Five Years Of Useful Idiots Imagining They Are “The Resistance”

The same billionaires have been trying to get rid of Donald Trump for five years, and their useful idiots on the left have been right there with them imagining they are “the resistance.” This article is almost five years old.

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They co-opted their useful idiots before President Trump took office. These signs were all over DC during the January 2017 Democratic Party insurgency against the US government..

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6 Responses to Five Years Of Useful Idiots Imagining They Are “The Resistance”

  1. Steve Case says:

    Thank you Tony, you’re a goddamn jewel.
    I would have never known that if it weren’t for you.

  2. MGJ says:

    When you have 99% of the media, the press, the deep state, the Democrat Party, most of the Republican Party, Hollywood, both Houses of Congress, the civil service, Academia, the Schools, Soros, Gates, most foreign governments, the music industry, celebrities, the FBI, CIA, NSA…etc. all on your side, it is hard to justify the term ‘resistance’.

    Also rather tricky labelling other people as ‘Fascist’ unless you have absolutely no understanding of what the word means.

  3. Jeff Ford says:

    The Warren/Sanders wealth tax will give them what they want, “good and hard”.

  4. Robert Rust says:

    Billionaires never lose.

  5. Anthony Rose says:

    I’m afraid it’s over. The grand experiment of the USA. Everyone knows the election was stolen, as was the Dem majority in Congress, and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it, which means the deep state have enough influential people by the balls or dick. And they have the useful idiots in their pocket. They own the country, and now they’re trashing it.
    You’re past the point of no return, because you could not return from it. It’s never to late to have a forensic audit, yet no one can arrange that either. The country still appears free, but only as a caterpillar appears healthy which has a wasp larvae eating it out from the inside.
    To borrow from Churchill, this is not the end. But it IS the beginning of the end.
    Has any American fully realised this yet? That you have no escape ?
    I suppose secession and/or civil war are dim possibilities but I think it’s far more likely that the frog will find the warming water too comfortable for too long, and the state governments themselves have lost to the bribery and extortion.
    I realise this may sound dramatic, but if you feel that way, then I’d be grateful to read your alternative scenario.

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