Global Warming Ruining The Boston Marathon

Ten years ago today, Geoffrey Mutai broke the world’s marathon record at Boston by almost a minute.

Kenya’s Geoffrey Mutai Wins Boston Marathon in 2:03:02 – The New York Times

But never mind the facts – two years later experts predicted global warming was going to slow down the Boston Marathon.

“Since 1924, winning times for the Boston Marathon have grown steadily faster as training methods have improved and an increasing number of international runners have participated. Winning times may nonetheless slow in the future as the climate of Boston continues to warm—running times are already affected by weather on the day of the race.”

Will Climate Change Slow the Boston Marathon? | Arts & Sciences

There is actually no indication April afternoon temperatures are getting hotter, and over the past decade they have cooled sharply.

The hottest Boston Marathon occurred in 1976 at the peak of the ice age scare. Temperatures were in the 90s.

20 Apr 1976, 14 – Tallahassee Democrat at

The National Geographic Archive | November 1976 | page 1

The Boston Marathon had a different problem that year however – one of Barack Obama’s “young dreamers” blew up an IED near the finish line.

The New York Times and Rolling Stone magazine then made a rock star out of him, in the same issue which Rolling Stone reported “from the front lines of climate change


This year they have a different problem however – it is snowing in Boston, and Massachusetts is into week 56 of the two week lockdown to flatten the curve – so no marathon.

You can never be too careful. I saw these women from Fort Collins hiking in Wyoming this morning. One had a mask on, walking their dog on a leash in the snow half a mile away from anyone else (i.e. me.) I was the only person within five miles of them. Properly chained and muzzled Coloradans.

Kirye and Toto filed the complete report in this video.

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15 Responses to Global Warming Ruining The Boston Marathon

  1. Robertvd says:

    Ya a crazy world we live in. Here, Barcelona, it is mandatory to walk around with a mask but you can be in a restaurant and much closer to other people without one.

    • JCalvertN(UK) says:

      Amazing! (The infinity of human stupidity!)

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      The average human mind functions at its optimum when adhering to medieval-like superstitions. Unfortunately for those with better than average minds, we have to play along or get burned at the stake.

  2. JCalvertN(UK) says:

    For some reason, the song lyrics remind of Nancy Pelosi!

  3. G W Smith says:

    Why in the world are we letting these madmen run our lives?

    • Mary I. says:

      My observation is that the top echelons of power are inhabited by profoundly narcissistic and psychopathic people because we have no mechanism to prevent their rise, unlike many Fortune 500 companies that recognize this problem and have means to prevent it.

  4. Rlm says:

    I’m telling you Trump was a plant. Only he could polarize people so much to give away their freedoms to.prove they aren’t with him..

    • Robert Rust says:

      AGW, All Government World
      WHO, World Hoax Organization
      WB, Wily Bucks
      BM, Bomb Money
      BLM, Billionaires Love Money
      FBI, Fake Bomb Industry
      CIA, Cash In Advance
      CDC, Count Drug Cash
      FEMA, Fund Every Millionaire Around
      NYSE, Now You Serve Embezzlement
      USA, Under Seige Always
      GOD, Guard Of Delusion
      DOG, DIG Own Grave

    • Mary I. says:

      I agree, although I think he was most likely an unwitting pawn set up to win by CCP election fraud because they knew he was the most polarizing force available for the job of helping to demoralize and destroy our country.

      • David A says:

        Off subject and nonsense. Obama was the divider in Chief.
        President Trump did amazing work overall. If HCQ and Ivermectin and the sunshine President Trump had advocated had been used in mass, the lockdowns would have been impossible to sell. As to the vaccines, I think President Trump may be simply mislead and in error there. Yet if his suggestions had been imbraced, the vaccine sell job would not have been bought either.

  5. Login n Reason says:

    Don’t get me started on masks. I was walking home from my gym and a couple walking towards me put their masks on as they came near me ( look, I know I pong a bit when I come back from training but I’m not that bad !) and then further down the road a man walking on his own on the other side of the road was strolling along. I got home to turn on the TV to see my Head of State attending her husband’s funeral being forced to sit alone with a mask on. All of the Royal family could have been tested and or vaccinated ( the Queen was vaccinated weeks ago) and an exception could have been made for an occasion that was held in a cavernous church and being televised around the world. But no, the Government cornered them and forced them to virtue signal to keep the masses in line. A solemn and dignified occasion was turned into nothing more than a propaganda exercise and embarrassment even though, as always, Her Majesty continued to show her usual quiet, dignified self.

  6. Petit_Barde says:

    “You can never be too careful.”

    Jawohl ! But they wear only 1 mask, instead of the recommended 3.

  7. Susan Ball says:

    Masks can keep your face warm, as long as the mesh is open enough to breathe through easily. A scarf looks better…
    However, the time has now come to call it over, as regards the narrative on Covid. Time is up. Inflated “case” numbers, draconian undebated and unconstitutional laws, fear-mongering by the media, and terrorising by covid cops, in London, Toronto, and elsewhere, dangerously experimental vaccines and non-stop propaganda forcing them on the unwitting public.
    Remember the saying “Just say No”? Let’s get out of covidland and return to a place where transparency and honesty rule. There are those working to unravel this story and fighting to be seen and heard. Reiner Fuellmich, Pam Popper, Del Bigtree on The Highwire, and many others. Robert Kennedy Junior, etc etc. We know full well the creatures behind the curtain pulling the strings. Some of them at least. They have wealth, but we have truth and numbers. Our guys need financial support and the spreading of information.
    Here’s a recent and relevant episode from Del.
    Odd how “Climate” suddenly seems less critical. Let’s do this. Network. Use Telegram as well. “Not on the Beeb” is a good group.
    Enough already.

  8. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Pretty soon, Harris will have you charged with sacrilege for leading peasants to the inner sanctum of real data.

  9. Disillusioned says:

    It’s Spring time and Toto still has it in him! You go Toto!

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