No Genuine Scientific Dissent

Ten years ago today, the Australian government’s climate advisor said there was no genuine scientific dissent.

Pell row with climate scientist heats up

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11 Responses to No Genuine Scientific Dissent

  1. Anon says:

    This is a really great video/interview (not a shred of the usual liberal emotions and delusions) of the Left finally starting to wake up to what we all already went through 10+ years ago. All of the stuff Tony has been bringing up about COVID19 “non-science”, the destruction of the middle class, Bill Gates, tech censorship and the New York Times being a pack of lies (lol):

    ‘TRUTH’ With RFK, Jr. and Naomi Wolf: Fighting for Our Constitutional Rights

    CHD Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and author, journalist and former political advisor Naomi Wolf weigh in on the battle to maintain the rights put in place by our founding fathers.

    How quickly they go from calling strict constitutionalist judges on the SCOTUS “evil” to wanting to suddenly protect the Constitution. (Probably Anton Scalia lectures will be a big thing with the Left next year (lol)). The title is truly funny when you think about it, as the Constitution being obsolete, misogynist and racist is all libtards have ever talked about. So, after deriding it and weakening it all these years, now they want the Constitution to save them? It reminded me of this:

    A Man for All Seasons – The Devil Speech

    Also, both seemed to be on the verge of recognizing what President Trump was fighting for and against (although they don’t mention his name specifically). And Kennedy calling out of the FDA and big-pharma mirrors our own criticism of Michael Mann and the climate science cabal. And Kennedy is actually calling for a public dialog (pro and con) between scientists doing vaccine and COVID19 research. Apparently calling the science “settled” and people “science deniers” is starting to go out of fashion.

    I have to wonder why Kennedy is so quick to “suspect” big pharma of corruption but can’t make the connection that climate scientists are doing the exact same thing. But maybe in time he will discover that too?

    Anyway, it was refreshing to see a few libs actually do some critical thinking and engage their brains. Although Trump is gone, it is going to be nice to say “I told you so” over the next four years.

  2. There can be no ‘genuine scientific dissent’ where dissent is not tolerated, and any science, no matter how well founded, which refutes the the holy doctrine is ‘not genuine’ by definition. If you look at their actual work, Pilmer is a superior scientist to Ayers, who is a rank amateur in comparison. That is reflected in the asinine nature of his comment.

  3. G W Smith says:

    How many people see the world through a mental filter, one which they have adopted, but claim they have created?

  4. Mikey0 says:

    Pell is a pedophile. Sorry, but I can’t listen to anything he says.

    • Michael Spencer says:

      George Pell suffered being imprisoned by the Supreme Court in Victoria; his conviction was based on a 2 to one decision – with the one dissenting judge providing a very detailed list of why his dissent, and highlighting evidence that was later very much the basis for the Cardinal’s High Court appeal. Pell was also condemned by the Left Media that did everything possible to push for the pedophilia conviction.

      Significantly, after Pell had suffered over a year in jail, his conviction was overturned by Australia’s High Court with a unanimous decision that showed up the corruption of the Victorian case.

      It’s interesting that two factors would seem to have been most significant:

      1. George Pell, as a Catholic Cardinal was – at the time of his Victorian court case – in the Vatican uncovering what would appear to have been some serious financial shenanigans, and was in the process of uncovering what would appear to be a serious criminal situation. It seems that some mysterious amounts of ‘big money’ happened to come out to Australia at the time – surely not to influence the case against the Cardinal? Fortunately, Cardinal Pell is now back in the Vatican proceeding on with the matter.
      2. Cardinal Pell also became an outspoken critic of climate alarmism quite some time ago, having put in some serious research into the subject of ‘anthropogenic global warming/climate change’ and reaching the conclusion quite early on that ‘the science’ behind it was fraudulent, and this rather put a few peoples’ “noses out of joint”. So what better way to discredit ‘climate deniers’ than to see an eminent ‘denier’ convicted as a pedophile!

      Don’t let prejudice get in the way of facts MikeyO! (And, by the way, I’m not a Catholic as it happens, but I have quite a few Catholic friends! And some Jewish, Muslim, Sikh ….)

    • paul courtney says:

      Mr. O: Based on what? A conviction vacated on appeal? You don’t need to listen to him to learn that. Please read on it before slandering Pell.

    • Alexander+MCCLINTOCK says:

      Michael Spenser speaks the truth from my point of view.
      Pell has taken a lot of flack – this is often seen as what happens when you are right over the target.
      The Australian national broadcaster (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) has a lot to answer for – ABC has still not accepted the exoneration of Pell, and is an ardent CAGW proponent, so if Mikeyo listens to ABC drivel every day, no wonder he has a tainted POV.

  5. Robert Rust says:

    Psychopathy is the criterion that establishes a member of the inbreeding parasite family to remain as a contributing and foundational part of the mafia-structured family, anything less is cast off into parasite-owned,-run, and -controlled human society to leech off humanity on its own.

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