The End Of Flu

Flu has been the scourge of humanity for thousands of years, but COVID-19 appears to have cured it.

ILINet State Activity Indicator Map

Number of Influenza-Associated Pediatric Deaths

The 1899 edition of Encyclopedia Britannica said that flu normally has a 2% mortality rate, but can be much higher. The official statistics for COVID-19 are that it has killed 0.03% of the world’s population.

“The mortality Is generally reckoned at about 2 per cent, but when an extensive epidemic prevails even this proportion is sufficient to swell the death-rate largely”

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5 Responses to The End Of Flu

  1. John Sturges says:

    If one stretches what has occurred with the COVID lockdowns, the school closings, pro-riot commentary, concealment of any treatment for COVID cheaper than costly vaccines, the routine reporting of every death including vehicle deaths as due to COVID, no critical thinking on over-reported over-sensitive, PSR tests(25cycles vs 40cycles are 32,000+ times more sensitive than they should and one might believe a huge conspiracy by union backed actors, postal dept included, to force Trump out of office because he wanted to reduce the power of government/return decision making to individuals.

  2. Terry Shipman says:

    This is a big joke around these parts. We know the flu hasn’t gone away. It has been simply transformed into Covid by magic. We also don’t buy the excuse that mask wearing has stopped the flu.

  3. Lynette Ackermann says:

    Read what this vaccine specialist says, as he pleads for the immediate termination of the campaign:

    If you can’t open link, try https://lnkdin/dYG-3a6 Geert VandenBossche PhD, DVM

  4. Jimd1958 says:

    It seems apparent the ig Pharma PsOS must dump a new flu virus every year.
    They then have millions of injection ready vaccines to sell to the government agencies.
    This year was too PROFITABLE to waste energy on the annual flu virus dump.

  5. GreyGeek says:

    The two CDC directives in the spring of 2020 forced doctors to move COVID to Line 1 of a death certificate even for deaths caused by co-existing morbidities, or heart attacks, lung cancer, brain cancer, car crashes, motorcycle crashs, suicides, drownings, gunshots, etc. IF the deceased tested positive for the COVID antigen or antibodies while alive or post mortom. Recently the CDC admitted multiplying actual covid cases by a factor of 16. This is evident to anyone who looks at the USA graphs for new daily cases and new daily deaths on WorldInfo’s USA page. New daily deaths are always 100X+ larger than new daily deaths. In attempting to prove the effectiveness of face masks the CDC surrounded the actual data with a word salad of obfuscation. Their data showed that for all counties across the US the actual reduction in covid cases attributed to wearing a face mask was 0.5% for the first 21 days and 1.8% for the first 100 days, IF one can believe their numbers. Considering how often the CDC has flipped that’s questionable.
    In May of 2020 the CDC released a “Policy Review” paper based on the evaluation of ALL face mask studies from WWII until July 18, 2018. The referenced the 10 BEST RCT’s which stated that face masks do not protect against viruses either by preventing viral inhalation or exhalation. “Dr” Fauci said the same thing on a 60 Minutes interview two weeks later. He said “the science says”, obviously quoting the CDC. Two weeks after that Trump said what both the CDC and Fauci said and immediately the CDC and Fauci reversed themselves despite that fact that NO papers had been released proving that masks did work. Lackeys immediate published “papers” proving masks worked by using salt sprays forced through masks worn by manikins.
    Meanwhile, dozens of RCT papers written by foreign scientists established that masks had no effect in stopping viral agents.
    The CDC is doing their best to obfuscate the covid data on their website so that one cannot get a clear count of the number of deaths due to covid alone. One can, however, establish very clearly from published CDC data that from Jan 4, 2020 to March 10,2021 a total of about 700 kids in the 5 to 24 age group have died supposedly of covid. Those deaths had per-existing comorbidities.. The US has destroyed an entire year of the educational process for our children. I would cynically add that considering the PC “woke” brainwashing the kids are getting they really aren’t any worse off not going to school. The lazy and stupid kids will play games, do drugs and party, like they always do. The smart kids will continue to educate themselves, like they always do.

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