The Green Shell Game

A favorite ploy of the globalists destroying our world is to be pretending to do the exact opposite of what they are actually doing.

11:36 AM · Apr 29, 2021

Scotland has destroyed huge areas of wildlife habitat with their hideous windfarms, which will be broken in 20 years and have massive deep concrete slabs that will never be cleaned up.

14m trees have been cut down in Scotland to make way for wind farms | HeraldScotland

During the last few decades of the 20th century, environmental groups were largely focused on protecting forests and protecting wild rivers. But they were hijacked by global warming scamsters and now classify windfarms and hydroelectric power as being green. Dams were environmental enemy number one after the destruction of Glen Canyon fifty years ago.

Why Glen Canyon – Glen Canyon Institute

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11 Responses to The Green Shell Game

  1. The Dark Lord says:

    somebody in Scotland needs to sue to have those windfarms returned to “the wild” … give it to them good and hard …

  2. GreyGeek says:

    But…. but … but … Wind farms were supposed to be good for the environment. Everyone said so.

    Everyone never included the use of fossil fuels to mine and refine the Iron, Copper and Aluminum, and other metals, used to make the turbines, or the coal and oil that went into making the turbine blades and coverings, along with the generators and circuit boards. Nor did they include the fossil fuel costs that will be used in about 25 years to tear these things down, rip them up and dispose of them in landfills, or recycle the components. All to claim environmental friendliness for their 25 year lifetime for a technology that doesn’t work when the wind doesn’t blow or when ice covers them and makes them inefficient, as Texans learned to their sorrow. This is to say little about all the birds that have been killed by their spinning blades.

    The same analysis was gleefully omitted when Solar farm proponents pushed their dreams. They never mentioned the thousands of birds that would be turned into “smokers” flying through the focal path of solar power towers, and the destruction of the habitat they were supposed to protect because the collectors blocked the Sun light from plants beneath them.

    Socialists are pushing this stuff. Socialism is like that. It always presented a demo app devoid of problems, but after it’s adopted the real app is a nightmare that won’t go away.

    • Michael Spencer says:

      Yes…. Yes… Yes…

      Spot on!

      And we couldn’t have that nasty ‘modern’ molten salt reactor nuclear fission energy instead, no could we?

      It wouldn’t be ‘politically correct’!

    • arn says:

      ‘Funny ‘ thing will be a few decades from now on,when
      the Lemmings realise that the energy that is produced by windmills is barely enough to maintain and replace the existing ones and that the whole game is just a pyrrhic victory by design,
      A system so fragile and useless as the british monarchs ,that can only exist in its glory as long as there is a much bigger System they can parasitize from.

      • patrick healy says:

        Where I am now sitting, I can see a giant 600ft crane out of my window, 25 miles offshore in St Andrews Bay constructing ” Britain’s biggest off shore windfarm”
        I do not recall the lies about the hundred of thousands of houses it will power.
        The cables are coming ashore alongside one of our Carnoustie golf courses and turning this rural patch into an industrial site.
        The point you make about the British Monarchs is interesting as “they” claim jurisdiction over the Scottish sea bed where these monstrosities are being built.
        So Old Jug Ears Charlie Prince of Whales can claim a pretty penny from the stupid taxpayers who are paying the developers over 3 billion pounds to kill the birds offshore.

    • Richard says:

      it only takes 350 wind mills to produce the same power from 1 coal plant- bio-fuels from wood is another lie- it takes 285 lbs of wood to produce 3,500 BTU / pound, coal takes 83 lbs to produce 12,000 BTU / pound
      technology for Green energy is not 1/100 of fossil fuels

  3. arn says:

    The good ole boshewik trick.

    Pretending to be the majority (=bolshewik)
    while being a minority who uses rhetorical tricks and vague language (do you like more parks in your city instead of new parking lots?20% say yes,25% maybe,30% dont care) and everchanging definitions and interpretations(3/4 of scots want bewildering) to create a fake pseudomajority trend .
    Then all of a sudden ,by some incredible coincidence,environmental organisations all around the country get the urge to have the same opinion
    and then politicians,who knew about these plans for years thx to the UN,bilderbergers etc ,get the chance to execute the plans while pretending it was the will of the people.

    This kind of psy ops and social engineering is always used to force fabian commie revolutions onto people.

    And environmental groups only prove that they are as corrupt as climate scientists and that the people with hoenest attitudes had been replaced long time ago by people who preach water but drink wine.
    As long as the money flows they will all instantly stick to the very same standard globalist opinion,no matter how much the new opinion contradicts their original values.

  4. D. Boss says:

    Aside from the blight of wind and solar farms, Scotland is/was a truly magnificent “wild” land as captured in music and fantastic images here: (kind of in the same vein as Tony’s epic nature videos)

    “Wild Theme by Mark Knopfłer”

    He wrote the song as a theme for a movie called ” Local Hero”, set in Scotland. Knopfler took an old Scottish folk tune and reworked it into a masterpiece that embodies the Scottish “wild” nicely. (and the chap who made the video found some incredible imagery to go along with the musical journey)

  5. Jake Sinclair says:

    The Climate Solution Actually Adding Millions of Tons of CO2 Into the Atmosphere

    “Our work shows that California’s forest offsets program increases greenhouse gas emissions, despite being a large part of the state’s strategy for reducing climate pollution,” said Danny Cullenward, the policy director at CarbonPlan. “The program creates the false appearance of progress when in fact it makes the climate problem worse.”

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