Language Corrupting Thought (Part 2)

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  1. Margaret Smith says:

    Excellent video! I do wish children would be taught to actually THINK. If they did they might start putting two and two together. Maybe when they reach their mid twenties….

  2. arn says:

    Language isn’t just corrupting thought,but also directing the thoughts and the (no longer free) will and limiting free will( by political correctness,shaming and the fear of exclusion + guilt.
    It works so well that, once an agenda is being established (and protected by weaponized language )that even very skilled who could decode the agenda as nonsense within 5 minutes of rational thinking and retroduction will be avoiding to touch the subject and rather enjoy the comfort of hiding in the group.

    Droughts and etremes as result of cooling should be the expected outcome,as cooling means less clouds=less rain .
    And as clouds use to balance the temperatures(clouds =cooler days,warmer nights )the gap between temperature extremes shrinks and therefore the potential for massive storms, therefore an temperature increase by 1degree should be a good thing for humanity and nature,which does not mean that it would have positive effects for all regions (but by some strange coincidence warning has only negative impact according to official science,even in countries that are coolling for a hundred years as the USA the negative effect of warning is so huge that it is called climate disruption / shock = the more radical the used words the bigger the impact on the human mind,which is the only place where the disruption and shock is really happening,and in fact man made)

  3. Ulric Lyons says:

    The 1540 European heatwave is reckoned to have been greater than the 2003 heatwave, and 1540 was also the greatest recorded drought year in Ethiopia.
    1541 was also hot in Europe:

    The 1540 heatwave occurred on the same type of Jovian T-square as the heatwaves of 1757,
    1936 (USA), and 2006 (Europe-USA).

    These heat events can happen anytime and have nothing to do with the little ice age. There was a 1934/1976/2003 type event in 1686 in the Maunder Minimum when England had its second mildest winter in over 360 years.

  4. OldSkiBum says:

    It would be interesting to see the temperature data in the graph for the same period to highlight the warm periods when CO2 levels were low. It would further highlight the little or no correlation between CO2 levels and temperatures.

  5. Ben Carlson says:

    The false narrative and fear can then be used to
    justify population control. Population control is power.
    In this world, power trumps truth.

    The only people who are allowed to present a sliver
    of truth are those termed ‘climate deniers’, and they
    are easily portrayed as the evil enemy.

    The people whom the leaders really fear are the Christians.
    The message of Jesus has always been a great stumbling
    block for world governments. Jesus is a stumbling block
    for everyone who does not believe.

    In the climate change narrative,
    Christians can be put out of commission.
    After all, the Christian does not utilize science. Anything they have to add
    is worthless. Therefore, Christianity is worthless and
    the stumbling block is removed. The ‘evil climate denier’ is much easier to subdue because all they have for a weapon is data and science — man’s knowledge.
    Leaders can manipulate science and scientists.
    But they can’t kill their Creator; they can’t understand Him or find Him.

    The stumbling block (Jesus) still was a problem for world governments in regards to morality. Solution? Put people with morals that are unbiblical front and center. Show the world that Christianity is not welcome at the table of morality either. And that stumbling block is removed.

    As a Christian, I stand for Jesus being alive and returning to stop this wickedness.
    I believe in a young earth with geology caused by water-catastrophe.
    God has got this! Climate change is in God’s hands,
    He made the biofuels and He knows what this planet can handle.
    He’s more upset with our ignorance of His majesty, than our stewardship.

    As in past generations, unless God has another plan,
    I think the Christians could be devalued fully and
    among the first to be burned alive in the coming reset.
    I believe He has another plan this time..

    • Vegieman says:

      However that plan plays out, there will be none of man’s maneuvering to circumvent it, but Jesus did say, “Watch ye therefore and pray always, that ye may be counted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.” Maranatha.

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