A World Without Snow

Sixteen years ago, the Guardian warned of a world without snow.

Warming effect in a world without snow | Environment | The Guardian

That sounds bad. Particularly since the Washington Post says we may be having having our largest snowstorm on record this weekend.

Historic blizzard bearing down on Colorado and Wyoming

“Before the wintry onslaught is over, some locations in the Colorado foothills & eastern Rockies might end up with as much as four feet of snow. Some cities, particularly Cheyenne, Wyo., could challenge all-time snowfall records.”

Colorado and Wyoming hit with historic blizzard this weekend – The Washington Post

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6 Responses to A World Without Snow

  1. Kevin Petersen says:

    All 50 states have had snowfall in each of the past 4 years. It’s not actually as strange as it sounds. Most people don’t realize places like Hawaii, Arizona, Louisiana, Florida and Georgia routinely get at least some measurable winter snow. But we’re a far cry from “the end of snow” in North America as #thescience has predicted over the past 40 years.

  2. G W Smith says:

    “Journalists” get paid for filling pages with words, not for being right.

  3. Jeff Ford says:

    The least the Guardian could do is come shovel your driveway Tony.

  4. Robert Rust says:

    So, now, snow cools the atmosphere, instead of the atmosphere cooling water vapour which, then, turns to snow. So, now, September is colder than August because invisible snow cooled the air, and July is hotter than June because less invisible snow fell.

    So, now, the ocean/water evaporates into warm air moisture because ocean/water heats itself up, instead of being heated up by the sun.

    So, according to politicians and their climatologist cronies, the horse no longer pulls the cart, the cart pushes the horse.

    Of course, Religion and Spiritualism has been promoting these shenanigans for 6000 years, claiming that spirit/behaviour/living enters a dead body to force it to act as a living body, never wanting to admit the obvious that an organism acts/lives because it is alive, opposite to dead matter. As biological science has revealed, Dna is a unique enzyme chemical that not only maintains itself in the endless chemical reactions it initiates and controls, as enzymes do, but it is a unique enzyme that also uses the breakdown products of these reactions to reproduce itself and ever more complex versions of itself, the only enzyme and chemical in existence that can do this.

    Med/ModBiol/Religion/Spirituality/Pharma’s definition of Life: “the ability to maintain and reproduce”.

    As if Life was a ghost, only an ability/action. To these idiotic-minded folk, a car can only act as a car when “the ability to carry 4 passengers” enters the car, otherwise the car is only a chunk of metal and plastic that can never do anything, even with a tank full of gas, the ignition turned on, and a person at the wheel.

    Antoine Bechamp scientifically proved via extensive, thorough, detailed, comparative biological and chemical experimentation that Life was a solid, material, chemical particle, the microzyma, a Dna-constructed, tiny organelle, as small as Life forms get on Earth today.

    Thusly, Bechamp proved that Life is “a chemical SUBSTANCE that maintains and reproduces itself”.

    The chemical substance is Dna, it creates chemically-operating, chemical structures to house itself in, such as microzymas, organelles, bacteria, yeast, moulds, and fungi, these Dna-formed structures evolving, by Dna’s development into more complex forms of itself through eons of time, into plant and animal bodies, providing chemical environments for Dna to maintain and reproduce itself endlessly.

    Life is Dna, Dna is Life. Life is not a ghost, it is not an immaterial substance, it is not merely an action or ability. Life is a specific, unique, chemical molecular particle called Dna.

    Dna is an acid-based enzyme, deoxyribonucleic acid, that initiates and controls chemical reactions in its environment and uses the by-products of these reactions to maintain and reproduce itself endlessly, forming around itself chemical bodies that can move, act, eat, absorb, digest, assimilate, defend, heal, eliminate waste, etc, and in higher forms, also breathe, run, talk, think, work, emote, and so forth. Biological science reveals this to humanity, but politically-run ModBiol/Med/Pharma/Spirituality/Religion/MainstreamModCiv refuses to recognize this fact, maintaining, as chemistry does, that all molecules/chemicals are dead, even as ModBiol/Medicine, via biological science, observes and describes a chemical particle called Dna endlessly maintaining and reproducing itself right in front of ModBiol/Med’s face.

    The same parasite family, world mafia, cult clan that runs and controls ModBiol, Medicine, Pharma, Religion, and Spirituality is the same inbreeding parasite, 10 to 15 million strong, 30 million if its lesser, obediently-following members are included, that runs and controls government, politics, media, entertainment, industry, corporations, education, military, arts, professional sports, insurance, investment, banking, and the rest of the institutions of modern society, including the global-warming/cooling conartist game. These are the inbreeding, intra-competing, world-trading, society-infiltrating, warmongering, lie- and confusion-spreading, profiteering, and racketeering Phoenicians of the coastal Levant of 6000 years ago, modern humanity’s master.

    Turn on the tv, watch a movie, observe a well-known or famous person, and see and hear your master talking to you. Cast your ballot to ensure he/she remains your master, ka-ching, ka-ching, your master laughs all the way to its private bank, then off to its private golf course to play another round on humanity.

    KoolAid-19, the blue pill, the parasite’s Hollywood movie called Modern Civilization. Truth and discovery, the red pill, pulling back the curtain to see who’s behind it: the inbreeding parasite cult clan, the mafia-structured Phoenicians originating in the coastal Levant of 6000 years ago. Easy money, profit, power, control and self-glorification mean more than life to them, sustained by inbreeding and spreading endless lies and confusion, dividing and, thereby, conquering humanity to present itself as humanity’s saviour. The parasite clan, the world mafia, the covert one, the candle lighter, the night-sky polestar/zodiac worshipper, the inbreeding one whom humanity has been fooled to be afraid to criticize, to accept as part of humanity, and trained/brainwashed to idolize, worship, and obediently follow, to vote for.

  5. Ron says:

    I made my kids shovel some snow here in northern AZ. I make sure and talk about how the supposed experts said they were supposed to never see it in their lifetime.
    The snow has come later each year for a while but summer is slower to show up and the summers have not been as hot for the last few years.
    I see the jet stream on weather maps go over me and drop down where New Mexico meets Texas. Bringing cold air down with it. The Solar minimum.

  6. Garner Clay says:

    Sometimes ancient wisdom the best . . .

    “If any prophet presumptuously speaks a word in my name that I did not command him to speak or speaks in the name of other gods, that prophet must die.

    21 However, you may say in your heart: “How will we know that Jehovah has not spoken the word?”

    22 When the prophet speaks in the name of Jehovah and the word is not fulfilled or does not come true, then Jehovah did not speak that word. The prophet spoke it presumptuously. You should not fear him.’’

    Interesting that evidence was needed. Faith is not rejecting evidence, but, reasoning from observations to conclusions. This is a high standard. Why not applied?

    Not a new teaching.

    Deuteromy chapter 18 –

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