Will The World Become Uninhabitable?

Experts say that Phoenix will become uninhabitable due to “climate change.”

Too hot to handle? Experts weigh in on if Phoenix could become uninhabitable due to climate change

The millions of people moving there disagree. Maricopa County where Phoenix located, is the fastest growing county in the US. Huge areas of farmland have been converted into city over the past forty years.

Timelapse – Google Earth Engine

Phoenix is a notorious and well documented Urban Heat Island. Summer nighttime temperatures there have gotten much warmer over the last 60 years.

National Weather Service – NWS Phoenix

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of good temperature data from Arizona. The only currently active USHCN station in southern Arizona with a long term temperature record (Parker) shows that Arizona was hotter at the end of the 19th century. In 1896 and 1905, Parker had seven consecutive days over 120 degrees. Temperatures there were hotter at the end of the 19th century.

Phoenix record streak of 110 degree days occurred in 1974 during the ice age scare.

30 Jun 1974, Page 31 – Arizona Republic at Newspapers.com

TIME Magazine Archive Article — Another Ice Age? — Jun. 24, 1974

29 Jan 1974, 5 – The Guardian at Newspapers.com

The two longest streaks of 120 degree days in Arizona were seven days long in 1896 and 1905.

The official record for Arizona is 128 degrees in 1994, but that record isn’t credible. None of the other stations in the region were anywhere close to that hot.

NWS Phoenix on Twitter: “In Arizona, that record was set in Lake Havasu City

Climate alarmists have been telling us for decades that earth is about to become uninhabitable.

Mercury News: Search Results

2020 is the deadline to avert climate catastrophe | Daily Mail Online

One of their favorite targets is the Maldives, which the UN said would be underwater by 2018.

26 Sep 1988 – Threat to islands

There hasn’t been any change in the size of the Maldives over the past 30 years.

Timelapse – Google Earth Engine

So in 2018, they simply pushed their scam back a few more decades.

Rising sea levels could make thousands of islands from the Maldives to Hawaii ‘uninhabitable within decades’ | The Independent

In 1837, the islands actually were disappearing, and the stable comfortable climate was described as unhealthy.

17 Feb 1837 – ACCOUNT OF THE MALDIVES. – Trove

In 2009 the president of the Maldives held an underwater cabinet meeting to show the world that Maldives were going to drown.

And the press persists in telling the same lies over and over again.

Can the Maldives be saved from climate change? | International | Travel | Luxury London

The Maldives are growing very rapidly and huge amounts of money are being poured in.  Globalist billionaires obviously don’t believe that the islands are about to drown.

Inhabitants of Maldives Atoll Fear a Flood of Saudi Money – The New York Times

Live Cam Maldives – Meeru Island

In 2004, the UK government said that the world would become uninhabitable due to global warming, and that we would all have to move to Antarctica.

Why Antarctica will soon be the only place to live – literally

Climate change study predicts refugees fleeing into Antarctica – Telegraph

The reality is that almost of the world is uninhabitable without a reliable source of energy. Texas relied on wind power and people died.

Wind energy: Texas, Wyoming and Joe Biden’s climate plan

Yesterday, USA Today said the failure of Texas wind was a “warning to Biden and all of us.”

Renewable energy really is part of the cause of Texas’ blackouts

Wind and solar also failed that week in Colorado. The only things which kept millions of people in Colorado from freezing to death in record cold on Valentines day was coal and natural gas. Yet Colorado plans to shut down the two energy sources which kept them alive.

“In recent years, PRPA has shifted more of its energy load to renewable sources, and it plans to reach 100% non-carbon generation by 2030

the intense cold at PRPA’s wind farms in Wyoming forced operators to shut them down. When ice builds on the windmill blades, it creates an imbalance that can damage the turbines, Roalstad said. As it turned out, the wind wasn’t blowing there anyway, so wind farm shutdowns had little impact. Solar resources were also of little to no help because the solar panels were covered with snow. The cold and limited sunshine kept the snow from melting.

