“Not even trying: the corruption of real science”

Not even trying: the corruption of real science Bruce G Charlton University of Buckingham Press: Buckingham, UK. 2012

Briefly, the argument of this book is that real science is dead, and the main reason is that professional researchers are not even trying to seek the truth and speak the truth; and the reason for this is that professional ‘scientists’ no longer believe in the truth – no longer believe that there is an eternal unchanging reality beyond human wishes and organization which they have a duty to seek and proclaim to the best of their (naturally limited) abilities. Hence the vast structures of personnel and resources that constitute modern ‘science’ are not real science but instead merely a professional research bureaucracy, thus fake or pseudo-science; regulated by peer review (that is, committee opinion) rather than the search-for and service-to reality. Among the consequences are that modern publications in the research literature must be assumed to be worthless or misleading and should always be ignored. In practice, this means that nearly all ‘science’ needs to be demolished (or allowed to collapse) and real science carefully rebuilt outside the professional research structure, from the ground up, by real scientists who regard truth-seeking as an imperative and truthfulness as an iron law.

Not even trying: the corruption of real science: Not even trying: the corruption of real science

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  1. mic says:

    I, lived in western oregon for 32 years and “ecaped’ from, the communist willamete valley and now live in northeastern Oregon. I have also notice aprils are getting cooler, and it harder to get your gardens in early! I don’t know “where ‘ all this g;lobal warmimg is, but is sure as hell is not outhere!

  2. gregole says:

    From the book,
    “Since the mid-1970s the rate of progress has declined in physics, biology and the medical sciences – and some of these have gone into reverse, so that the practice of science in some areas has overall gone backwards, valid knowledge has been lost and replaced with phony fashionable triviality and dishonest hype.

    Some of the biggest areas of science – medical research, molecular biology, neuroscience, epidemiology, climate research – are almost wholly trivial or bogus. They have failed to deliver on a truly catastrophic scale.”

    Wow. Strong stuff.

    The book is on line at the link. Interesting reading.

    • Klaus says:

      Interesting that these areas of the corrupted science are all included in climate nonsense and Covid nonsense and vaccinations.

    • C Northcote Parkinson commented on this way back in the 1960s. As long as science was taking place in chilly nizzan huts heated by a coal burning stove, great work was done. The purpose built labs, the chair at the university, all indicate, not progress, but the final death throes of the subject. Scientists are displaced by sophists, surrounded by sycophants and yes-men. We have science by consensus and science by committee. The last thing that is allowed is reason, original thought or objective observation.

  3. arn says:

    So there is no difference between science,politics and journalism
    in commietopia.

    Just crowdcontrole via brainwashing and eliminating resistance to unpopular plans planned long time ago-
    and part of those plans was the infiltrating and weaponising politics,journalism and science.

    “We live in a world where relativly few people – maybe 500 or 1000 – make the important decisions”
    Phillip Heymann ,Harvard Law School.

    Seems that the democratic process is nothing more but a show and that the important decisions include the way and direction of science and that there is only room for a certain kind of scientists.

  4. D. Boss says:

    What an excellent and succinct description of the dogma of so called science as it stands now!

    I’d argue we do have to dismantle the existing structure as this book ascribes, but it can also be done by carefully and critically ridiculing it in a fashion that uses the nonsense spewed by the woke supremacists back at them in sarcasm and satire.

    One who excels at throwing back this nonsense at the wokists is Gad Saad, he skewers these idiots most severely, but never gets canceled because he uses all their buzzwords and phraseology in such a way as to ridicule the nonsensical aspects but appearing to agree with their verbal diarrhea on it’s face…

    He is a most skillful and adept mental martial artist (using your opponents strengths and moves against them with minimal effort).

    His channel is here:


    And here’s an example of how he skewers asinine pronouncements by the wokists:

    “The Latest From the Land of Progressive Unicornia (THE SAAD TRUTH_1229)”

  5. dm says:

    Paraphasizing Sharkespeare: The evil LIEsenko practiced continues long after him;-(

  6. ledag says:

    Thank you Tony,
    I clicked on the link to Bruce Charlton’s book, started reading it, and couldn’t stop until I had gobbled all of it. Sober truth, wisdom and clarity emanate from every paragraph. Unfortunately.

  7. Jake Sinclair says:


    Lewis Fry Richardson the father of modern weather forecasting

  8. Charlton’s book hits the nail squarely on the head. I am more a technologist than scientist, so the loop is closed, not by peer review, but by the aircraft crashing or the bridge falling down, and no amount of egotistical twaddle from pompous blow-hards will make any difference. He makes the important point that most of what is necessary for a technological society is know how which is not published, but remains in the minds of practitioners. I believe there is some real science still being done, but it is so heavily diluted in the literature by the crud, that it is nearly impossible to find.

  9. Robert Rust says:

    Amongst clearly false “science”, e.g., theoretical “physics”, Medicine, Egyptology, and chemistry-based modern “biology”, there remains loads of truth-seeking and -revealing scientists and legitimate science, this site an example of it and using some of it. The problem is that science, among all institutions of Modern Civilization, is fully controlled by an inbreeding, politicking, intra-competing, world-trading, profiteering, racketeering, world mafia family cartel 6000 years old. Media/Press is one of its conquered and created institutes.

    Science (study of Nature), Technology (implementation of knowledge) and Art (communication of knowledge), the 3 foundation stones of civilization, have been usurped by the inbreeding, self-idolizing, sect-structured, profit-, power-, control-, and fame-seeking family as a means to maintain its hegemony over humanity and profiting off of its work.

    The book, interestingly, fails to point out this organized force behind the maldevelopment called modern civilization/humanity, pretending that humanity’s/civilization’s problem is organic, rather than a symptom of a parasite family that has infiltrated, destabilized, and subjugated humanity to it. Only an organized force can lead to a change in direction. An inbreeding, self-serving, self-idolizing, profit-loving, organized, crime-against-humanity family has infiltrated and taken over civilized humanity.

    Bruce G Charlton, Buckingham Press, UK. Interesting. One understands.

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