Real Work With An Honest Purpose

“If it’s knowledge and wisdom you want, then seek out the company of those who do real work for an honest purpose.”

― Edward Abbey

Climate hero Bill Gray passed away 5 years ago this week. He was a good friend, and unlike most of his peers – never gave in to Al Gore’s funding blackmail.

Bill Gray: A Towering Figure in Hurricane Science | Dr. Jeff Masters’ WunderBlog

On his deathbed he asked me to carry on his climate legacy. I hope that I am meeting his expectations.

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30 Responses to Real Work With An Honest Purpose

  1. Laurie Perrin says:

    In your efforts, you both commend your honest colleagues and distinguish yourself among them, Sir.


  2. Richard says:

    You definately are!!Thank you for keeping the courage and determination after all this time against all odds!

  3. Margaret Smith says:

    Yes! You most certainly are, thank you. Just yesterday the speaker in a zoom lecture on alpine flowers was another who could ‘see’ the ‘climate’ changing year by year. Seems many people think the word climate is synonymous with weather.

  4. Robertvd says:

    You do.

  5. Anon says:

    /I hope that I am meeting his expectations./

    Hi Tony,

    Your website was the first I encountered when I began to have my doubts about the Climate Change narrative (circa 2017), and I was actually teaching CAGW at University.

    And I can remember the first video of yours I saw:

    NOAA : Hiding Critical Arctic Sea Ice Data

    It literally made me ill (with arbitrary start point selecting)to see that video.

    I think your approach is absolutely brilliant. Instead of getting into the theoretical weeds (which is necessary and covered by other websites) you instead focus on the previous public record, which clearly shows (even to the non-scientist) that something is really “fishy” about climate science. So, with your work in combination with other websites like WUWT, the whole deceptive tapestry is exposed.

    Anyway, the upshot has been that I quit teaching or having anything to do with CAGW at University (and have gone back to just teaching the fundamental sciences) and have even gone so far as to apologize to former students, having previously dismissed them for being “under the sway of climate deniers”. And as I was an initial proponent of CAGW, I have been quite effective (using you material and others) in swaying people to the skeptical side.

    So, I would say you have gone well beyond meeting Bill Gray’s expectations.

    PS: I was initially uneasy about the times you would drift off to other non-climate issues, but time and time again, when I did my own research, after seeing some of yours, I realized how many legitimate questions there about issues we have long been told were “settled” by government and corporate media sources. I am neutral about you continuing to do this. On one hand it has the potential to drive people away from your climate message (and provides ammunition to your critics and the censors) but on the other hand I am personally grateful about the knowledge I have gained.

    • Mike Fahey says:

      Excellent honest accounting of your actual experiences and understanding. Tony is a treasure of light shining in a weird world of disinformation. Who would have thought it world come to this in our history. May the truth prevail.

  6. G W Smith says:

    Something is driving you. Now we know. God bless Bill Gray. Keep it up!

  7. nobler says:

    Keep up the good work!

  8. arn says:

    Bill Gray was old school and part of those few who chose a specific job
    99.9% of people are simply not interessted in as there was neither much money nor fame to gain.
    But nowadays there are legions of ‘experts’ who are only chosing such a kind of job because of prestige,virtue signalling and a lazy,safe workplace
    where the only skill required is to sell doom and pretend not to be aware of the
    manipulations and lies.
    99% of climate experts these days would be earthquake experts if earthquakes would be the cool globalist doomsday thing
    and would cry “earthquakes gonna kill us all if we dont introduce a global tax and stop digging for oil “.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      Can’t prove it, but my guess is that 97% of the climate scientists graduated over the last 30 years. Indeed, it might be that 97% of all scientists (practicing) graduated in the last 30 years. What does that mean? Global Warming was heavily promoted in their curriculum as a GIVEN, not requiring proof.

      • arn says:

        Your 97% guess is 100% right.
        We are talking about climate science and 97% is a holy number to AGW.

