This Week In Climate History

History is overflowing with evidence that climate alarmism is a cult, not a science.

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  1. K P O'DRISCOLL says:

    Hey Tony,
    You need hot links to your non-you tube video content on every page here. Make it easy for us to share.

  2. Alan Andrews says:

    I have not seen graphs comparing arctic ice amounts with sea level. Most people don’t know that ice melting in a glass does not raise the water level in that glass. Al Gore would have you believe that if the arctic ice cap melted, New York City would flood.
    This would only happen if the South polar ice cap melted as there is a land mass below it.
    Just my 2-cents worth.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Hi Tony, keep up the good work. The problem, in my opinion, that people these days are utterly convinced of CC but have never done any research beyond listening to a few celebrities 10 second sound bites. Yet they are willing to vilify anyone who even dares to question the ‘science’ that they themselves have not even bothered to read. Perhaps this is a symptom of a deeper intellectual malaise brought on by the constant bombardment of 21st Century entertainment. People seem to have forgotten how to think. It takes a brave person to do what you are doing and I support you.

  4. Jeff Reppun says:

    24 states set their current high temperature records in just 6 consecutive summers. Those summers were 1930 thru 1936. Only one state has broken a high temperature its all time high record in the last 25 years.

  5. Richard says:

    I don’t believe in the “science” of global warming or climate change caused by ordinary or even extraordinary human activity. We are too insignificant to affect the earth’s overall homeostasis, especially over hundreds or thousands of years as Tony has shown us. However humans are killing off our species and others by poisoning the air, water and food supply. This reality is not just a consequence of greedy expedience. There are “humans” actively working to contaminate our ecosystem to reduce our numbers and gain absolute power over us including the power to modify the human genome itself. They seek to create a super human master race to reign over a dumbed down slave race. I Stopping these monsters should be easy but has likely become impossible because an increasing majority of people simply do not see what’s right before their eyes. The current scamdemic is a major case in point. The obvious aerial spraying (weather modification operations) we have been subjected to for the past hundred years is another. I would like to know why climate realist, Tony Heller, never talks about weather modification or geoengineering. Whether effective or not for their stated purpose, these accellerating operations are poisoning the population and may be responsible for the excess deaths in 2020.

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