“xenophobic fear mongering”

Last year, whoever writes Joe Biden’s tweets said you can’t stop coronavirus by banning travel, and called President Trump xenophobic for banning travel from China.

After a successful coup against the president in January, the Biden administration has now banned travel from India, saying it is necessary to stop the spread of coronavirus.

India has one of the lowest COVID-19 total death rates in the world at 155 per million, less than one tenth of the US and the European average, but the New York Times says India needs a massive vaccination campaign to stop it.

Mass Vaccination, India’s Covid-19 Escape Route, Poses a Giant Challenge – The New York Times

India began a massive vaccination campaign in early March, vaccinating millions of people per day.

More Than 1.13 Billion Shots Given: Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker

And about three weeks after they started the mass vaccinations, they had a surge in cases.

India COVID: 19,164,969 Cases and 211,853 Deaths – Worldometer

Deaths per million people in India are currently about the same as the US, and lower than Italy.

COVID-19 Data Explorer – Our World in Data

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19 Responses to “xenophobic fear mongering”

  1. Clyde says:

    I’m going to make a statement here… it may pan out as true, it may not. Time will tell.

    Here it is:
    “Anywhere we see Covid-19 cases increasing ~2 to 3 weeks after a massive ‘vaccination’ campaign is started, they’re not giving people the vaccine, they’re giving people Covid-19 while claiming it’s the vaccine, in the hopes of attaining herd immunity via exposure to the actual virus, and/or in the hopes of saving money by not having to purchase any actual vaccine.”

  2. tomo says:


    I see that NASA are reprocessing the *entire* OCO-2 dataset – after the antics wrt obfuscating the data and the lame visualisations they’ve pushed out – I don’t have a warm fuzzy confidence feeling going on about this…

    see https://ocov2.jpl.nasa.gov/whats-new-oco-2/

    Do you know Eric Swenson?


  3. Guilherme Gomes says:

    It’s interesting that the numbers of total deaths, whatever, are not shown and they do exist. The fraud would be explicit!

  4. czechlist says:

    I am 71 in reasonably good health, have not been vaccinated and don’t intend to get the “jab”. My doc has chastised me and commented that the president and members of congress have had the vaccine. I asked him if he knew the provenance of the shots they were given. If not, how do you know they got any of these vaccines? For all we know they may have got a saline injection. Didn’t most of the dims say they wouldn’t take the vaccine (because Trump)? I am an incurable cynic and don’t trust this government

  5. Justa Joe says:

    No hue and cry about racism when this travel ban went down.

    • Richard says:

      Racism is the biggest lie since Y2K and BLM began chanting it
      USA is the least racist country in the world who elected a half white President 2 terms

  6. Disillusioned says:

    I knew you would be on this. :-)

  7. Robert B says:

    The 7 day moving mean of daily cases in the US was about 55 000 in mid October. It was over 70 00 in July.

    That started to trend upwards just before the election. It peaked in early January a bit over 250 000 a day a week before Biden’s inauguration. It then dropped dramatically by a half even though less than 2% of the population were vaccinated.

    It dropped by a fifth before 10% fully vaccinated by the end of February. It was still around 55 000 in late April, 2 months later and 1/3 of the US having two shots while 44% had at least 1.

    They don’t make sense.

  8. Ben Vorlich says:

    The Indian CV19 problems are very similar to Europe’s Spanish Flu problems. A large population and a health service which would struggle with any epidemic. I’m quite happy for people to be anti-vaxxers, vaccines are neither 100% effective nor side-effect free, as the saying has it “you pay your money and make your choice”. My choice is that vaccination is the lower risk option, Your chart shows an average of roughly 2.5 million jags a day for 60 days – very roughly, that equates to 150 – 200 million people partially protected out of a population of 1.5 billion, roughly 1 in 8 people which is a massive achievement but it still leaves over 1.25 billion people vulnerable best case. So current problems although a human tragedy aren’t really surprising all things considered

    • Aussie says:

      You have no idea about whether the experimental shots (mistakenly called vaccines) have long term impacts or not. And neither does anybody else, regardless of what they say, until long term testing is complete in 2023.

      Having a Quality background I am astounded about this situation. We have in place rigourous testing protocols for vaccines and in food approvals etc. But we are deliberately ignoring these protocols here.

      The last serious incident I investigated, in the pet area, had several animal deaths and I managed to trace it to a complete lack of certain testing during product development. The product was immediately pulled and the co manufacturer faced a bill of over $300K. I mention this to illustrate that in this case there was actually swift action – and this was for pets!

