Climate Refugees

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  1. arn says:

    If AGW was real
    there would be a massive increase in
    crop failures
    sea levels
    climate&desaster victims

    a decrease
    in greening(as result of predicted droughts and storms)
    in polar bear population

    the disappearence of
    arctic ice

    As of now,
    there are zero significant negative effects(the typical extremes already happened before the climate scare and always will as result of natural fluctuation,
    only difference;these extremes are now being systematically exploited to indoctrinate and scare people)

    All the AGWcatastrophies only exists inside computer models
    and they have to exist so these “scientists” can keep their “scientific” jobs
    = being completely useless while selling their parasitism as heroism.
    All the legions of climate scientists and models and
    not a single one was able to predict the non existing summer in Europe or the recent heat wave in the USA (but they are always the first to explain and predict things AFTER they happened and then blame co2 and AGW.)

  2. Jeff L. says:

    David Koch died in August 2019. Charles is the only one left.

  3. Tony. Some time ago I introduced your works to my good friend Donn Dears. And now he is introducing you to his followers …
    I hope this gets you many more subscribers. Thank you for the great work you do.

  4. Paul Marks says:

    The Koch brothers (at least the two famous ones, Charles and the late David Koch – there is a third brother) tried to make friends with the left by partly supporting internet censorship and making lots of hostile noises against “Trump” – the reaction of the left is “burn in Hell”. Trying to make friends with the left is hopeless – even the independence of the United Kingdom (being an independent country is something that everyone should agree on) is denounced by people such as Mr Campbell and is blamed on “the Koch Brothers” who had nothing to do with it.

  5. Bob Cherba (@rbcherba) says:

    My wife, two sons and I were climate refugees in 1980 — we moved from Michigan to Tucson, Arizona. Got tired of driving in, and shoveling snow; sinus infections; mosquitoes; democratic politics, etc.

  6. czechlist says:

    I grew up in 1950s central Texas and can attest to the brutal summer heat and drought. My family would gather nightly in my parents bedroom and pray for rain. Our A/C was open windows, reciprocating fans and a “swamp box” in the den. Outer doors were screened and stayed open even at night and the inside doors rarely closed. House windows and doors were designed and located to catch prevailing breezes, not aesthetics. Our dishes were stored upside down to keep the dust off of and out of eating, cooking and drinking spaces. We used water sparingly and lawns dried up and cracked. No one washed their car. Dish water was scooped into buckets and the washing machine drain directed to water the garden or trees which were the little cool shade we had. Laundry hung limply on the clothes lines.
    My parents were children of the depression and knew more about conservation than today’s “experts”, nothing was wasted. They finally could finally afford central air after my brother and I became US Navy refugees mid 60s. I strive not to waste anything even today and cringe to see others waste our resources.
    I thank all of those who provide the modern conveniences which so many fools think they can live without.

  7. Robert Brown Jr says: Page 153
    Table 19. Summary of past megadroughts.
    Drought Length(years) %San Joaquin River average
    832–1074 243 97%
    1122–1299 178 99%
    1444–1483 40 79%
    1566–1602 37 85% (based on the years 1569–1595)
    1918–1934 17 68%
    Our present media narrative pushes that a 20 year drought has not occurred in 1200 years. We should not forget the Oroville dam overflow resulted in downstream Climate Refugees.

  8. RR says:

    The average summer temperature has risen about 1.7 degrees since 1950.

    Average summer temp vs the 1895-2020 mean.
    1950’s: -.04
    2011-2020: +1.4

    • Gator says:

      Not so fast. Your numbers are based upon adjusted temperatures, or as real climate scientists call it, fake data. Sadly, due to the massive corruption of our temperature data sets, anything that is presented needs major error bars. According to the EPA, UHI alone can account for as much as 22F.

  9. Nancy Allen says:

    Tony, So happy to have found your site and channel. I have a very interesting photo I took that I would like to share. It is a large, rectangular grid pattern of clouds taken near my house in Southern Calif. Any way to share this ?

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