Government Protecting The Healthcare System

3:40 AM · Sep 16, 2021

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  1. Luigi says:

    In Italy we have:
    around 900 suspended teachers,
    644 doctors
    In the province of Trento 12% of health workers are suspended
    and 130000 teachers have signed a petition against the green pass.

    The next step from 15.Oct is suspension of all public and private workers which do not possess the green pass. To get the pass you must get the vaccine or be tested every 48hrs. Test costs 15€. Those untested after 5 days are suspended and get a fee up to 1500€. This means that a private worker shall be tested once a week and give 60€ monthly to avoid the vaccine. At the same time Rule 953 of the European union states that those who choose not to be vaccinated shall not be discriminated. Despite that, Italian government thinks that 60€ monthly are not a discrimination.
    Those who recover form COVD and therefore have antibodies will only get the green pass after the 1st vaccine injection. It is not clear why a person who recovered needs a vaccine.
    TO seat inside a restaurant customers must have the pass. But (attention!) hotel customers can sleep and eat in an hotel WITHOUT the pass.

    Italian constitution has an Article (N.32) stating stating that nobody can be forced to a compulsory medical treatment, but at the same time our constitutional judges find that a compulsory COVID 19 vaccine is not infringing this article. And further the vaccine is “not compulsory” but if you do not get vaccinated you cannot work anymore (so is it compulsory or not?).
    BY now the regulation states that nobody can be fired due to not having the pass. By now. And this regulation will remain in force until 31.12.2021.
    But what will they invent next year? nobody knows…

    This is a dictatorship.
    Covid pass is a political measure.

    Europe is a dictatorship of the “moderate left parties” (equivalent to the DEMs in USA).

    They do not support the working class, neither the medium class, they work for each multinational company that pays better. Brussel is full of lobbies’ representative (there are a lot of offices close to the EU parliament building).

    Mainstream press works for those companies and even WHO, which accepts donations from private institutions (I don’t want to write names but everyone knows them), defends their interests.

    Doctors have been threatened that they shall vaccinate patients: my wife suffers from a heavy allergy and has done a genetic test proving that she is a high risk of blood cloths. Despite that our doctor “does not see any reason why she should not get the mRNA vaccine” (these are his exact words, he told me some days ago).

  2. Margaret Smith says:

    The EU needs to be collapsed!

  3. I have been coerced to take the shots, just as I was coerced to take shots to travel as a child. But this apparent product of a leaky germ war lab is worrisome and conflicting data abound. I am still waiting to see Missouri’s lawsuit against the dictatorship produce results.

    • Timo, Not That One says:

      The “product of a germ war lab” was neutralized by natural herd immunity back in the summer of 2020. In Canada the average age of death from Cov19 is 86. Seven years longer than life expectancy.
      The “second wave” was the flu. The PCR test is incapable of discerning between flu and corona virus.
      The “third wave” appears to be caused by the experimental jab. Fortunately, there are far fewer deaths than the first time round.
      No crisis.

  4. Petit_Barde says:

    Agnès Buzin, former health minister has been put under investigation by the Cour de Justice de la République for endangering the French population.

    The main charges relate to alleged instructions given to health facilities not to treat people with symptoms similar to those of covid until they were suffering hypoxia and almost dying, thus putting at risk of death tenths of thousands of people with covid, but also with pneumonia, etc.

    Buzin also banned (late 2019) the use of HCQ by doctors to treat patients.

    Meanwhile, protocols (which may include HCQ) were known since the January 2020 and successuffly used in South Korea and in France (Marsiglia – Prof Raoult).

    Currently, IVM to treat covid is banned in France.

    Véran, the current minister and many others some of them with staggering conflicts of interest should follow.

  5. Robert Rust says:

    Only 7.8 billion guns will stop the self promoting, humanity-conquering clan. The masses will only do this when they are oppressed so fully by the clan that they all sit looking at the impossibility of being able to continue to live due to the clan’s oppression. The choice, then, becomes fighting for one’s and all humanity’s life by going to war against the clan or dying by not opposing them. We’re a long ways from that.

    But, no worries, Earth’s imminent crustal displacement will do the job for humanity, however, taking out all of modern civilized humanity with the clan. One might call that unfortunate but it is the only way to fix humanity now, it is so corrupted, lost, and confused through and through, a natural biological disaster running its course. Earth and Nature will clean up the ugly, sordid mess that the clan for the sake of clan profit (easy skimmed money, power, control, fame) has turned the civilized human species into over the last 6000 years.

    The laugh is that there is no such thing as viruses, it’s an idea equivalent to an Evil Santa Claus stalking humanity, pure Hollywood designed and pushed on modern humanity for corporate profit. Research into Stefan Lanka who has proved scientifically and through courts that no viruses have ever been isolated nor proven to exist, that drug-pushing, profit-seeking virology, Med, Pharma, and Mod Biol stand on hot air, pushing empty claims unsupported by science. Further research into Natural Hygiene, the science of health that reveals the true nature of disease, and legitimate biologist Antoine Bechamp of the 1800’s who scientifically proved that disease is not caused by invading entities of any kind, that it arises as a result of a body’s internal fluids and tissues becoming oversaturated in the body’s own metabolic waste due to excesses in behaviour, the over saturation of waste causing the body to start acting symptomatically, various collections of symptoms termed ‘disease’, from old French ‘disaise’, meaning not at ease, in discomfort.

    In addition to the above, a matter of simple research reveals that endless scientific experiments have proven that so-called “viruses”, “germs”, and “microbes” do not cause disease, and that disease is not communicable/contagious, information that is highly suppressed by Pharm, Med, and Mod Biol, these enterprises run and controlled by the clan.

    Completely and fully brainwashed modern humanity lives in a Big Lie called Modern Civilization, the business corporation of the inbreeding, world trading, profiteering, racketeering, intra-competing, hegemony-seeking, 6000 year old clan, formerly called the Phoenicians of the coastal Levant.

    How does a brainwash victim de-brainwash itself? It is impossible, the de-brainwashing has to come from without and be forced. Earth’s imminent crustal displacement will accomplish this by wiping out all of modern civilized humanity within the first year of the 2000 year long crustal displacement’s start, elevating earthquakes, volcanism, tsunamis, and natural disasters by around 10,000 times over current levels for most of that time.

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