Australia Never Used To Have Fires, Floods And Cyclones

Ten years ago today, there was unanimous consensus that Australia didn’t used to have fires, floods and cyclones, and that they were now caused by the local mining industry.

“The upshot of all the fires, floods and cyclones that have wreaked havoc over Australia in the past few months is that everybody has had more new taxes imposed on them, perpetrators and victims alike.

If you believe the scientists, the catastrophes have an undoubted source – they are the devastating end product of global climate change. Nobody seems to disagree that the only industry capable of producing outsized carbon emissions is the hugely successful local mining industry.”

Australia taxes patience of climate change perpetrators – and victims – The National

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7 Responses to Australia Never Used To Have Fires, Floods And Cyclones

  1. arn says:

    even in Australia they are tageting the energy supply?

    Must be a very strange kind of coincidence that ALL aspects and things
    that stand in the way of renewables are being targeted and considered the reason for global warming.
    As if someone made all this up and is targeting a specific group
    and is now using the “racist,bigot,nazi”-playbook on energy supply.

    i’m 100% sure that,if they kept the global cooling scam going
    the suspects,perpetrators and victims would have been exactly the same as they are now and that the science would have been 97% consensus settled as global warming is.
    (and it is no coincidence that the ice age scam went perfectly along with the energy crisis – and both energy crisis(the oil crisis of the 70th and the future crisis caused by green new seals) are by design and man made,while climate change is not.)

  2. G W Smith says:

    In a flat land no one can see the forest for the trees. And the rulers keep the mountains off limits.

  3. Lynette Ackermann says:

    The reason why there were no devastating fires prior to White settlement was the “cold fires”, that the First People conducted during the winter-months; regular, fast moving fires to clear build up of scrub. Interestingly, they first made a small, smoky fire to warn the slow-moving animals like koalas, to move away.

    • Michael Moore says:

      Australia has always been a land of drought, flood and fire. Dorothea Mackellar in her famous 1904 poem My Country spoke of, “…droughts and flooding rains” and “…flood and fire”. The mighty Murray River was reduced to a string of puddles from the Federation Drought at the turn of last century despite no widespread irrigation at the time and without the large rural towns of today drawing from it.

      Fires are so intimately connected with our recorded history that Captain James Cook described Australia as “this continent of smoke” during his maiden 1770 voyage.

  4. Randooo says:

    This article is one of the clearest examples of foreign propaganda (probably Chinese) designed to cripple Australia’s economy and infrastructure.

  5. hotwire says:

    No fires in the past but a whole list of plants that can’t reproduce without fire. Isn’t that amazing?

    All over the world you see eucalyptus trees, even in the middle east. They are only native to Australia. They are grown because they are drought tolerant.

    Paper bark trees are now a scourge in Florida. Native to Australia and planted because they can germinate under water.

    The list goes on.

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