Let Them Eat Bugs

There are 94 million head of cattle in the US.

Carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere – Wikipedia

Left-wing hero Bill Gates says they are causing global warming and he is buying up huge amounts of farmland to keep people from raising cattle.

Bill Gates to Beef Eaters: Shift to Synthetic Option to Protect Climate Change

He also liked to hang out with world’s #1 pedophile Jefferey Epstein, and is getting divorced over his long term relationship with the world’s most famous pervert.

George Armstrong Custer – Essential Civil War Curriculum

Gates Divorce Talks Started in 2019 on Epstein Link, WSJ Says – Bloomberg

Meanwhile, the billionaires from the World Economic Forum flew to Davos on their private jets and decided that the little people need to stay locked up at home and eat bugs.

How alternatives to meat are growing in popularity | World Economic Forum

Record private jet flights into Davos as leaders arrive for climate talk | Global development | The Guardian

One hundred fifty years ago, Union Army hero General Custer defeated the Confederate Army and then went to a career of massacring Native Americans.

George Armstrong Custer – Essential Civil War Curriculum

A big part of this was wiping out the 50-100 million Bison which used to cover most of the US, and which the indigenous people depended on for survival.  By 1878, there were only a few hundred Bison remaining.

Once there were 50-to-100 million buffalo, they were the most numerous large mammals to ever exist… | by David Bunnell | Medium

So the last time there were 100 million bovines in America, CO2 levels were very low and earth was experiencing the coldest period of the last 10,000 years – but this time they are causing out of control global warming.

Carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere – Wikipedia

1990 IPCC Report

The new Bovines have lead to earth being 0.2C above normal.

Climate Reanalyzer

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10 Responses to Let Them Eat Bugs

  1. arn says:

    The “stop eating meat”- agenda already existed at least since the 80ies(the time it was exposed by Bill Cooper)
    before the AGW scare really started.

    Amazing how they made it fit so well into the AGW narrative :)

    But what really bothers me is Bill Gates buying all the land.
    As the typical woke billionaire he should be anti border,
    so all his new territories are not just accessible but also owned by everyone.

    Now let’s see how much time they need to artificially increase the meat prizes as they already did with electricity, oil and lumber.
    (in case you are looking for a new “bitcoin ” canned meat is the way to go
    as meat will become a luxury asset in the near future)

  2. stewartpid says:

    Good one Tony …. I’ll remember this to use it when they try to take my steak & burgers away!!

  3. Anon says:

    The behavior of today’s Billionaire Class is quite interesting in terms of activism… if only the Robber Barons of the last two centuries had latched on to something like Climate Change they could have saved their reputations.

    That Buffalo story is amazing as well. Very good thinking! I would never have thought to associate those huge herds with the calls today to reduce beef numbers.

    You should send that skull pile photo to the United States Army, as they can now use it without shame: The United States Army: Fighting our Enemies & Climate Change since 1870!

    And possibly use the emissions they eliminated back then to offset their current emissions? (lol)

  4. dm says:

    100 million buffalo lived in the US during much of the Little Ice Age.

    94-95 million beef critters now live in the US, as climate change threatens to ruin the globe.

    Perhaps, the solution to climate change is to eat more buffalo and less beef.

  5. Scott Allen says:

    I am amazied at the stupidity of the people who think that eating beef is some how bad for the enviroment.
    In the state where I reside cattle eat the natural grass that grows (that bison use to roam on). After those cattle are grown up they are then sent to feed lots to ‘finish’ them which fattens then to a sellable weight. The feed lots use grains that are unfit for human food (the left over from rice production along with wheat, corn, barely which are the scraping from the silos,grain bins (which humans can not eat) and baled hay, along with a large amount of DDG (dried distiller grain) which is what is left over from corn used in the production of ethanol.
    If the cows didn’t eat this DDG it would be thrown out and allowed to rot and giving off CO2 and Methane.
    If the cows didn’t eat the natural grass, the grass would die at the end of the year and it would rot giving off CO2 and Methane.
    Do these idiots think that cows have some natural ability to magically turn inert dirt into CO2 and methane.

  6. John Downer says:

    Insects are more efficient at producing protein from grass and other bugs. The Chicken meat production consumes energy in a 4:1 ratio to protein output; beef cattle production requires an energy input to protein output ratio of 54:1. This is because the larger a animal, the more energy it requires to grow into an adult(Plus the energy it uses walking and digesting)
    All the energy lost to cows is growing larger.

    • Scott Allen says:

      While your numbers may be correct on energy to protein ratios. but the fact that almost 1/3 of a chicken is unuseable (what do you do with chicken feathers and the bones are (for the most part sold with the meat to consumers who throw them out after cooking)
      A cow (much like a pig) is almost 98% useable items, the meat of course but hoves, horns are used in other food products and even used in fire extinguishing foam. Un saleable meat parts are used in animal (dog and fish) feeds. The bones are ground up to make supplements and fertilizers. The fat is used to make hydraulic fluid,cosmetic, crayons, perfume, mouthwash, toothpaste, shaving cream. The cow hide is used to make belts, shoes etc. Even the paunch manure is to renew soil.
      I don’t recall ANYONE ever bragging about their new chicken skin shoes or belts and I never ever heard a dad say during half time ” hey kids lets go outside and throw the old chicken skin around”. So the protein part is just part of the best use of land but in the case of insect vs chicken vs cows I would bet on the cows. But if you want to eat a locust (or any other kind of insect) burger be my guest.

    • Robert Austin says:

      So let’s raise insects to add to cattle feed.

  7. dennisambler says:

    400 million ruminants in India. Who is going to order their slaughter to save the planet?

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