        Fact is that climate stuff is not interessting or exciting for most people
        and the massive increase in the number of climate scientist is just result of agenda,prestige and safe jobs.
        Most people want to become astronauts,rocket scientists or models or some kind of celebrities
        and climate science was not even in the top 100 of the most wanted jobs
        at universities before AGW became mandatory
        And when you attract the wrong people for the wrong reasons you get wrong and corrupted science.
        Especially if the main teaching is about having the right opinion and the only skills needed are adjusting data and to defend AGW,no matter what.

        And that’s the reason why the quality in climate science hasn’t improved an iota while the number of experts skyrocketed.
        Therefore 97% of these experts are useless anyways,even if they would not push an agenda,
        As we can get the same quality of predictions with just 3% of them
        and even those 3% can not change a single thing about climate,no matter wether ot gets hotter,or colder or stays the same.

        Those 97% are just there for propaganda purposes ,based on the strategy
        “the more experts repeat a lie,the more people will acceppt the lie as truth”.

        It is the quantity of fearmongering that can turn lies into truths.
        That’s how the Vietnam War was started-with the AGW of the 60ies=Tonkin Incident.Later it turned out that the Tonkin Incident never happened,
        but the ‘experts’ did not know,because they did not want to.
        Same strategy was repeated with the Iraq War 1(Incubator lie)
        Iraq War 2 =Yellow Cake lie.
        And though Bush was caught lying and exposed,he pulled a short time later
        the WMD out of his butt,
        and not a single “expert” or journalist was able to consider that he was lying once again,though it was 100% obvious,especially for a country that has been lying dozens of times before and literally everytime they went to war.

  9. Bob D. says:

    RIP Bill. Tony, you are doing Bill proud. Keep up the good work.

  10. Steve Cooksey says:

    Bill Gray would be happy to know that you changed many lives, mine included. You speak with logic and historical facts that can’t be disputed by climate alarmist voodoo. You expose climate change for what really is going on. Thank you Tony! Keep pulling back the curtain, Toto!

  11. Francis says:

    Heehee, see this

    BBC : What does Greta do when she’s not saving the planet?

  12. Mikey0 says:

    I love how the climate alarmists call us climate “deniers” as if anyone could deny climate. Just another example of their control of the language. Same with this C-19 bullshit. We are called deniers the, too, as if anyone could deny the existence of a virus. It isn’t the climate; it’s the purported Man-made change that we vehemently deny. Same with C-19. The virus is real but the manufactured death numbers and the non-reporting of side effects – including death – to this untested vaccine is what we object to. Where is Tiffany Dover?

    • Robert Rust says:

      Like Global Warming/Cooling, so-called “viruses” do not exist. They are actually spent Dna/Rna matter of a Dna-made and -controlled cell and body using its Dna/Rna to clean itself out of excessively-accumulated metabolic waste, the cause of disease. See Natural Hygiene science, Antoine Bechamp (The Blood and its third Element), Terrain Model, and similar sound science.

      The “virus”, like Global warming, is based on a false, manufactured model, not actual observation, not science, only politics “science”. No “virus” has ever been isolated and identified, only supposed. Medicine/Pharma look for an evil, malevolent, invisible villain to blame disease on, which imagined villain/evil-spirit it can use to push and sell profit-making poisons, euphemistically called drugs, defend the body from “attacking” disease-causing “entities”. Hocus pocus witchcraft/snake-oil industry.

      The belief in “viruses” is a demonstration of how completely confused and lost the parasite mafia-cult clan has made humanity; it’s a win, win, win, always win situation for the profiteering, racketeering world mafia clan. Vaccines are saturated with deadly poisons such as aluminum adjuvants (toxicity increasers) and formaldehyde (corpse preserver), profit-lusting Medicine/Pharma purposefully spreading the lie that a person’s health is protected by injecting a poison into the body. When humanity is Media/Med/Pharma/ModBiol/WHO/etc-brainwashed to believe this and allow profit-lusting MedPharma to poison them to death, one can know there’s no hope at all for modern humanity.

