Vaccine Efficacy In Israel

Israel has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world and cases are skyrocketing. Palestine has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the world, and far fewer cases.

Vaccinations and COVID-19 – Data for Israel – Our World in Data

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28 Responses to Vaccine Efficacy In Israel

  1. Michael Peinsipp says:

    I as many others in Rural areas are and will refuse to take a ‘vaccine’ that is NOT a vaccine.
    It is a mRNA Gene Editing drug that cause the vaccinated to get COVID…no thanks.

  2. Gator says:

    There is a very good piece by Jeffrey Anderson in The City Journal titled “Do Masks Work?” This is a very serious discussion that we should be having, but just like climate change, any debate or discussion of real science… ist verboten!

    The cherry-picking and lies continue…

  3. arn says:

    An obviously Palestinophob virus-

    or just proof that natural immunity is superior and the way to go in terms of the flu
    as Belarus with 0 lockdowns has also one of the lowest mortality rates.

    (alternative theory:
    The higher the number of tests the more positive results,
    and with such a high number of tests we may have gotten identically high result before covid 19 even existed)

    And the typical conclusion:
    Avoid globalists help&solutions for global problems
    as those problems only exist to force their help upon us-
    which has nothing to do with help at all.

  4. Mary-Anne Sillamaa says:

    Are the Israeli and Palestinian testing rates comparable? I personally would trust Palestinian data less than Israeli data because the Palestinian government is less accountable to their public as well as has less nancial capacity to get things done.

  5. Rockwood says:

    Looks like our world data only starts in 2020. Would be more interesting and probably relevant to see some of the unbiased data prior to 2020, if I am reading the reference correctly.
    Feels a bit like the climate crisis where they hide the data and events from the past and now every rain storm and heat wave is the end of humanity. So what about excess mortality compared to previous years when the “common” flu killed off a few here, there and almost certainly everywhere.

  6. G W Smith says:

    Or is it a matter of testing — whether one has it, or whether anyone even knows?

  7. Mark macfadzrn says:

    Are there broader examples? Would Palestine have a higher hospitalization death rate than Israel?

  8. kzvx says:

    The Seychelles is one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, they’ve seen an explosion of cases and gone back into lockdown

  9. Timo, Not That One says:

    In Ontario, the number of covid patients in ICU are as follows:
    Fully vaccinated – 5 per 100,000
    Partially vaccinated – 7 per 100,000
    Unvaccinated – Zero per 100,000
    Source – MPP Randy Hillier – I’ll take his word for it.

  10. Mikey0 says:

    The horrors of whores. Now shift one… two…. to blame the unvaccinated.

  11. Mikey0 says:

    I hope you’re doing better, buddy.

  12. John+Sweeney says:

    Maybe a reporting artifact?

  13. Solar Mutant Ninjaneer says:

    Isn’t that special….

    I have also read that about 90% of hospitalizations in Israel are vaccinated. The Albuquerque Journal, however, is reporting that over 95% of hospitalizations in New Mexico are unvaccinated. JDLR! (Just don’t look right.)

    These days you are either a critical thinker or you are prey.

  14. Rory Forbes says:

    Where would I find Palestine on the map? I’m not familiar with that country.

  15. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Some say that the way the vaccine program was rolled out and the nature of the vaccine itself are “encouraging” the virus to mutate to get around the narrow band of immunity provided by the vaccine. Why aren’t the many other tools which are available being used in conjunction with the vaccine roll out? Many have shown good efficacy against the virus. One could say, of course it’s messed up, government is doing it. But it seems even more messed up than that. I have taken the two shots, but recognize that it gives me limited immunity and possibly some long range negatives which have not been identified yet. I’m not too thrilled to take a third shot, and would like in the very least to be able to have an antibody test. Who knows? Maybe I have been exposed and have developed a broader immunity.

  16. James McGinn says:

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  17. James says:

    I would imagine that Palestine doesn’t get around to handing out many COVID tests.

  18. Bruce says:

    Not sure what conclusions can be drawn from these stats.
    Do the results of PCR tests accurately detect contagious let alone sick people?
    Does the PLO government report honestly?
    Hopefully time will tell but I won’t hold my breath

  19. Geoffrey Williams says:

    So what is going on?

