The World’s Leading Climate Expert

Thirty-five years ago, NASA’s James Hansen predicted 4-6 degrees warming for the US from 1958 to 2020, and that the number of (typo in the article) 90 degree days at Omaha and Washington DC would more than double.

12 Jun 1986, Page 12 – The Evening Times at

The actual average temperature increase in the US from 1958 to 2020 was less than one degree.

The closest currently operational USHCN station to Omaha is at Logan, Iowa. The number of 90 degree days there peaked in 1894 and 1936 (83) and have been declining sharply ever since.

The closest currently operational USHCN station in Virginia to Washington DC is at Purcellville.  The number of 90 degree days there peaked in 1911 (96) and 1930 (89) and have been declining sharply ever since.

In 1988, Hansen’s drought forecasts exactly inverted reality.

“Dr. James E. Hansen, director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, who presented recent data compiled from computer models, said that predicted regional effects of global warming show that the chances of summer drought in the low and middle latitudes would be 1 in 3 by the year 2030, as against 1 in 20 in the 1950’s.”


During the 1950’s the US was in drought most of the time, but droughts have been much less common over the past 60 years.

Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

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18 Responses to The World’s Leading Climate Expert

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  2. Jeff Ford says:

    Hansen is off enjoying his fat federal pension for always being wrong.

    • Loren says:

      Exactly. You have to admire the complete lack of accountability we have among our governing elites.

    • Will FORD says:

      ALL of these leeches get our tax paid perks and have NO ONE to answer to, for their wrongness. NICE GIG for losers. WAY TO many slugs IMO.

  3. Loren says:

    You wonder how many decades of failed predictions it will take for the general public to recognize that the “global warming emperor” has no clothes? We are already in our fourth decade since Hansen’s first apocalyptic pronouncements. Do you think it will take a full half century for the stupidity of all this to be exposed?

    • G W Smith says:

      No. Now with dems in control of government, media, academia, and the courts, they will ramp up the AGW/CO2 narrative even more, and bulldoze anyone suggesting dissent or denial. Screw the truth, they have a utopia to build. And the peons will follow along in line… if they know what’s good for them.

  4. kzvx says:

    Things will get really bad some time in the future. And if it doesn’t, then it will be some time after that, possibly.

  5. James “Alarmist” Hansen (the father of Global Warming) was arrested 3 times for “alarmist” activities.

  6. Brian morgan says:

    Hi Tony
    It just shows that when you have clown’s running the Circus you just have to have more clown’s employed by the
    circus,UK NO DIFFERENT,,,,

  7. mikeyh0 says:

    Scientists give science a bad name. There were right about the temperature necessary to boil water. Everything else has been kind of “iffy”.

  8. Steve Cooksey says:

    I predict more dire predictions for the next 4 years, at least. Don’t worry, they’re all fake.

  9. Tom Bauch says:

    And just curious about the data showing a 1 degree increase. Do we know how much of that was a result of ‘adjustments’? Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  10. hotwire says:

    It is assumed that for a very long time the atmospheres CO2 content has been stable. 98% of CO2 emissions are due to natural causes according to the IPCC. Why would anyone not question CO2 readings that favour a static model in a complex system that is clearly dynamic?
    If it looks like manure and smells like manure it like is shit.

  11. Jimd1958 says:

    I believe 90 degree days have increased in Denver due to moving official weather station to Denver International Airport some 12 miles or so away from Foothills and in the prairie.
    I’m sure when presented the Omaha,Washington DC data some NOAA dolt will produce Denver stats.

    Figures lie and liars figure.

  12. Petero says:

    Surely nobody would change their lifestyle for science fiction, and nobody should be forced to change their lifestyle for junk science. All this guy did at NASA was hype climate change.

  13. Peter Carroll says:

    Reading past the highlighted part of the newspaper, I looked on Google Earth at Ocean City. It is almost twenty five years since his prediction and it still doesn’t look like it’s lost 85 ft of shoreline, yet.

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