      Parasite clan faked-up models, they get modern humanity every time. Believing in “viruses”, disease-causing “microbes”, poisons for health (vaccines, drugs, etc), AGW, God, and so many more parasite-run frauds guarantees the destruction of modern humanity, and of course, the inbreeding, intra-competing parasite’s world-trading, profit-making Modern Civilization corporation, 6000 years old.

      When a person believes a poison can preserve health, one knows an insane mind exists, sitting side by side with 7.8 billion other brainwash victims. Medicine/Pharma have a licence to kill, modern humanity gobbles up their easy-money (profit) scams like Halloween candy on sale, $50 bucks a shot, ka-ching, ka-ching go the shekel registers.

      It is naïve to think that where there is one worldwide scam-racket that there isn’t endless other huge world- and nation-wide-scam rackets all competing for elite parasite-clan business hegemony.

      Out come the matches, kindling, and stake, burn the non-believers of the “virus”, the infidels/deniers/heretics, straight from the mouth of the disprovers of AGW. Irony, the parasite’s Modern Civilization.

    • arn says:

      No problem.

      The vaccines will kill so many people that they no longer need to make up numbers,
      they will simply blame covid for the vaccine victims
      as they blame co2 for the effect of sun spots.

  13. Louis J Hooffstetter says:

    Tony, you’re doing great! Dr. Gray would be proud. Keep up the good work!

  14. Guilherme Gomes says:

    For sure you do that with this brilliant site and I try to spread it to everyone I know in Brazil and around the world. Congratulations!

  15. Howard N McCalla says:

    I hope that you carry on with Bill Gray’s legacy. Sometimes its just a word or two when you are down.
    I am not in your league but I remember being in a lot of arguments defending my belief that CO2 was not the main problem and that if we treat the earth with sensitivity and with logic we could cure many of the problems. We must handle waste and toxic chemicals.
    I have PhD in environmental science and an additional Engineering degree. It made furious to listen to rant of people with little or science or “hands on” background, tell that I was wrong because I did not accept Al Gore at face value.
    I look forward to your wisdom on climate and politics.

  16. Conrad Ziefle says:

    I’ll chime in too. I’ll also say that I thought that where there was smoke there had to be fire, but after seeing that the data is manipulated, and, more importantly, how it is manipulated, the only smoking comes from the guns of NOAA and NASA (and their associates). The curve that damns them most is the one where you show how their manipulation varies from negative adjustments in the distant past (making it cooler) to positive adjustments in the near past (making it warmer). And second damning curve is how it matches the CO2 increase perfectly with laboratory precision.
    You’re tireless effort is amazing. You’re the best spokesperson for this. I only wish that Lindell or Trump or someone would provide you with a larger audience. The US and, indeed, the world needs to have their eyes opened.

  17. Michael Moore says:

    A giant!

  18. Michael Spencer says:

    I think that Bill would be very proud of the wonderful work that you continue to do Tony.

    More power to your arm! (And, of course, to your intrepid helpers!)

  19. KevinPaul says:

    I can only imagine he would be very proud and honored to know how relentlessly you have pursued truth and scientific integrity. Keep up the fight Tony maybe people will begin to realise how vital oil is to modern comfy lifestyles and realistically weigh the cost to benefit, after all most people are intrinsically selfish despite the climate science fraud.

  20. Mike Fahey says:

    You are doing good Tony. Shining a lot of light in a in a weirdly dark time, especially in the face of so many actual scientific advances. How did this happen …

  21. Allan Shelton says:

    I have been visiting your site for many years, nearly every day.
    I look forward to all your in depth research, exposure of fraud, and subtle humour .
    Excellent work Tony.
    And thanks for all your effort.

  22. GW says:

    You are as far as I’m concerned. I just wish the Trump administration had done a lot more to act on your information, against the fraudsters, while he had the chance.

  23. Disillusioned says:

    Thank you Tony for all what you do.

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