Dr. Fauci Explains The Science Behind Masks

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7 Responses to Dr. Fauci Explains The Science Behind Masks

  1. Petit_Barde says:

    Hello Tony,
    you can add this one on the list of Fauci’s cognitive dissonance with respect to how prevent an infectious disease.

    2019 : the good doctor Fauci :
    – wear a mask ? NO, but :
    – do exercise,
    – sleep well,
    – have a good diet, do not smoke, drink less,
    – avoid paranoid aspects.


  2. arn says:

    Covid is so climate science that Fauci was able to go from global cooling(no masks) to global warming (masks) within a short period of time.
    The science behind this Saul to Paul conversion can be easily explained – the first opinion was his own opinion,the 2nd an Agenda.
    If they pay him a bit more money he’d tell us that the useless masks can be used to save us from AGW by filtering our co2,as those masks filter co2 as good as the virus.

    Even if we ignore the fact that there were no standards for mask at all for almost a year(even a mosquito net or a veil were ok)
    and that noone would ever drink toxic water that was filtered by a filter that is useless for obvious reasons
    we get more and more the idea what the masks are really for ,
    when we take a look how the rich masters behave.
    Be it at Obamas maskless birthday party
    or a few days ago at the met gala.
    The superrich guests didn’t wear masks – but the staff had to.
    The more equal animals didn’t have to follow the rules they made,
    therefore masks have nothing to d o with health(as AGW is not about environment – Edenhoffer)
    but eveything with demoralization,submission and psychological warfare.

  3. rah says:

    It’s “science” you know. When the government is involved it’s always evolving to suit their agendas.

  4. Ronald Morris says:

    First off, to be an American should be; I am here, I do not know why, but now I have to survive. The government cannot impinge on my efforts to survive unless I do it at a detriment to others.
    Now that I am here, I can go 30 days without eating, up to 7 days without water, and 6 minutes without breathing. We breathe in as an absolute necessity. We breathe out as an absolute necessity. exhaling is the natural process of your body expelling an excess of co2 and toxins. NECESSITY! You can’t put a mask on me unless you have probable cause that my exhalation is going to cause death. That is how it use to work. now, because the american people are susceptible to mass psychoses, I have wear those nasty rags on my face if I want to eat. gggrrrrrrrrooowwwwllllll

  5. will FORD says:

    THE science behind HIS BULLSHIT?…..NONE! no science to be had….15 years of HAZMAT training tells me he is full of SHIT!

  6. Billyjack says:

    Government “scientists” like Fauci are little more than clergy of the religion of Secular Socialism that has deified the government.

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