Weaponized Virus – Weaponized IRS

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5 Responses to Weaponized Virus – Weaponized IRS

  1. arn says:

    One of biggest of so many Obama scandals was the weaponisation of thr IRS against his political rivals(no coincidence that the IRS was funded in the same year as the FED).
    Lois Lerner has destroyed more harddrives than Obamas criminal accomplice Hilary.
    As Obamas criminal accomplice Biden is now pretending to run the show things criminal actions are the norm again,
    following the always the same commie pattern- weaponise everything you can.Money, Science,Weather , Viruses,MSM,Children,useful idiots and especially good intentions
    and in this case the unconstitutional irs.

    And 60%?
    Aren’t there laws in the USA against loanshark methods?

  2. G W Smith says:

    Thanks for the story, Tony! We’re behind you!

  3. Susan says:

    I have said it before – GET a different donation company. Project Veritas seems to have whistle blowers using http://www.givesendgo.com and there are others.

  4. Jeff L. says:

    Just made a donation Tony. I hope that you receive it.

    IMHO you should consider looking at alternatives to PayPal. PayPal has a history of creating problems for their users, and has been known to “cancel” customers with politically unpopular views.

  5. Harry Mills says:

    Why do I receive a PayPal notification after donating without using PayPal?

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