Nature’s “Famine Weed”

9:26 AM · Jun 13, 2021

Menacing ‘famine weed’ grows more toxic as carbon levels soar : Research Highlights

Increased CO2 causes all plants to grow faster, which makes earth greener, crops grow faster, and reduces malnutrition.

Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Greening Earth, Study Finds | NASA


Yields and Land Use in Agriculture – Our World in Data

Hunger and Undernourishment – Our World in Data

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30 Responses to Nature’s “Famine Weed”

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Gee, I’m a botanist and I need a grant. Oh dear, oh dear, whatever topic should I propose to study? How about my bumper broccoli, tomato, cucumber, and bean crops this year? No- I’m going to study the deleterious impacts of CO2 on famine weed-whatever that is. The more obscure, the more deadly it seems.

  2. Michael Spencer says:

    A friend of mine (Yes! I’ve got one – but I pay a lot!) has a degree from the University of Woop Woop (a place well known in Australia, where it’s located at the other side of the Black Stump). The degree is ‘In Circulos Circum’ which, translated from Latin for the benefit of the non-academic ignorant, means “Going around and around in circles’.

    This would seem to be most appropriate in this case …….

  3. Michael+Abbott says:

    Eh, so what?

    • arn says:

      So what???
      Famine Weed has the potential to become the new (anti)-hero of the AGW.
      The impressive name.
      The negative side effects.
      This plant is so useful on so many levels.
      Only question is wether it will be instrumentalised.

      If necessary they will produce and spread its seeds all around the world artificially to prove a point and only lockdowns,destruction of economy etc will be able to save us from famine weed.
      Whenever they shut down food production in certain areas they will blame it on
      famine weed.

      • Gamecock says:

        The common name ‘famine weed’ isn’t very common, at least not in the U.S. A few other common names are usually used.

        They editorialize by calling it famine weed, and not false ragweed or Santa Maria or carrot grass.

      • Petit_Barde says:

        Should other plants wear a mask ?

  4. MGJ says:

    Ooh famine weed. Where’s the scary background music?

    Clever, clever CO2 makes naughty plants thrive at the same time as killing nice plants. Very cunning.

    • toorightmate says:

      Spot on.
      The CO2 from industry and vehicles feeds famine weeds whereas CO2 from the ocean feeds fruits, vegetables and flowers.

  5. Richard says:

    If oil, CO2 aka Global Warming is killing people (humans) why was the world population in 1870 approximately 1.2 billion worldwide now up to 7.7 billion in 2020.
    In 1750 circa the death rate for kids under 5 was 45%+-, now not more than 1% in advanced countries. The average life expectancy was 34+- in 1870’s. From 2000BC Egypt the life expectancy was 19, it took 3800 years for the life expectancy to increase 15 years.
    Oil widespread use WW from 1900 to 2020 the life expectancy went from 34+- to 75 a total of 41 years added in less than 120 years?
    World population in 2000 BC was 310,000,000- life expectancy was 19.
    World population in 1870 AD was 1.2 billion so 3800 years to increase world population to nearly 1 billion Its clear CO2 is reason we are doing so bad in last 150 years

    • The people who are promoting AGW because it could kill humans are precisely the same as those who promote genocide because they consider there are too many people. It doesn’t require advanced logic to deduce that we are dealing with psychopathic lunatics. The insane are never consistent in their reasoning.

      • Richard says:

        so true they are same rabid fanatics who cheer on Che, Mao, Stalin, Fidel & Maduro- except in GW circles its Al Gore and his minions

  6. This is why God made Roundup.

  7. Gamecock says:

    This attack on famine weed is speciesism. It is Man’s judgement that famine weed is bad.
    Nature is fine with P. hysterophorus.

    A rising tide lifts all boats. Increased CO2 helps all plants. Including weeds.

    I discovered a patch of T. radicans in my backyard yestereday. Leaves looked extra big. No doubt, they are 23% bigger because of extra CO2 around here.

