One Hundred Authors Against Einstein

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  1. Shortly after the Nuremberg Trials and sentencing of altruist National Socialists, Albert Einstein endorsed (of all things!) Socialism via initiation of force. This essay, “Why Socialism?” was two years after Ayn Rand composed the Non-Aggression Principle. When bombs were raining on Germany and Japan, a Canadian commented: “They asked for it.” Followers of Einstein and Hitler’s altruist apologias for the initiation of force will doubtless recall this when they achieve the unequal yet apposite retaliatory force their policies and votes endorse and put into practice.

  2. G W Smith says:

    How easily science is corrupted with unscientific matters, eventually rendering itself into but rationalizations for it’s opposite.

  3. Tom O says:

    Thanks Tony, great presentation as always. Nothing like raw data showing the truth. The shifting to calling “proxies” data, as well as computer programming, has really changed the very nature of what I called “science” as a child. I always liked that quote, “Lies, damned lies, and then there’s statistics.” Or at least that is how I remember it. Science now seems to prefer statistics to the raw data because with a little imagination, you can show damn near anything you want to be true, even if it isn’t even close.

  4. Anon says:

    Hi Tony,

    I was amazed at that AAAS (eugenics endorsement) article. The Nazi’s are presented today by historians as completely nutty with their ideas, but you demonstrate here that they were following the best science and highest intellectual arguments of the period when they decided to initiate the Holocaust. Previously, I had thought it was all pulled out of Hitler’s demented mind, however I now see he could have just referenced the AAAS to support his ideas.

    Here is the other piece of the “genocide” puzzle. Stalin was also just following Marxist Theory regarding the “scientific” unfolding of history:

    Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin by Timothy Snyder Audiobook

    Thus the peasants as a class (Kulaks) had to go.

    So, both the Holocaust & Holodomor, are scions of the work products of armchair intellectual elites, the same class that governs the world today. And the perpetrators were not “crazies” but had the academic papers to back them up.

    This is a great find (IMHO) and I plan to publicize it far and wide.

    Thanks for the education, once again!

  5. In the 1955 Solomon Asch Experiment, “Opinions and Social Pressure,” the deflective power of groupthink causes “normal” (3 out of 4) persons to lie in order to go along with the lie recited by cheap hirelings. The relevant conclusion was that one single unflappable dissenter reduces the error-inducing strength of groupthink by 75%. “Subjects conformed to group pressure only one-fourth as often in the presence of a supporting partner.” Freedom to express disagreement corrects the normal 3 to 1 tendency to recite groupthink errors. I send my friends here expecting Tony’s minority report to offset and cancel their tendency to repeat purchased falsehoods.

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