Only Six Countries To Survive Global Warming

3:00 PM · Aug 3, 2021

Apparently we will all have to move to Antarctica after all.

Why Antarctica will soon be the only place to live – literally

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9 Responses to Only Six Countries To Survive Global Warming

  1. Joao Martins says:

    “Antarctica is likely to be the world’s only habitable continent”

    Just ask Captain Robert Falcon Scott how nice and confortable is to live (and die) there…

    • arn says:

      6 countries out of 200!?!?!

      I smell another 97% AGW consense number.
      (wasn’t 97% the standard voting result in communist countries)
      A psychological number to show the majority of anti communists that they are outnumbered by 33:1 while on the other hand selling the dumb&naive minority
      that it was a fair election and that most love the system&party and that the only reason utopia hasn’t been achieved are those 3% anti communist saboteurs .

      A societical collapse may happen(and is main goal of the elites as it is the only option to implement totalitarian rule and to bring earth population finaly down to >500 mio as written on the georgia guidestones)
      but it will not happen as result of AGW
      but as result of the systematical destruction of energy supply
      which is being justified by AGW.

      It will indeed be man made,but it has nothing to do with co2,AGW or whatever,
      but the systematical destruction of culture,economy,energy supply.

  2. dearieme says:

    David King was, and is, a menace.

    Why do bureaucrat/scientists so often have a totalitarian mind set? Is it formed by decades of bullying their research students?

    • Richard says:

      when they say its about the environment & global warming- what they really mean is
      ITS ALL ABOUT the $$$$$$$$$
      TIME cover 1977- ICE AGE is Coming

    • arn says:

      The woke progressive(=neo commie + perversion)
      is the most superior being ever.
      Every opinion they have is right and true and an imperativ.
      And the more often their opinions are being debunked by other,mother nature and reality the more right and true they become.

      They are so superior that they have monopolised every movement
      that can be exploited to get to utopia
      (they run feminism:Result:Rape rates,bulimia,broken familys are ever increasing.
      they run human rights while in the real world they kiss chinas and islams butt,
      they pretend to help black people.Result:analphabetism,drug addiction,child+women abuse,obesity,broken familiys
      every city they run is a shithole and their most progressive experimental field(San Franzico) is full of fesces,drug needles etc.

      Their superpowers have bended reality in such a way that they turned
      Darwins “survival of the fittest” into the “tyranny of the shittest”.
      The ugliest chicks with 0 market valur are feminists pretending to represent real woman.
      The most useless scientific branch has become the most powerful.
      Feminised useless men who can not knock a nail in the wall
      and have zero real life skills and never had a productive job and need a big nanny state to survive trying to tell you how life works.
      People who only turned into “scientist” for the sake of virtue signalling and to get a lazy ass safe job paid by the taxpayer.

      If you are so useless moral supremacy & humanism becomes your main tool
      (as people may realise what is really going on)

  3. I see we have a new kid on the block; ‘Researchers Say’ is he related to ‘Scientists Say’ or ‘Experts Say’, all son’s of ‘Spokesman Said’.? There ‘s nothing like unattributable or semi-attributable statements to propagate BS.

  4. Graeme No.3 says:

    Classify David King as a bureaucrat because he is a lousy scientist.
    Check the Vostok ice core records graphs against his claims that
    “we are warmer than anytime in the last 50,000 years”
    “we are warmer than anytime in the last 500,000 years”
    and then there was his “we are warmer than anytime in the last 5 million years” which cannot appear in the ice core record, or indeed anywhere except in his mind.

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