Arctic Screaming, Ice-Free For Nine Years

12 Dec 2007, Page 25 – Arizona Republic at

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5 Responses to Arctic Screaming, Ice-Free For Nine Years

  1. Robert Rust says:

    When a liar can’t get a job, he calls himself a politician, and when a politician can’t get a job, he calls himself a climatologist, and then the liar never has to worry about income.

  2. DM says:

    Congressman Hank Johnson wants to know if Guam and Antartica will roll over when the Artic finally reaches its tipping point.

  3. Conrad Ziefle says:

    When your models can’t predict something relatively simple, why would you believe that you can create a model that predicts global climate? All models include some subjectivity, and Monte Carlo simulations are full of it. Just a minor change in this and that input can alter the outcome. Actually, despite the fact that models are incredibly sophisticated today, it seems they yield the same results as the old hand drawn forecasts of the past, extrapolation: ever increasing stock market booms, ever diminishing food supplies, ever increasing Sears sales, and ever diminishing Artic ice along with ever increasing global temperatures. You name it, the extrapolators can sell it.

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