“experts say climate change could be to blame”

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8 Responses to “experts say climate change could be to blame”

  1. G W Smith says:

    Nail ’em, Tony! Expose these frauds with the light of day; it’s called reality!

  2. toorightmate says:

    Where can I register as an “expert”?

  3. Kerry Lewis McCarthy says:

    I have been watching your vids on Newtube, but content stopped being posted there(?)

  4. Brian Ankrapp says:

    Just to clarify, did you mean to say that climate scientists believe that carbon dioxide is the direct reason for the temperatures being so high in the Pacific Northwest by trapping more heat in the atmosphere, not the impressive high causing downslope winds, which are exaggerated by the effects of human-caused Climate Change?

  5. MattH says:

    Most extreme heat events are easily recognized off a global mean surface level pressure map before they hit the headlines.

    Weather systems routinely appear in shape like an egg lying on its side but when they shape like an egg standing on end the air stream carries warm air from near tropics to the higher latitudes.

    When you look at the map referenced below you can see the weather system that gave the Pacific North West it’s recent heat wave is about to carry some air from Venezuela up to Hudson Bay.


  6. Ulric Lyons says:

    In 1859, I can see can see that warmer anomalies occurred when the bisector of Earth and Venus was toward Saturn in February and in June/July, and colder anomalies when the bisector of Earth and Venus was toward Uranus in April and in September.

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