CNN 2017 On Fake Elections

“If someone wanted to, it would be pretty easy to fake an election”

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6 Responses to CNN 2017 On Fake Elections

  1. arn says:

    The only explanation why it can be easy to fake an election in a country is
    when the system is intentionally manipulated towards manipulation.

    And everything that can prevent manipulations(voter ID,analog only votes)
    is instantly and systematically under attack by the MSM.
    (just like everything else that is threatening the official agenda of global warming,mass immigration etc)

  2. G W Smith says:

    “In 2020 the election will be hacked no matter what we do,” says CNNs professional hacker in 2017 — What!
    But we all know they are doing it. This whole thing with the rigged election, and Biden and Harris, has been planned for a long time. This is what the left does all the time: plan how to take over, then implement. They’re not stupid; they’re surreptitious, diabolical, dishonest, and obsessed with a need for power. “They won’t stop! And they shouldn’t stop!”

  3. John Bugay says:

    This is not related, but I wanted to contact you and see if you can address this video. I watch this guy a lot and I respect his work. Thank you for all that you do.

  4. Cheshire Red says:

    O/T. Tony, check the link from Jo Nova, in particular the first graph.

    It shows comparisons for when 7 renewable energy predictions were made versus observed reality. It’s at-a-glance simple to understand and brutally effective.

    It could be a very useful tactic for you to use in your data presentations. Regards CR

  5. Jake Sinclair says:

    Hillary is the reason Jake Tapper doesn’t have Donald Trump’s tax returns. He was set to send them to her then he learned the bitch had destroyed her server.

  6. John Bugay says:

    Update to my comment: He actually corrected himself and removed the original video. Here is the correction.

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