Protecting Civilization By Destroying It

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”

– Voltaire

Rescue Dogs Shot and Killed in Australia to Prevent Volunteers From Traveling During COVID | TIMCAST IRL

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8 Responses to Protecting Civilization By Destroying It

  1. arn says:

    This is so abnormal that it wouldn’t work as satire.
    (but thats obviously the mindset of people who would ‘abort’ babies after birth)

    I hope that there is at least a sign at the shelter “Beware of the dog-ooder”

  2. Spuyten Duyvil says:

    Oz and NZ appear to have adopted a “Zero COVID” policy. Their experience stamping out the various corona-type head colds should be of immense help in this endeavour. On the other hand, perhaps after the Twenty-third Level Four lockdown the citizens will rid themselves of the current dictatorship. /s/

    • SCS says:

      Considering SARS viruses have an animal reservoir, eradication is not an option (as it was with Smallpox that could only survive in humans). I get the feeling only mass unrest and revolt will break Aus and NZ free from the stupidity that are their respective govts.

  3. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Is it possible that the average Australian has a lower the 100 IQ? Certainly their average governmental leader does. They’ve tried socialism and found it to be a bizarre twist of insane actions, maybe they just had their collective wake-up call, and it’s time to return to capitalism, and some sane policymakers.
    Throw these guys out-then throw them into jails.

  4. Thomas Fowler says:

    Probably the best solution for them, after they kill all the dogs, is to kill all the people. Then they will permanently have zero Covid cases!

  5. Ron says:

    This sounds like something from a bad B movie. what’s next? Gulags for anyone who doesn’t get the jab?

  6. AV says:

    Here in Australia the covid mass brainwashing is sweeping far and wide. Insane fear mongering nonsense is pouring out from our state government leaders every day. Sadly, most people are buying into this stuff just like they believe the planet is getting hotter and hotter.
    We need to find an answer to mass brainwashing before we can fix these problems.
    The answer lies with a higher awakening of minds. Love over fear. Truth over lies. Stop censoring positive news. Its a spiritual call to arms and we need to start NOW.

  7. David G says:

    The pushback has started in Australia. The battle-lines have been drawn: we have a conservative Prime Minister (“open up society when vaccinations are at 80%”) versus socialist state Premiers (“Governors” in US terms) with “the only answer to COVID is lockdown”. The Prime Minister needs to take control of this from now or else there will be increasing civil unrest and more of the bizarre behaviour described above. The “quiet Australians” of the suburbs and country places have had enough!

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