      But in this case we have death and serious reaction rates far beyond any flu shot – and no reaction…. A close friend was seriously ill and had disturbing sudden and very heavy nosebleeds. He has now recovered but I wonder what else is lurking to trouble him, and the others who have taken this experimental treatment.

      I am heartened that many of my friends, nearly all with extensive technical backgrounds, share my views and will not take these treatments until the long term testing is complete. But the govt and others continue the snow job on the average person in the street and lie that these treatments create herd immunity….

      This could go very badly wrong. At the most we should only treat the most vulnerable rather than jab all and sundry…

  9. arn says:

    I wonder why we get always the opposite results of what was promised/predicted?

    Maybe Chris Hedges ,who claimed that
    “We live in a nation where doctors destroy health,lawyers destroy justice,universities destroy knowledge,governments destroy freedom,the press destroys informations(ask bidens pedophile crackhead son hunter),religions destroy morals and our banks destroy the economy”
    did the right observations.

    The fact that co2 has been declared an air pollutant
    to justify the pollution of air to dim the sun proves him right
    and as of now vaccines should be added to the equation soon.

  10. rah says:

    He can do and say what he wants because his press will never call him out on any of it. So much bad news on the political/social front. It gets depressing.
    But I was heartened to see this!

    Romney talks about having issues with Trumps Character? This from a man that begged Trump for his endorsement and then once elected stabbed him in the back repeatedly?
    The only thing missing was rotten eggs and tomatoes.

  11. Gerald Machnee says:

    There is no mention in the media of course, but I heard that India may have approved Ivermectin the miracle drug for use in all of India. I was only used in two states.

    • Solar Mutant Ninjaneer says:

      Here is an article that says India stopped prescribing Ivermectin when they started rolling out vaccines.
      For me, I have decided to take my chances with Covid and have an Ivermectin prescription on hand for if and when I start feeling symptoms. The bottom line is that our CDC has been wrong about absolutely everything, from the efficacy of masks and lockdowns, to the need to suspend in person schooling, 6 feet for social distancing, etc. So when they say the vaccines are safe and effective, I have to assume that they are the exact opposite, just based on their track record. Furthermore, they can not possibly know what the long-term issues might be so by definition they are lying. I have also read and heard from a number of sources that the previous attempt at an mRNA vaccine for SARS-Cov -1 failed animal testing when all (or most?) of the animals died when exposed to a wild coronavirus years later.

      • Jake Sinclair says:

        It’s amazing how quickly they can mass produce vaccines when they have the formula used to create the virus

  12. Anon says:

    That is not unexpected, if you look at the pre-COVID-19 literature (and you take what the government tells us about the virus at face value):

    Timing of Immune Escape Linked to Success or Failure of Vaccination

    Thus narrowly directed vaccination against a single epitope resulted in rapid immune escape and viral levels equivalent to that of naïve unvaccinated animals.

    However, we recently postulated that if replication is sufficiently high, pressure from vaccine-induced response might force immune escape variants to arise early (earlier than they might have during natural infection), reducing the flexibility of the overall immune response.


    So, vaccinating during a pandemic, when there is a lot of virus around, is probably the least opportune time to do so, as there is so much virus around, it is likely one will develop a mutation to get around the vaccination and replicate.

    To illustrate that, you can use the very simplistic analogy of keys and locks. If there are million keys and one lock, the chance of selecting the correct key is very small. However, if you have 10000 locks around then all that is required is to try 100 keys before someone finds the right key and mass produces it. So, introducing a vaccine during a pandemic is like increasing the number of locks, whereas if you vaccinate before a viral outbreak becomes a pandemic, you have fewer keys to worry about (and the likelihood that the right key exists in the wild pool of virus).

    And then there is the matter of “types of immune responses” to consider, which contains another litany of potential issues.

    In the end it is all guess work and good luck or bad luck… all motivated by governments need to do something to appease the governed.

    Too bad they didn’t take banning gain of function research seriously.

  13. mwhite says:


    Covid 19 antibodies found in blood samples taken a early as September 2019(Italy)

    Covid 19 likely to have arrived in Europe during the late summer of 2019.

    By implication Covid 19 spread throughout Europe during the winter of 2019/20

    Closing boarders and lockdowns starting in March 2020, a waste of time.

  14. Gerald Machnee says:

    Look at what happened in Mexico when they gave Ivermectin to all who test positive:


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