Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Gibraltar is the only country in the world which is 100% vaccinated, and the CDC just moved them to their “Very High Travel Risk” category.

CDC adds 16 destinations to ‘very high’ Covid-19 travel risk list | CNN Travel

More Than 4.21 Billion Shots Given: Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker

Malta has the second highest vaccination rate and are also in CDC’s “Very High Travel Risk” category.

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8 Responses to Actions Speak Louder Than Words

  1. rah says:

    I am nobody’s lab rat. I will not take those jabs under an circumstances. I am continually struck by how they don’t say a thing about those that had the crap and have natural immunity. I’m pretty certain I fall in that category.

    Has anyone else noticed that the bodies of the homeless are not piling up in the streets? People who generally have a relatively poor state of health, don’t mask or social distance, live in squalor, rarely seek medical attention, let alone get vaccinations, and who congregate in their own little tight knit communities. One would think that morbidity and mortality would be sky high for them but it isn’t as far as I can tell.

    The trucking company I drive for just reinstituted the inside mask policy at their terminals. I get it! They basically have to for insurance and liability reasons and thus I hold no ill feelings against them for taking that action.

    When I am out and about at the various companies in various states it is funny because If I don’t know the policy there I just put the mask in my pocket and if it is obvious they have or are enforcing the mask policy I put it on. But it really is a guessing game. Last week I picked up at two different companies in the Sintered Metals parts business. The one in Philipsburg, PA doesn’t even allow drivers in the building. The one in Ridgway, PA let me in the building but I was kept in an area just to sign the bills. However I saw there was not a mask in evidence on any face in the place.

    It has been funny to see how much things changed. We do a lot of runs for Toyota. When picking up production parts for Toyota one has check sheets. It’s a pain in the ass sorting Kaban numbers, parts numbers, destination codes, etc on these check sheets to fill them out accounting for every container being shipped. It is not unusual to have 100 of those check sheets for a Toyota run. The driver has to sign, print name, date, put the trailer number on every single one and then check the boxes for the proper count and how many skids in a particular shipment of a part.

    Before COVID the driver was responsible for checking it all and signing off on it. Now, we fill out the sheets according to what the customer provides since at none of the places are we allowed on the dock to check the freight before shipping. Made my job so much simpler. But we still have to go through the motions of filling out the sheets just as we did when we actually checked the freight.

    At other places where they had a no “Shipper Load and Count” policy there by placing the total responsibility on the driver for accounting for what was put on the truck, they have now changed the policy since I am not allowed to check the freight. And now I put “SLC” for “shipper load and count” on the bills their copy of the bills by my signature and on the bills that I take with me.

    So if nothing else COVID has exposed the CYA Bullshit for what it was.

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      The COVID ‘vaccine’ is a mRNA Gene Editing drug.
      Vaccines are made from dead or nearly dead Viruses than they are injected into a human.
      This ‘vaccine’ is genetic engineering at its worst.

      • rah says:

        Exactly. There is not the tiniest bit of the antigen in that crap. In fact they had to change the medical definition of “vaccine” to call it that. But just for future reference a true vaccine does not necessarily have the whole organism it. It can in fact just have a fraction of the causative protein in it. In either case they spur a bodies own immune response and do not alter the basic building blocks as this crap they are pushing now.

        Further, we hear nothing of human immune globulin. Or IOW taking the antibodies from the serum of those that have been infected and survived to make a globulin that can be injected directly into those that are infected to transfer antibodies directly to them.

        For example if you get vaccinated for Tetanus you get Tetanus Toxoid to initiate the bodies own immune response. If you are injured with a dirty wound and have not been vaccinated or your vaccination has expired you will get Hypertet which is a human immune globulin.

