Climate Change Indicators

The EPA has brought back their website detailing “ongoing climate threats” which were being suppressed by the Trump Administration.

Heat waves across the country are more frequent, more intense, and last longer. Wildfires are burning more land. The East and Gulf Coasts are flooding more often, while ice sheets are disappearing and sea levels are rising.

U.S. brings back climate change website detailing ongoing threats | Reuters

The first graph on their website shows CO2 concentrations, in an attempt to link CO2 with climate.

Climate Change Indicators in the United States | US EPA

Then they have heatwave graphs going back to the 1960s, showing heatwaves increasing.

Climate Change Indicators: Heat Waves | Climate Change Indicators in the United States | US EPA

Their old heatwave graph shows that they cherry picked the lowest point in the dataset, and that heatwaves were much less severe in the second half of the 20th century than in the first half.

Climate Change Indicators: Heat Waves | Climate Change Indicators in the United States | US EPA

The National Climate Assessment showed the same thing.


Temperature Changes in the United States – Climate Science Special Report

Summers are also getting shorter, with May temperatures getting cooler

Summers have gotten much cooler in the US over the past century.

September temperatures are getting cooler as well.

On May 22, 1911, almost the entire northeast US was over 90F (32C) and Maine was over 100F (38C.)

22 May 1911, Page 1 – The Sydney Morning Herald at

The EPA shows forest fires burn acreage has been increasing since 1983.

Climate Change Indicators: Wildfires | Climate Change Indicators in the United States | US EPA

The entire US Forest Service data set shows that burn acreage has plummeted as CO2 has increased.

National Report on Sustainable Forests — 2010

TimesMachine: October 9, 1938 –

By cherry-picking a start date of 1983 and greatly exaggerating the Y-axis, they make it appear like CO2 and burn acreage correlate.

Their drought graph shows that the climate isn’t changing

Climate Change Indicators: Drought | Climate Change Indicators in the United States | US EPA

Sea ice extent at both poles is close to the 1981-2010 median.

osisaf_nh_sie_daily-all.png (1274×943)

osisaf_sh_sie_daily-all.png (1303×943)

Se level has been rising for 20,000 years, and there is no indication it is accelerating

File:Post-Glacial Sea Level.png – Wikimedia Commons

9452210 Juneau, Alaska

9447130 Seattle, Washington

9439040 Astoria, Oregon

9419750 Crescent City, California

9414750 Alameda, California

9410230 La Jolla, California

8771450 Galveston Pier 21, Texas

8761724 Grand Isle, Louisiana

8720030 Fernandina Beach, Florida

8574680 Baltimore, Maryland

8534720 Atlantic City, New Jersey

8518750 The Battery, New York

8443970 Boston, Massachusetts

The last time CO2 levels were this high, temperatures were 5F warmer – meaning that this time, they are 5F cooler. In other words, CO2 doesn’t control the temperature.

What Earth was like last time CO2 levels were as high as today

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13 Responses to Climate Change Indicators

  1. Now that the public is in a state of fear over the Covid hoax, it is a golden opportunity to peddle the tired old crap of CO2 caused climate catastrophe. Such fear is essential, otherwise no sane person would swallow their snake oil. Urgent action is needed, because this particular hoax cannot be maintained for much longer, even amongst the terminally stupid, in the presence of actual falling global temperature.

    • arn says:

      They are pushing this crap now for simple reasons.

      1)They have to counterbalance reality.
      The cooler the climate,the more fearporn they need to use to keep the lemmings in line and to close the gap between
      observable reality and AGW nonsense.

      2)A demoralised and fear stricken population is much easier to manipulate than a free one.+ a systematically feminised population is less likely to oppose and fight and tend to ignore facts and favor of feelings.

      3)The closer we get to the Agenda 2030 timeline the more radical transformations are needed,so the shock politics of fear and submission(masks,vaccinations) have to be intensified .
      Gladio1&2 have proven how effective such politics are.

  2. Ted Baker says:

    Tony, can you please provide links to the data sets used for those Summer temperature graphs? Thanks in advance.

  3. ledag says:

    There is much political gain for Republicans in Congress to make from launching rigorous investigations into the systemic climate fraud in NOAA, NASA, and the EPA.
    Similarly, Conservative media could capitalize on exposing this fraud, as well as the climate bias and fear mongering that Legacy Media is guilty of.
    Why don’t they?

    • It is a sad fact that very few career politicians have anything beyond a basic scientific education. Most of them are lawyers. They are as gullible as the general public when it comes to junk science.

      • ledag says:


        Politicians are what they are, and making fun of them isn’t going to improve the situation.
        It seems like climate fraudsters in academia and in the administration have been motivated among other things by material gains available thorough working with and for left wing politicians. In contrast, there are no materials gains to be made by helping right wing politicians see the truth.
        However, nowadays science has good answers to the question what’s causing climate on earth the change the way it does, and it’s not even that complicated, so even a politician could understand it, let alone a member of the public, or a journalist.

        IMO, it’s time to switch from a defensive mode, namely “denying” the bad science by showing that it’s both wrong and fraudulent, to an offensive mode, namely active promotion of the science that’s real in the full sense of the word.
        The public doesn’t want to pay more taxes to finance lunatic energy projects, or drive under-performing and expensive electric cars. In fact, the public doesn’t even believe that global warming is a noteworthy threat. Most people have eyes, luckily.

        Interestingly, ocean front real estate properties have nearly doubled in price in recent years, and the avid buyers are mostly rich and “well educated” people from the Northeast (including the Obamas…), who do not seem to be impressed by doomsday climate prophecies, or rising flood insurance costs (thank you FEMA!)

        • Conrad Ziefle says:

          Tony is the best spokesperson for climate science sense. He needs national exposure. Maybe start with a Mike Lindell TV spot?

  4. G W Smith says:

    Who would possibly want to frighten the herd?

  5. gregole says:

    MannMade climate change is a nothing burger. That fact that it is driving energy and environmental policy simply boggles my mind. People, wake up!

  6. dm says:


    MannMade alarming trends for heat waves, wild fires … are worse than half truths. They are red (or perhaps watermelon) herrings that distract policy makers and the public from what really matters.

    What really matters is: Solutions proposed by climate alarmists are demonstrably harmful for Gaia and people. Imagine the damage done if, at the height of the “pending ice age” alarm, the Artic and Antartica had been coated with dark particles to absorb solar energy. Look at the harm done by wind turbines and solar panels. The damage that will be caused by limiting fossil fuels, electrifying vehicles and other sustainable solutions will be far worse.

    Gaia should quake when climate alarmists influence policy.

  7. Rick W Kargaard says:

    Tony, could you overlay some of your temperature graphs with your drought index map and turn the drought one upside down upside down. I seem to see some correlation there. That would seem to make some sense but it disturbs me a bit. If true I do not see what it could mean to the overall picture. Sorry, I do not have the technical expertise to do this myself.

  8. Geoff Sherrington says:


    Here is a lot of work I did on heat waves in Australia.
    Take and use as much as you like.
    Geoff S

  9. D.S. says:

    The 2021 sea ice extent matches 2007
    Try it out

    Unchart the 2012 minimum, and all the means, medians, averages
    Chart the 2007 sea ice extent alone with 2021.
    It follows the same pattern mostly.

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