Roalstad said that left the utility with two alternatives, and it used both. It bought power from neighboring utilities that might have had some to spare, and it asked consumers to reduce use.

The solution to situations such as this past weekend and what could occur in future years as PRPA and other utilities shut down coal-fired plants will be tapping into larger networks.”

PRPA: Cold snap accentuates importance of energy networks – Loveland Reporter-Herald

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8 Responses to Will The World Become Uninhabitable?

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    When experts make predictions of calamity, over and over, which then never happen, do they still get to retire with full benefits? My understanding of the “urban heat island” is that it is the result paving, walls, and roofs that all have higher absorbance than the natural environment which they replaced. You could add in the concentrated burning of fuel but I suspect that the terraforming is much more a factor. Anyway, I don’t know what the Phoenix area was like before man, but I doubt that replacing rocks and sand with buildings made it much hotter. Certainly, the area around Parker and Havasu is some of the hottest, driest, barren desert I’ve ever been in, and I grew up near Las Cruces, New Mexico.

    • paul courtney says:

      Conrad: What about replacing rocks and dirt with black asphalt?

      • Conrad Ziefle says:

        Of course, Tony had to embarrass me by pulling up the data that shows that indeed, Phoenix urban heat island is hotter than the surrounding desert. No doubt black asphalt has a higher ε than most rocks and sand. Probably the urban heat island effect could be reduced by interspersing the hardscape with parks and soft space.

  2. John Sturges says:

    William Happer’s talk from April 26, 2021 is on Youtube and is a great complement to Tony’s commentary. It was hard to find in the search as Youtube placed much older posts to climate ahead of this which is only 10days old.

    Is There a Climate Crisis? The Science Says Not Now and Not in the Future | William Happer

    • arn says:

      Considering that all these vids are shadowbanned by youtube the number of 200k views within a few days is a very good thing.
      I also like the deep state comment in the beginning,
      but not so the crusade analogy,
      as without the crusades europeans would have never left the so called dark ages,which came as result of permanent wars with muslims and forced tribute payments to them.

      That’s why after crusades and the crushing of islam the european population skyrocketed until the arrival of the little ice age.

  3. gregole says:

    Phoenix, Arizona is doing fine.

    Plenty of people moving out here and yes it gets hot part of the year; but year-round it’s quite nice. Climate doomsters have been predicting terrible things climate-wise for Arizona and it hasn’t happened. I’ve been here since 1995 and if anything it seems to be getting a bit more mild in the summer.

    Highs and lows don’t really capture the nature of the heat out here. We might have a day that hits 118 F, bot only for a very short time during the day. And like about anywhere, we get heatwaves. But they pass. It simply is not becoming unbearable here. Actually, it is quite nice.

    And in the summer we have a monsoon season resulting in some spectacular and sometimes destructive weather. But the rain cools it off. This is a unique climate and I love it here. When it becomes unbearable, I’ll let you know.

  4. Dan Kurt says:

    RE: gregole: “This is a unique climate and I love it here.” Maracopa County AZ resident since 1995.

    My wife especially seconds the thoughts. We lived for 42 years in Montana, Northern Idaho, and Washington. Retiring to Maricopa County in December ’15 we have spent a good five delightful years in this clement location compared to the fierce weather experienced up north. The summers are hot, really hot, but air-conditioning works wonders in pacifying the heat: in our home, stores, restaurants, vehicles, etc. We also have a Misting System that surrounds our south facing covered patio that enables us to use the patio in the hot weather by spraying minute droplets of water into patio air thereby cooling by evaporation. We do not get wet but are bathed in cooler air. Many restaurants use similar misting systems to allow outdoor dining during the hot months.

    Dan Kurt

  5. Rudi says:

    Tony shows that the Guardian reports in 1974 “Space satellites show New Ice Age coming fast”.

    But if you look on https://www.drroyspencer.com/latest-global-temperatures/,
    no satellite data is shown by UAH before 1979.

    So, where is the satellite data from before 1979 to which the Guardian had access? This would presumably shed light on the trends in the global lower atmosphere temperature prior to 1979. Is yet more inconvenient data being hidden?

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