  20. Jimmy Haigh says:

    Thailand has reported 97.1% and 98.9% of their official Covid cases and deaths respectively since the first vaccinations at the end of February. The death rate has increased from 1 per million to 100 per million in the same time period.

  21. Richard says:

    Do vaccines work on the elderly and seriously ill. If the average age of death for Covid is around 82 years and 95% of deaths are with an average 4 other serious diseases what would their life span be anyway.

    “For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death.”

  22. John says:

    Hi Tony
    Is this an Israeli PCR test casedemic?

  23. Gamecock says:

    There should be some minimum efficacy before they are allowed to call it a ‘vaccine.’

  24. nobler says:

    Looks like genocide to me. Dr Zelenko agrees. See:

  25. John Sturges says:

    So…1) there is no testing at all in Palestine and no cases or 2)the testing is the same and the vaccine is associated with higher illness or 3) no one is tracking and making up data to suit any political agenda that fits their getting more money. I bet on 3). Those in authority are grabbing all the money they can get their hands on before the rest of us catch on.

  26. Robert Rust says:

    The difference between Palestine and Is-Ra-El reveals the identity of the creature, its elite sect member, that is running the world and is responsible for the Covid Scamdemic, along with every other war against humanity.

    There is no such thing as “viruses”, “germs”, nor “evil spirits”, as humanity has been brainwashed by the parasite to believe. “Viruses” are dead, spent DNA and RNA particles produced by the body as a normal part of its operation, be it in health or lessened health (dis-ease, discomfort, not at ease). The parasite’s Med/Pharma/ModBiol industry always looks for an invisible scape goat to blame disease on in order that it can sell profit-making poison to humanity; we still live in the parasite’s superstitious, evil-spirit, Middle Age’s, snake oil quakery, only a million times worse due to technological development and abuse.

    Disease is the body overburdened in its own acidic, metabolic waste due to being injured, poisoned (mostly by drugs), or metabolically overworked by its abnormal-to-Nature, cooked, processed, adulterated, false diet, the primary source of disease (dis-ease/discomfort, its true, original meaning). Nature lives by raw, not by cooked. Cooked and processed food eating is highly addictive and difficult to overcome, and modern people, like alcoholics and drug addicts, much prefer to point their finger at something other than themselves for their dis-ease woes, to blame an invisible scapegoat for their own transgressions instead of owning up to their false behaviour; and so it is that the parasite creature, being the money-lusting, profit-chasing, self-serving, self-idolizing charlatan it is, promotes the lie and profits from this vulnerability of modern humanity by selling poisons, euphemisticaly called drugs, to humanity to “protect” its health.

    Poisons can only poison and destroy health, not create and maintain it. They interfere with the chemistry of the body, forcing it to behave symptomatically different, which is then called a cure. DNA is the only living chemical substance in the body, (and all organisms), to mess with it is to mess with Life. The parasite likes to think that it is god, chosen by the universe to rule over existence. DNA is Life, an acidic enzyme that can not only maintain itself in the chemical reactions it initiates and controls, but also use the by-products of these reactions to reproduce itself and synthesize and evolve into much more complex forms, called organisms. Modern humans have been brainwashed into imbecilic morons by the profiteering, racketeering parasite cult clan to think that by taking a poison, their health is protected. By their behaviour, morons guarantee their own extinction. Thank goodness, humanity merely needs to be patient, th0ugh their is extremely little left of it any more, mostly only moron modern humanity 7.8 billion strong.

  27. GreyGeek says:

    The graph on deaths by age group is exactly opposite of the American graph. In America the 0-18 age group has a total of 359 deaths over the 20 months between 1/1/2020 and 8/14/2021. The 80+ groups show the highest number of deaths. Israel’s graph is the reverse of America.

  28. Dale Baranowski says:

    The explanation is quite simple. The Arabs in Judea & Samaria (aka “West Bank”) have mostly refused the vaccines AND the Palestinian Authority refuses to report cases. I know because I live in Judea and work with a number of Arabs from the P.A. and we talk a lot about the present situation.

    In addition, the present surge in cases in Israel is due to the Delta Variant which the vaccine does not inoculate against.

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