“Polls Are Closed”

Joe Biden was the most inspiring candidate in election history, and received more than 80 million votes.

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9 Responses to “Polls Are Closed”

  1. arn says:

    Just as global warming Biden was the choice of the very same group of billionaires((and one of those guys did something very ‘irrational’ when he all of a sudden decided to run for president and wasted hundreds of millions of
    dollars for his campaign while being 1000% aware that he has no chance at all
    to win as a billionaire.Bloomsberg only ran for president to take the heat and spotlight off Biden who was accused of being a racist and rapist.
    And while everyone was focused on Bloomberg Bidens numbers were adjusted
    towards more and more official popularity)

    – to push global warming and other agendas ,which was not possible with the other candidate.

    That’s why Bidens vote follows the same logic as AGW and why all the ‘experts’ see nothing suspicious about Bidens win.

  2. Douglas Hoyt says:

    In Pennsylvania, with 36% of the votes remaining to be counted, Biden would have to get about 60% of those 36% to win. So 42-57 start and 60-40 end. Doesn’t seem plausible.

  3. Charles Straw says:

    Personally, I think it’s great to have a real family occupying the White House again, who love their dogs and who support human trafficking and a complete dismantling of our southern border

    I’m very interested to see how the personna of Kamala Harris will be be reimagined and sculpted as she’s prepped for the Presidency — her “Hillary pantsuit” look is already wearing thin and her late 1990s hairstyle is unappealing

    A series of plastic surgeries may be in order for Kamala, to make her seem more universally appealing and culturally neutral

    If you notice, at this time her handlers simply keep her in the background, cloaked in her Covid mask and nodding in agreement with everything President Joe gurgles forth

  4. S.K. says:

    The question is, who voted for Biden?


    -Michael Lindell Voting anomalies begin-12:40
    -Col. Waldron 12:40-23:45 
    -Russel Ramsland Allied Security Oper. Group 23:45-48:45
    -Dr. Shiva MIT Systems Designer 48:50-1:02:00
    -Matt Deperno Michigan lawyer Antrim, MI lawsuit 1:08:15-1:36:00
    -Marry Fanning digital proof 1;36:00-1:49:30
    -Gen. McInerney China cyber attack 1:49:30-1:53:45

    Summary of the issues with Dominion and ES&S voting systems.

  5. Bob G says:

    Those were the early poll numbers at 8:00 p.m.. they don’t count. What counts are the numbers from 3:00 a.m. and if we are a little bit short at three am they don’t count either. Then the numbers from 4:00 a.m. are the ones that count.

    • Richard says:

      bla bla bla – please explain how the first time in History did so many votes get dumped for Biden between 8 & 4am – simple it was a lie controlled by Dems and left wing socialists to overthrow the election –

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