The Green New Deal In Texas

Because Texas electrical power relies on frozen windmills, it now cost $900 to recharge your electric car there.


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15 Responses to The Green New Deal In Texas

  1. Steve says:

    Texas has the same problem as California, and soon Colorado. They “invested” in green energy and neglected their grid trying to solve a problem that doesn’t even exist. And Joe Biden, the first appointed President in US history, is going to double down on that failed policy.

    • Rory Forbes says:

      “And Joe Biden, the first appointed President in US history, is going to double down on that failed policy.”

      I wish more people would say that and stop pretending he was ‘elected’ the greatest majority in US history. The guy was installed.

    • James Henry says:

      Like that. First “appointed” President. Let’s see if we can get it to stick.

  2. Scissor says:

    I’m thinking of opening a 24 hour restaurant.

    I know that it wouldn’t be easy because some 10% or so of workers are unreliable, which is a continual hassle to deal with. It’s OK though, I’ll hire all unreliable workers and pay them $15/hr. What could go wrong?

  3. Gummans Gubbe says:

    What the ordinary “eco concerned citizens” don’t understand is that this is OK for the people at the top. A ban on combustion engines and they have the road for themselves.

    “All cars will be electric” sounds great until you realize there are no car for you.

  4. Robertvd says:

    Yes you can drive an electric car but without or very expensive electricity it becomes useless.
    And most energy would go in warming the passengers inside the car reducing the mileage by a lot.

  5. Richard Fritz says:

    thank GOD I have a Lincoln Ranger with 11 KW generator it was Brutal in Navasota Texas, fueling up at 3am Tuesday it was less than 4F

  6. arn says:

    This is the future(and prove that windmills&co were never meant to replace conventional energy but to bring energy supply down).

    Isnt it strange btw that artificial unfree market creations as windmills use free market mechanisms to skyrocket energy prizes?


    I hope that there are future plans for electric tanks, aircraft and battleships to defend the country.
    What could go wrong with that?

  8. Not white supremacy, but “Green Supremacy” is the greatest threat to humanity.

  9. Phil Inman says:

    So how much energy will there be for the Greenies to march and protest for more windmills? All fun and games until people freeze to death.

    • James Henry says:

      They won’t care if people freeze to death in red states. They probably see death of certain people as a feature, not a bug, of their alternative energy nonsense.

  10. Kurt Goodwin says:

    I’m not a fan of the Green New Deal or a believer that electric cars will save the planet, but to be fair, there’s some trouble with many power plants in Texas during the freeze – not just wind turbines, but some of the gas, oil and nuclear plants too. And the fact is they got a warning that this could happen during a deep freeze in 2011 that just didnt last as long and did nothing about it. All of these power types run successfully in cold climates if properly equipped and run.

    Let’s not fall into the trap of distorting the facts to match a general agenda. Too many people doing that already. Just my two cents.

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