Coldest Valentines Day On Record In The US

Valentines Dat 2021 was the coldest on record in the US. The warmest occurred 100 years earlier in 1921, which averaged 35 degrees warmer.

Valentines Day temperatures have been declining for 70 years.

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6 Responses to Coldest Valentines Day On Record In The US

  1. gregole says:

    If anything has changed since the 20s and 30s climate-wise, it has changed for the better. People don’t know their history. We live in exceptionally good times right now. There is most certainly no climate-crisis.

  2. Wally Warbles says:

    Cold very very Cold so cold to make Snowman Shiver a Cold Valatine Day Cupid wore a Parka and Thermal Boots

  3. Bill Mullins says:

    Just wait, people. There’s a solar minimum coming ’28 – ’32. Likely to get colder than a witch’s hoo-hoo (forget her tit)! I personally am not terribly worried about it. To see Thanksgiving of ’28 I’d have to live longer than BOTH my parents.To see ’32 I’d have to out live all my grandparents! Not a great bet. Although I do plan to leave my wife the results of some research I’ve been doing. Some ways to cope. If the results are anything like last February, people will not only experience power shortages/outages (Texas came within a hair’s breadth of having a grid crash and restart from zero – i.e. near apocalypse) but loss of power will produce WATER outages! In South Texas we basically had zero water pressure for 4 days because the power was cut to the pumps which pump water up into the water towers which help regulate/stabilize water pressure. Then the lights went out!

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