Greenland Propaganda

8:29 AM · Aug 11, 2021

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9 Responses to Greenland Propaganda

  1. G W Smith says:

    Dems can pick cherries all year round and no one complains.

  2. Gamecock says:

    My worst fear realized: South Carolina has become a unit of measurement.

    • toorightmate says:

      How many football fields is one South Carolina.
      Is it as big as the moon?

    • roaddog says:

      An important consensus can here be achieved if we vote on a state to use as a standard unit of alarmist measurement…I suggest Wyoming. Of a shape far better suited to the task than South Carolina, and we need the jobs.

      I have elsewhere suggested “Sewing Machine Equivalents” as a more suitable unit of EV power measurement than “horsepower.”

  3. Michael Peinsipp says:

    Well I live in the ridges of SC Kentucky. Melt all you want you won’t reach me.
    Oh get ready for cold, colder and coldest Winters for the next couple decades.

  4. gregole says:

    What are these imbeciles from the media doing in Greenland? Hope their minders keep them all from harm’s way.

    Yeah, ice melts. Fancy that. And water freezes. And snow falls. And so forth. What’s going on in Greenland, has been going on for quite some time.

  5. roaddog says:

    I wonder if Bartelme realizes that rainwater does not eternally remain on the surface of the ground.

  6. John Evans says:

    Many alarmists may be well meaning people who have been infected possibly lobotomised by the very powerful fear meme introduced and repeatedly reinforced by social engineers reframing‘political science’ by leaving out the word ‘political’ to conflate political science with actual science which is more credible.

    The motivation may well be your to weaken western democracies by severely diminishing their industrial and economic capacity. All they do is repeat nonsense very loudly by megaphone and then have the audacity to try to cancel all otherwise contradicting evidence and shaming by groupthink. Like religion in general maybe. Unfortunately this does have a proven track record in effectiveness.

    Funding activists who have had their rationality overwhelmed by a sense of purpose fuelled by an emotional fear beyond all reason is probably an economically rational and sound tactic for any adversity. Same tactic was employed attempting to diminish the UKs nuclear industry in the 1970’s. The outcome of any tactic though is always uncertain. Arthur C Clark’s fiction usefully acknowledged this as have many great works of literature and historical lessons that we are as a race simply ignoring or tearing down in our collective naivety.

    The destructive power of this propaganda has been multiplied by the use of the still new technology behind social media. We have become addicted and dependent on the internet like no other ‘drug’ in history. Now we have our archetypal fear of climate change thousands of years in the making and deeply embedded in human psyche (repackaged with a heavy dose of vicarious narcissism).

    With regards SARS Co-V 2 Well meaning health officials and politicians have had to enforce measures that whilst slowing the spread of the virus also have the kinda unfortunate side-effect of conditioning public and law enforcement to re-enact on a worldwide scale the Stanford Prison experiment. That worked out well (not) let’s hope this one is less damaging to society as there’s no-one able to call it off this time.

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