Cyclones To Devastate Europe

A climate scientist has warned and Twitter has picked his warning up.

“Meteorologist @Bloemendaal_N can see into the future”

3:54 AM · Sep 20, 2021

Sea surface temperatures around Europe are 15-20C.


Climate Reanalyzer

Britain is also going to be a Siberian climate by the year 2020.

Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us | Environment | The Guardian

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12 Responses to Cyclones To Devastate Europe

  1. Greg W Smith says:

    It’s amazing how good humans are at predicting the future.

  2. rah says:

    “It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.”

    Right now according to the NHC there are two Tropical Storms in the Atlantic. Peter and Rose are projected to arc northward harmlessly out in the middle of the Atlantic and weaken threatening no landfall before they die. These are the kind of storms that 10 years ago would not have been named by the NHC. But now days they want to name as many storms as they can to support the climate change agenda. 10 years ago the average Accumulated Cyclone Energy strength of a named storm was 8. Now the average is less than 5. That is a clear indication that weak storms that once went unnamed are now being named.

    Due to the current weather conditions with heavy shear winds coming out of the west the storms currently forming in the main development region of the Atlantic are unlikely to reach the US or the Caribbean. The real threat right now is close in development from storms forming near shore in the Gulf or Caribbean.

  3. arn says:

    I am so proud of my american Übermensch friends.
    No matter how alien to the subject they are
    they are all experts and set the mandatory trend
    for the rest of the world.
    Be it Pentagon,Nasa,Secret Services-
    the woke Propagandist instantly becomes an expert ,especially in terms of climate .
    I won’t even comment on the secrecy of a “secret” paper that uses all known methods of AGW fear mongering and which was so “secret” that it was published by the Guardian
    The more interessting thing is that the Pentagon made the little mistake to use ice age fear propaganda in a AGW scenario without any adjustments
    (lazy propagandists are the worst)
    which leads us to 3 questions:”How much more siberian the 2020 climate expert predictions in England would have been during the ice age scare”
    “How believable is an institution like the pentagon that systematically kills people all around the world for the sake of the military industrial complex
    with wars based on lies but pretends to care about people threatened by climate change.”
    “How can European cities drown while britain becomes another siberia?
    Shouldn’t we expect that the new siberia in the northern hemisphere should compensate the ice melt elsewhere?”

    • rah says:

      The Pentagon is supposed to project climate change for long term strategic planning purposes. They hire civilian “experts” to do that in combination with the US Naval Observatory. Not defending the current US military command at all here. In fact I detest them and think Miley committed treason by usurping civilian command authority and believe the entire Joint Chiefs are scumbags and am so happy I did not serve under any of them. Just stating the fact as I know it.

      • Torgo says:

        My father served under the Joint Chiefs in the 1960s when Lemnitzer and his colleagues proposed Operation Northwoods. I suspect that my dad and a lot of Americans (civilian and military) would have had a different attitude if they know what sort of firing-squad-worthy villains were giving them orders and moving them around the world like worthless pawns on a board.

      • arn says:

        Didn’t knew that.
        In fact they dont give a crap wether they invade jungle countries or deserts or a piece of rock like Afghanistan.
        Even in a supershort period of time.
        So i don’t think that they give a crap about climate – but they officially do.

        If you think Miley committed high treason(which he did) then take a look at what Dan Andrews did in Australia (once again for the sake of china).
        But the high treason goes even further back,when Trump ordered to remove certain troops from Syria and Afghanistan,but the commanders didnt follow the orders while they faked they did.

        I think every single American politician who joined the Bilderberger Meetings committed treason according to the logan act, but noone was ever punished.

  4. Mikey0 says:

    But, but……but I’m in good hands with Allstate, right? Climate scientists seem to be treating climate like a day at the dog races. Will number 7 “Stormy Weather” win, place or show in the first race? Will number 3 “Paranoia Pup” take it all in the second race? Can number 6 “Armageddon Now” beat the odds of 25 to 1 in the third? Well, there’s always tomorrow. You know, if it doesn’t rain.

  5. Peter Carroll says:

    Does this anonymous “climate scientist, meteorologist”, bother to explain how, the sea temperatures around Northern Europe are going to double to cause these cyclones, or is it just, “climate change”?
    Another baseless piece of tripe, written to frighten small children and the mentally impaired.

  6. Steen Højrup says:

    I like your sense of humour, Tony. Fruit cakes have existed at all times and everywere. Even clever people “want” to be deceived. I sent some of your grafs and historic dokumentation of freaky weather back in time to a senior television meteorologist at the Danish Meteorological Institue. Seemingly he was not interested. On the contrary, he speeded up the AGW scam. Please carry on, Tony!

  7. Thaipixie says:

    I wonder which coven this moron belongs to… she obviously borrowed someones crystal ball.. you know the ones with the snowman and the little white flakes…

  8. Rosco says:

    Air density at sea level is 1 kg per cubic metre and the density of ocean water is about 1,000 kg per cubic metre.

    CO2 is about 0.062% of that in density terms.

    Water requires almost 5 times the energy of CO2 to increase 1°C in temperature.

    Just how do these brain dead idiots propose CO2 in the atmosphere can heat the oceans ?

  9. spren says:

    I know this is a farce, but I kind of wish it was true. I wish the north Atlantic off the coast of both UK and Europe would warm up significantly. Then, possibly, the tropical storms forming off the coast of Africa could maybe take a different trajectory and travel almost due north and wreak their fury on UK, France, and other areas of Europe and leave us alone for a change.

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