      • Robert Rust says:

        So-called “viruses” are all dead, admitted to by Pharma/Med/ModBiol. They cannot reproduce themselves, requiring a living “host” to so so. If there is no “host”, they just sit there like all dead matter that can’t do anything. No one sees a dead ant, mouse, or elephant do anything because they are dead, only superstition, child-minded individuals would fear them. The reality is that the so-called “viruses” are dead DNA and RNA particles of the “host” organism and are regularly produced by the organism in running its metabolism and are being reused if possible or eliminated from the body if not. Endless types of RNA particles are also used by the body in its tiny organelles within and without cells to eliminate metabolic waste, but these RNA particles cannot reproduce themselves, they can only be made by DNA, more than well known and well-described by biology.

        Biology points out that one million cells die in the body every second and are replaced by adjacent, dividing cells. The dead cell’s enzymatically broken down debris, including DNA and RNA, is reused or eliminated, the body being extremely frugal in its metabolism, not wasting anything, always recycling what is possible.

        Med/Pharma/Mod Biol need a mysterious bad guy to blame disease on in order to be able to push and sell poisons, euphemistically called drugs (e.g., vaccines), for profit. So they blame electron microscopically-tiny, dead chemical molecules in the body as the disease-causing culprit and, purposefully misleadingly, call them oh-so-scary, human-attacking “viruses”, the monster under the child’s bed. The gullible, unquestioning masses tremble in their fairy-land slippers and rush to Pharma/Med to be poisoned, thinking that by allowing themselves to poisoned by vaccines and other deadly toxins, they will be protecting their health. Modern humanity has been dumb-downed and brainwashed into an imbecile by the profiteering, racketeering Pharma/Med/ModBiol cartel.

        The dead DNA and RNA are always harmless to living organisms, it is the deadly poisons such as aluminum adjutants and formaldehyde and dozens of others that are added to the dead DNA/RNA particles to create a “vaccine” that are the danger when they get into the bloodstream of the body. This regularly occurs during injection of the vaccine into the body, threatening the brain, nervous system, vital organs, and life of the body, sometimes permanently damaging or killing it due to poisoning the chemical metabolism of the brain, nervous system, and body.

        Taking a vaccine is always a game of Russian roulette, especially for infants and children because their brain, nervous system, and vital organs are still developing. Poisoning a developing organ is to lose part or all of that organ. When the brain is that organ, it is called brain damage, seen as autism, mental retardation, Down’s syndrome, Aspergers, and hundreds more drug/poison-caused diseases. A women that takes vaccines before or doing pregnancy threatens the life and healthy development of the fetus because the poisons in the vaccine can interfere with the developing chemistry and growth of the fetus, resulting in mental and physical mal-development, including sterility in later life, not to mention 10,000 other possible deleterious effects.

        The health of humanity means nothing to the profit-seeking family world cartel that owns, runs, and controls modern civilization, all that concerns it is continuously-expanding profit, power, control, and fame for itself, humanity is merely its useful tool, its goods-consuming wage slave. Modern Medicine/Pharma is a war against humanity for establishing economic profit for the family cartel, just as all wars are, such as WW I and II and all other hot wars, Cold War, drug war, climate war, cancer war, Aids war, “terrorist” war, civil war, political war, and a hundred other rackets produced, directed, and starred in by the profiteering, racketeering, world-trading, inbreeding, family world cartel. Humanity is the low-paid Extra, the endlessly milked cattle and honey-robbed bees on the family cartel’s farm.

  2. BARTE SHADLOW says:

    COVID has become quite the boon for orgs that have been able to exploit the hysteria: test and vax manufacturers, testing facilities, vax centers…seemingly a whole sub-industry has been set up for this ‘pandemic’.

  3. Timo, Not That One says:

    As I recall, Gibraltar had only 10 covid deaths for the first ten months of the “pandemic”. Then they had 70 covid deaths in the first two weeks of “vaccinations”. No surprise to me that the more jabs you give, the more dangerous your location is.
    No idea why that is, yet.

  4. Patrick Healy says:

    Can we differentiate between Ireland and Iceland please?
    I am confused!

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