  8. arn says:

    1 Law of Climate Scie….. Cult Religion.

    Co2 and warming must(officially) have only negative impacts on climate and nature.There are no benefits allowed from co2.
    Only negatives are allowed to be thematised.

    the answer to famine weed(the rhetorical fauna equivalent to climate shock/disruption etc)
    is the mexican beetle aka pablo mccartney.

  9. oeman 50 says:

    So carbon is a “key component” of the toxin? It is a key component of all life on Earth! Let indict water while we are at it, it is by far the largest contributor to the greenhouse effect.

  10. GreyGeek says:

    “which MIGHT have helped …”
    “The results SUGGEST …”

    That article will be or is cited by true believers as “proof” that higher levels of CO2 are toxic, but they won’t mention the weasel words used in the article to provide an escape route for Julie and her colleagues if someone calls her/them on her/their “conjecture” and “suggestion”.

  11. mddwave says:

    I saw a similar study on how pollen has increased because of global warming. It conclusion were based upon 28 years of data which is slightly more than one ocean oscillation.

    As with the weed, is it possible that there is increased pollen with increased carbon dioxide?

    • arn says:

      More plant growth as result of more co2 = more plants that will release more pollen
      of all kinds.
      As the additional growth does not differ between “good and bad” plants
      the effect is universal

  12. La Ka says:

    Famine weed? I haven’t heard of that before. Is it a new escapee from the Novel Famine Weed Lab? I favor the theory that it sprouted from a “wet” farmer’s market where humans can purchase and consume dangerous rare grains, which are frequently stored together.

    Anyway, we can add famine weed to the ever-growing (ha-ha!) list of dangerous weeds, such as “heartbreak of psoriasis weed,” “fallen arches weed,” “plastic in the ocean weed,” “mostly peaceful weed,” and, the most dangerous weed ever to sprout its evilness, “orange man weed.”

    • paul courtney says:

      Mr. Ka: Excellent! My thinking is, how can it be a “famine” weed- if conditions are good for growing this weed, other plants grow as well, no? They could pull the weeds from where they grow food, but Dr. Fauci says stop that, or it’ll make it harder to get everybody vaxed against the famine weed.

  13. Phillip Hudson says:

    It’s O.K. cuz I heard John Kerry say at the climate accord that he won’t stop til “ALL CO2 is out of the air”. He needs to re-do 5th grade science, “hey teacher, how do you spell photosynthesis?”

  14. Gamecock says:

    The more I think about this, the more annoyed I get.

    Many species of plants have toxic properties. Trotting out famine weed as the one we need to worry about is incompetent.

  15. GCSquared says:

    I’m gonna plant famine weed at one end of my yard, kudzu at the other, and let them have it out. Maybe I’ll even sell tickets. Let the games begin!

  16. T L Creech says:

    Off topic for this video I know but it’s the only way I’ve found to contact you…
    To the best of my research ability the Florida keys average elevation is 5 feet above sea level and has been so for well over 150 years barring storm surge, tsunami, etc…
    If global warming is melting ice caps, how can this be?Why are the keys not suibmerged?
    Side note… How much land in the keys is owned by climate alarmist
    You may have already spoken on this ,and I missed it. Just a suggestion for you to look into if you haven’t

    • Climate science is entirely post-hoc reasoning. Fitting facts to the CO2 narrative, rather than finding the true cause of phenomena; hence EVERYTHING is due to CO2. No other explanation is tolerated. Anybody who does real science is a ‘denier’, worse still are those who point out that the greenhouse effect is actually humbug, and the entire edifice rests on feet of clay. What we actually have is not science, but a sunken investment fallacy. So much status, and vast expenditure on ‘renewables’ and ‘green’ technology has been justified by this nonsense, that few have either the integrity or honesty to admit that it is all an epic squandering of scarce resources.

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