New Use For The Wall

Perhaps Mexico will be using the border wall to keep freezing Americans from fleeing across the border from their newly founded third-world country. Mexico actually is building back better.

Mexico was once a climate leader – now it’s betting big on coal | Mexico | The Guardian

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9 Responses to New Use For The Wall

  1. Richard says:

    AOC is dumber then Pelosi & thats hard to do

  2. S. K. Dodsland says:

    Super critical boilers incinerate the worst of the emissions. There is no need to end the use of coal fired power plants.

    Please visit website to access their Burning Questions video to educate yourself, family and friends on Super Critical Boilers.

    Affordable energy is the key to a vibrant, job-creating economy.

  3. John Francis says:

    Right on.

  4. John Francis says:

    Right on.

    I Renner watching Nikita slamming his shoe.
    Fatima interrupted

  5. G W Smith says:

    Her retort: If America was not so mean and racist Mexico would not have to do this just to survive! It’s America’s fault!

  6. Perhaps the academy in Mexico is not quite as corrupt as in the USA or Europe. What proportion of the climate hoax papers are written in Spanish?

  7. Jeff Ford says:

    With the “Saudi Arabia of coal” on its norther border, and a ban on coal’s use in the US, this is genius on Mexico’s part.

  8. Mark says:

    Worked in a lignite (very low BTU coal) power plant in 1981. We scrubbed all the gases before they went up the stack. So coal can be as clean as we need it to be!

  9. Guilherme Gomes says:

    Many devices will not return to functionality due to fadigue.

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