Arctic Sea Ice Melt Since 1958

On this date in 1958, the USS Skate surfaced at the North Pole. Arctic sea ice averaged two meters thick.

The Changing Face of the Arctic; The Changing Face of the Arctic – The New York Times

And now North Pole sea ice is only two meters thick.


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10 Responses to Arctic Sea Ice Melt Since 1958

  1. Ilma630 says:

    And 3 submarines: HMS Superb, USS Bullfish & USS Sea Devil surfaced there on 18 May 1987.

  2. Conrad Ziefle says:

    The problem is kids aren’t taught anything. Their all hyped up in distress. Probably the best thing is to set up some secret societies that continue to teach rational rhought in shaded rooms by candle light and in 50-80 years the average moron will realize that the government, educational, media leaders lied to them. Then the keepers of knowledge can reemerge.

  3. Conrad Ziefle says:


  4. Richard says:

    and real scientists tell us it would take 30-40,000 years to melt Greenland and Antarctic ice

  5. J. Eno says:

    Yet their are still no major trade routes or even cruise ship tours across the Arctic Circle!
    There is still too much ice;and icebreakers are still needed to make it accessible to commercial shipping.

  6. Bob Gutjahr says:

    My father-in-law was on the Skate at the time.

  7. GreyGeek says:

    Here is a naval archive site that has numerous photos of the Skate, Seadragon and other nuclear subs at the North Pole on various occasions.

  8. Jim Hunt says:

    Long time no see Tony. Do you ever experience a strange sense of déjà vu?

    I feel sure that you will want to correct your opening sentence, since contrary to the caption under your image USS Skate did not in actual fact surface at the North Pole on August 11th 1958. At the risk of repeating myself, please see:


    • Jim Hunt says:

      Thanks for the link to the source of Tony’s erroneously captioned image Doug.

      However here’s an extract from a more reliable source. Chapter 4 of James Calvert’s memoir “Surface at the Pole”:

      “Seldom had the ice seemed so heavy and so thick as it did in the immediate vicinity of the pole. For days we had searched in vain for a suitable opening to surface in….

      This continued through the morning of Tuesday the twelfth”

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