Climate Communication Experts

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8 Responses to Climate Communication Experts

  1. Richard says:

    Jimmy has an IQ of 85

  2. Greg W Smith says:

    This is nothing more than Jimmy’s and Kathy’s propaganda piece to their fellow middle-school comrades, hoping that if they hear it from them that they will take it as wisdom from experts. But, it’s not. It’s just more deception and lies.

  3. will FORD says:

    WHEN I hear “climate”…ANYTHING, I GO FAUK YOU! and then PPPFFFFFFTTT! oh..EXCUSE ME….NOT!

  4. Dana H. Saylor Sr. says:

    It’s apparent that Hayhoe not only drank the Kool-Aid she is pouring it for others. It’s been said: “If you want too get attention find a parade and get in front of it.” Nothing like being the Drum-Major.

  5. Hayhoe also thinks China is reducing world emissions through its use of renewables.

  6. Katharine Hayhoe also thinks China is reducing world emissions through its renewables.

  7. fidel idioticus says:

    “Believe in Climate Change”…
    One is required to be a “Believer”, and they are judged by their “Faith” precisely when there is no proof or even evidence to support the thing that requires them to be one of the “Faithfuls”. Faith is a substitute for actual knowledge, and it be be so powerful that it can prevent the faithful from acknowledging the very reality that they eyes see, and the facts that their minds are exposed to.
    As part of their faith (ideology, religion, cult), the Faithfuls are required to denounce the “Infidels” and “Deniers”, and avoid contact with them (“Cancel” them), if possible.
    Faith schemes have been going on for thousands of years. Such is the nature of human beings, and the nature of societies that they create, and live in. Don’t lose hope, but don’t hold your breath either.

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