Extreme Melt In Greenland

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  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Thanks again for putting perspcetive on the hype. I think a really good rating raiser for any television network would be to put you on for a 5 minute rebuttal to their announcers outlandish claims after each broadcast. People would flock to that network. Seems like a win-win. Wonder why they haven’t thought of it.

    • Linda says:

      I suspect for the same reason that they don’t have one of the many doctors and scientists who tell the truth about the plandemic and “vaccines” on.

  2. arn says:

    With 42% of adjusted data one can make any event look like a catastrophy.
    Then noone will care that on a single day Greenland may get enough snow to cover florida with 5 inches and that this isn’t even a rare thing.

    Noone cares that in 1911 40K people were killed in Paris as result of a heatwave and that such numbers(and much more) would be happening on a regular basis considering that there are far more old people now than 110 years ago and that Paris is most probably a much bigger heat trap now than in 1911.
    But nowadays 400 dead people in Paris would be enough to call it a catastrophy/proof of global warming etc.
    Because 1% is usually enough for the 97% commu…consense cult to have 100% proof of global warming.

    As air conditioning in France is >5% it is pretty much irrelevant as excuse for low heat bodycount
    (and the number is so low because global warming failed them and they don’t really need air conditioning)

    Same with the beaches that are officialy disappearing at an average rate of 2-3 feet.(And if 2-3 yards are the average those far above average would be losing 6-10 feet a year= some beaches would have lost 70 yards in the last 25 years.)
    Front beach properties would be sold for pennies on a dollar and only idiots would buy them.
    Meanwhile in the real world
    “South Florida’s Real Estate Market is now officially in SUPER BOOM”
    Forbes 2021/2/19

    Seems that no a single one of these very smart guys in Florida who have enough money(the dumb guys usually don’t have the money ) to buy those buildings is smart enough to realise that the beaches and buildings they are no longer exist as everything was buried by rising sea levels.

  3. Jake Sinclair says:

    Predictions Put Some Of South Florida Under Water by 2025

  4. On my side of the pond there is an almost zero elevation area called Sandbanks, where the property prices are amongst the highest in England. They hold their prices despite these prophesies of doom, largely because they are purchased by businessmen who got rich by being able to recognise scams, charlatans and con-men, and by being better at the game than the amateurs in the media and climate science.

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