1950. That would sure drain the swamp!

  14. S. K. Dodsland says:

    Please send a copy of this video to every politician, bureaucrat and judge in your district.
    They are the ones instituting and upholding legislation and they need know the truth.

  15. Darkthirty says:

    Need to find a state that isn’t democrat and that uses dominion machines to open them for examination before they can be deleted/

  16. Alexander McClintock says:

    Did anyone hear how Mary Fanning got access to the minute by minute logs.
    I imagined it was from a whistleblower within the deep state.
    Then I heard she released a book in November- same material?
    If MF’s material is genuine and it can be verified then there should have been a reaction already???

  17. Gerald Machnee says:

    They should play this at the fake impeachment trial.

  18. Walter L. Wagner says:



    It appears these articles are correct. Lindell was taken for a ride with respecting to the Fanning section. The other stuff is correct.

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