Primal Fear

“The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

– Malcolm X

We are experiencing a barrage of anti-CO2 propaganda designed to make people believe they will burn up or drown if they don’t give up the energy supply they depend on for their day to day survival, and submit to permanent lockdowns.


India’s Monsoon Becoming Wetter, More Chaotic Because of Climate Change

The reality is that high CO2 levels existed for most of Earth’s history, and produced verdant forests which Scientific American reported on more than 100 years ago.

“Fertilizing the air with carbon dioxide to promote plant growth

ONE of the principal constituents making up the body of a plant is carbon, representing about one-half of its organic substance. The opinion that this carbon is derived from the soil has long been abandoned, modern investigation having shown atmospheric carbonic acid to be absorbed by means 0f the chlorophyll 0r green matter of the leaves and decomposed into its elements, the carbon, in conjunction with the root sap and atmospheric m0isture, being worked into organic compounds.

Whereas atmospheric air at present is relatively poor in carb0nic acid, of which it contains only about .03 per cent, at an early period in the development of our planet, when this was covered with the luxuriant forests our coal deposits are derived from, it comprised incomparably greater quantities of this gas. This fact suggested the idea of heightening the fertility of the soil by increasing its carbonic acid content and thus producing conditions resembling those of antediluvian ages.”

The greatest expansion of life on Earth occurred 540 million years ago, when CO2 was at its peak. Atmospheric CO2 levels were more than 15 times higher than they are now. Corals and shellfish evolved during that time.  If high levels of CO2 were a real problem, there would have been no sea life, rather than a massive expansion of life in the oceans..

When life exploded | Science News for Students

Earth is getting greener as CO2 increases.

Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Greening Earth, Study Finds | NASA

National Report on Sustainable Forests — 2010

October 9, 1938 – NYTimes

Forest fire burn acreage is down 90% since atmospheric CO2 was at pre-industrial levels.

Wayback Machine

The worst fires in US history occurred 150 years ago.  On October 7, 1871 much of Minnesota and Wisconsin were burning.

PRAIRIES IN FLAMES. – One Hundred and Fifty Miles Swept by Fire–Men, Women and Children Fleeing for Their Lives–Immense Loss of Property of all Kinds. Several Towns Destroyed–Great Damage Occasioned–Loss of Life. – View Article –

07 Oct 1871, 1 – Chicago Tribune at

The following day was the worst fires in US history, with Chicago burning to the ground, and many other towns around the Great Lakes in flames.

11 Oct 1871, 1 – Chicago Tribune at

There were massive fires in Wisconsin, Michigan and the Rocky Mountains.

14 Oct 1871, Page 2 – Harrisburg Telegraph at

The worst of these fires occurred at Peshtigo, Wisconsin, where more than one thousand people burned to death.

Thirteenth Century AD: Implications of Seasonal and Annual Moisture Reconstructions for Mesa Verde, Colorado – Oxford Scholarship

The Deseret News – Google News Archive Search

Spokane Falls Daily Chronicle – Google News Archive Search

08 May 1890, 6 – Minneapolis Messenger at


“Scientists who study the West’s long-term climate patterns say that California has had multiple droughts of 10 or 20 years in a row during the past 1,000 years — and two severe “megadroughts” of 180 years and 240 years.”

Graphic: California’s droughts in the past 1,200 years – The Mercury News

The New York Times used to know this.

History Of Ancient Fires

Studying fire marks in giant sequoias, Thomas W. Swetnam and co-workers have discovered that major conflagrations sweeping across many mountain ranges in California and the Southwest were a long a common feature, occurring at least twice a decade and apparently linked to oceanic currents much farther south

In Unexpected Places, Clues to Ancient and Future Climate; Warming? Tree Rings Say Not Yet – The New York Times

Severe Ancient Droughts: A Warning to California – The New York Times

Ancient Trees Reflect Century-Long Droughts : Environment: Analysis of stumps’ rings shows that dry spells can last far longer than the state has estimated, expert says. – latimes

Australian bushfires: Why 2019 fire season is different from others

RSS / MSU and AMSU Data / Time Series Trend Browser

Pubs.GISS: Abstract of Shindell and Schmidt 2004

NASA Study: Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater than Losses | NASA

During the global cooling scare 40 years ago, the National Science Foundation program manager for glaciology (Richard Cameron) said :

We’re seeing the west ice sheet on its way out.  ….  It has nothing to do with climate, just the dynamics of unstable ice.

Experts warned of 20 feet of sea level rise.

23 Jan 1977, Page 13 – Independent Press-Telegram at

21 Jul 1932 – A Warmer World. – Trove


6 Mar 1929, Page 11 – at

15 Apr 1934, 33 – The Nebraska State Journal at

680-140 Sydney, Fort Denison 1 & 2, Australia



PART 1: CNN Director ADMITS Network Engaged in ‘Propaganda’ to Remove Trump from Presidency … ‘Our Focus Was to Get Trump Out of Office’ … ‘I Came to CNN Because I Wanted to Be a Part of That’ | Project Veritas

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10 Responses to Primal Fear

  1. nobler says:

    I have an acquaintance from Samoa. About ten years ago, I asked him if he ever took his family back to the places where he played on the beach and in tide pools as a child. He said yes. Did he ever sit on the same rock with his feet in the same tide pool that he visited when he was a child. Answer was, again, yes. If one were to believe the climate doomsters, that pool and that rock should be under water, along with most of American Samoa.

    • I live on the south Coast of the UK, an island so densely populated it’s a wonder it does sink, yet over the past twenty years I have not noticed any significant change in the shoreline. But I am told to believe that some sparsely populated island far away in the Pacific is allegedly sinking beneath the waves. Perhaps the laws of hydrostatics are different for climate scientists. Sea level is apparently rising, yet Pevensey Castle, which was on the coast at the time of the Norman Invasion, is now 1.5 kilometres inland, the same can be said of Harlech Castle in Wales.

  2. Mikey0 says:

    Well, maybe we should put together a movie and call it: “A Convenient Lie” or some such.

  3. G W Smith says:

    The masses will never see this They know all the answers. They were educated in public schools.

  4. arn says:

    I love it how the Time magazine started mixing climate fear with covid fear-
    (which was probably always the intention and planned long time ago)
    and we all know when the Time and the NYT comes up with some crap
    -both by some very strange coincidence based in the same city where the UN headquarters are-
    it becomes a mandatory opinion/agenda of the rest of the world.

    It is also interessting to see how the unscientific globalists(formerly known as scientific american) went from the basic knowledge that co2 is a pricipal constituent of plants/fertilizer to co2 is a pollutant.

    Someone must have hit them with the same bag full of money
    that turned the ice age prophets into AGW believers.

  5. Gamecock says:

    ‘We need to do something bold.’

    Yes, we need to extinguish volcanoes.

    Wait . . . what?

    We are pissants, riding this big ol’ dirt ball around the sun. Human induced Climate Emergency is the deification of man. It’s hilarious.

  6. The fundamental error is the greenhouse effect itself. Once that is accepted as valid science, everything else flows down from it, and the Earth will fry. The trouble is, of course, that were it true, the Earth should have fried millions of years ago. We have a golden edifice of ‘irrefutable settled science’ resting on feet of clay. That is why climate scientists tend to be so insufferably smug and certain of themselves, and claim there can be no debate. Understanding Kirchoff’s Law is apparently the height of ignorance.

  7. Richard says:

    which creates $$$$$$$$

    WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE- the end is Near

    We are all going to Freeze to death – we are all going to COOK like a Chicken in oven

    There is no global warming or sea rise or freezing in the near future= $0

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