Ten Years Of Early Spring

Ten years ago today, the Daily Mail announced that global warming was causing early springs.

The seasons shift: how spring is coming EARLIER thanks to global warming | Daily Mail Online

And today, the Irish Met Office predicted the coldest April night in almost 130 years.

8:54 AM · Apr 9, 2021

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16 Responses to Ten Years Of Early Spring

  1. rah says:

    It’s as if they have never heard of the Milankovitch cycles except to point out that they can’t account for recent so called “warming”. And weather like that must be ignored by the climate change delusional or blame it, without any evidence, that such cold anomalies are caused by human activities.

  2. Ben Vorlich says:

    France, Scotland and Slovenia have recorded coldest April nights also

  3. arn says:

    Spring is so early this year that they had to cancel the start of a professional bicycle tour race on monday as result of massive snowfalls in turkey.
    In a region where temperatures are usually so high that one can already swim
    in the sea during winter and spring.

  4. Pamela Matlack-Klein says:

    Hey, we actually had below 0C nights in northern Portugal this year! Plants that are not able to withstand this much cold perished. Other plants were seriously damaged. Maybe if these clowns stopped “adjusting” the temperature charts to fit their scenario and actually went outside a little to see what is going on they would not keep making stupid predictions!

    Right now, while we are not suffering super cold, it is not exactly typical weather either. Today only got up to 17C. We are catching the southern edge of the cold that is blasting central Europe.


    Time to stock up on firewood.
    You can warm the planet and supply carbon dioxide for the plants to grow.

  6. Greg in NZ says:

    Freezing snow for Australia’s mountains in early April: Tasmania, Victoria, and New South Wales’ ski slopes covered in early-season snowfall. Who will think of the koala bears & kangaroos! See mountainwatch.com for webcam pics. Brrr…

  7. Tish Farrell says:

    Very cold here in the English Midlands. Minus temps at night. Bone-biting wind by day. We did have a couple of warm spring-like days back in March, but now it feels more like January.

    • Martin says:

      Here in Birmingham (UK) we had a very severe frost last night – my car was completely iced over at 1am when I had to grab some things from it before heading to bed. The frost has ruined my magnolia – all the flowers are sad and brown.

  8. mwhite says:

    Totally off topic


    “BLM Boss $1.4M Mansion”

    • arn says:

      Can’t be real.

      Those guys are trained communists.
      More average than the average man.

      Living in a mansion.. i didn’t mean to be sexist and insult nonbinarys… womansion would mean
      that we have to deal with shameless,psychopathic,narcisstic parasites who only fool
      the useful idiots-
      which by definition is communism without all the smoke and mirrors
      as Trotzky used to live in a luxury hotel in NEW YORK
      with a butler,limousine and private chauffeur
      before he started the ‘russian’ revolution
      and another guy from NEW YORK who was such a hardcore communist that his name was ArmAnd Hammer(not kidding,his real name.Granddaddy of actor Army Hammer)became superrich with the help of his communist friend Lenin.

      As i always use to say:
      You must be rich to afford(and enjoy) communism.

  9. Liam says:

    It’s now the 13th of April and Spring hasn’t arrived in Ireland yet! This is clearly quite a late year though weather is very variable here. This Spring though, I would say, has been consistently cold throughout, which seems unusual.
    Grass growth is poor which is an issue for anyone with animals. Wait till meat is banned and we are all forced to eat beans and peas, and then a late Spring frost will burn the tops off all the young plants. Maybe the next Great Hunger will arrive with the same story behind it: the deaths coming down largely to government action and inaction.
    Off for a morning fry-up now, while I still can!

  10. Jake Sinclair says:

    This April, as the 3 previous, have all been below average. We will go 9 consecutive days without a temperature in the 70’s in mid-April. Average temperatures for those days is 73 degrees, with 76 being the average high of the warmest days.

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