Peer Reviewed Science Vs. History

The primary excuse which been used by climate alarmists and the press to ignore my work, is that it is based on historical accounts, rather than peer-reviewed science. Nearly every day on Twitter people dismiss what I am saying because I use “old newspaper articles” as a source of information.

The City of Cheyenne, Wyoming where I live has been shut down for days because we are buried in snow, and the city only has ten snowplows.  The city government believes it doesn’t snow very much here and the snow melts quickly.

Cheyenne Urban Area Snow and Ice Control Guide 2019

But if they knew the history of the city, they would have known that this also happened in 1949.

The Notorious Blizzard of 1949 |

History has repeated itself, and we have a similar problem.

WYDOT Travel Information Service (Cheyenne)

Here is what peer-reviewed science said last year.

Significant decreases were found in the frequency and size of snowstorms in the global-warming simulation, including those events that produce the most extreme snowfall accumulations.

Climate change could dramatically reduce future US snowstorms: Study: Across North America, warming could shorten snow season by late this century — ScienceDaily

Climate alarmists have maintained this belief for decades.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

But the reality is that September-March snowfall has been increasing for 50 years in the Northern Hemisphere, and climate academics and journalists are science fiction writers with no connection to reality.

Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab – Top 10 NYC Snowstorms – Blizzard of 2016 – New York City Historical Snowstorms & Blizzards – Biggest New York City Snowstorms – Snowiest Winter for NYC – Snowiest Month in NYC history

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