Travelling To Cancun During A Global Warming Crisis

During February, Ted Cruz was attacked by the press for taking his family to Cancun, Mexico during a global warming crisis which made his home freezing cold.

Ted Cruz’s Cancún Trip: Family Texts Detail His Political Blunder – The New York Times

Journalists sitting in their comfortable fossil fuel powered offices in New York said that Senator Cruz should have let his family freeze along with the frozen windmills in Texas.


Ten years ago this week, thousands of climate experts and government negotiators from 173 countries took long haul flights to Cancun to escape global warming and resolve the global warming crisis. The sacrifices these people make are nothing short of heroic.

Deal is reached at Cancún summit | COP 16: Cancún climate change conference 2010 | The Guardian

As the talks opened, the chief negotiator from Thailand said flooding in Thailand was likely caused by global warming.

Climate Change Blamed for Thai Floods as UN Climate Talks Open

According to Wikipedia, it floods in Thailand every year.

Floods in Thailand are regular natural disasters in Thailand which happen nearly every year during the monsoon season. The monsoon seasons in the country are distinct by region, the southern part mirrors the Malay Peninsula and monsoon begins in Oct and ends in March. The rest of the nation has monsoons and/or frequent thundershowers from April/May through October, but often lasts beyond October. Thailand cycles yearly between drought and flooding.

Floods in Thailand – Wikipedia

In 1978, Thailand had their “worst ever” flooding after 30 years of cooling.

26 Sep 1978, 1 – The Daily Spectrum at

The Montreal Gazette – Google News Archive Search

International Team of Specialists Finds No End in Sight to 30‐Year Cooling Trend in Northern Hemisphere – The New York Times

I have found more than 40,000 historical newspaper articles about Thailand flooding over the past 80 years. Here are a couple of them.

26 Aug 1971, 9 – The Miami Herald at

29 Aug 1966, 2 – The Baltimore Sun at

Like all other “climate agreements” – Cancun did nothing to slow the rate of rise of atmospheric CO2.

Global Monitoring Laboratory – Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases

But the real flooding of Thailand occurred in 1957, when the Chinese flooded the country with propaganda.  Exactly the same game plan being used to destroy the US 60 years later.

A missionary tells the world that Red Chinese are flooding Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and other nearby countries and provinces with beautiful publications showing a Red China which is living up to the rosy promises of Communism. All of which is lying propaganda. In Bangkok, studios have been set up to produce movies obviously, designed to break down the moral fiber of the that area of the world. Narcotics, as easy to get as aspire is here, is widely distributed to make people happy and—well, numb to reality. The missionary’s testimony before the House Un-American Activities sub-committee unfolds a demonistic kind of infiltration in Southeast Asia.

It is a Marxian theory that things must always get worse before they can evolve Communism. Could it be that Communists are deliberately trying to produce anarchy before setting out to police such a condition and establish the Red order?

13 May 1957, 4 – The Indiana Gazette at

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8 Responses to Travelling To Cancun During A Global Warming Crisis

  1. Robertvd says:

    A light sprinkling of snow fell in northern parts of the Netherlands on Monday, as wintry showers moved in from the polar regions, and there will be little change in the coming days.
    The KNMI has issued a code yellow weather warning for Monday evening, saying there will be strong winds and slippery conditions on the roads, thanks to hail and snow particularly in the north and west.
    The temperature will reach no more than 5 Celsius in the wind, compared with 10 Celsius in an average early April. Last week the temperature was in the low 20s.

  2. Richard says:

    I would of Gone with Ted to Cancun if I could have- the cold sucked in South Texas

    I noticed the GW jamborees are in more and more vacation lands- go to conference at 9am talk for 2 hours & by 12 drunk on a beach with woman not their spouses

  3. Steve Cooksey says:

    The government needs to create a crisis that only the government can fix. It’s the Marxist way.

  4. Ron says:

    What was Cruz supposed to do? if anything this Texas cold snap should wake people up to the need to be prepared for various kinds of weather and to question the whole global warming agenda.

  5. Alexander+MCCLINTOCK says:

    I cringe when I remember pouring scorn on my father’s position on international politics!
    In our arguments in the early 1960s, his position was that there WERE ‘Reds under the beds’. Their aim was ‘world domination through subversion’.
    Not much has changed in 60 years except my opinion on which of us was correct. ;)

  6. Laurie Perrin says:

    Tangentially …

    God bless you, Tony. Thank you for your tireless work, it is immensely appreciated, and very important. I hope to support your work with more than words, but in the meantime please know that your rigor and tenacity are making a great difference.



  7. John+Haller says:

    Ten years ago, east coast Australia, focusing mainly on Southern Queensland, had supposedly unprecedented floods. One of the main reservoirs near Brisbane had to take emergency measures to release excessive flow into the Brisbane river. This caused flooding downstream and considerable damage to areas not flooded since 1974, the last “unprecedented” flood event. Some parts of regional Southern Queensland experienced floods in watercourses that had not even flowed in living memory. This year, 2021 we had another flooding event but a little further south in the catchments behind Sydney, New South Wales. “Unprecedented” rains fell for about a week and one of the larger reservoirs, The Warragamba dam had to open the sluice gates to allow excessive water volume down stream. Much damage and flooding took place and records were equaled or broken, across regional New South Wales. The human impact was great and heartbreaking. Big Brother tried to put the inevitable media spin of how “humankind had done this to itself- Climate change gobbledygook” which benefitted exactly no one. What I noticed, being a weather and climate observer since the age of ten, was that, this year(2021) the sun spot cycle was in about the same weak, growth phase as it was in 2011 and more importantly, a “La Nina” climatic event was declared, as a warning, by the weather department months in advance of the onset of the east coast, Australia floods. As Shirley Bassey once sang ” It’s all just a case of History repeating” Keep up the good work Tony.

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