Guardian : 1970s Global Cooling Caused By Global Warming

Sixty years of climate change warnings: the signs that were missed (and ignored) | Climate change | The Guardian

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13 Responses to Guardian : 1970s Global Cooling Caused By Global Warming

  1. Michael Peinsipp says:

    The CIA…what else have they done to push govts to do as they want…

  2. Anon says:

    If they go back an additional 30 years, they can include the 1930s Dust Bowl, maybe as a “precursor” to the cooling signs that signaled warming that they missed in the 1970s.

    It should be noted that this is the “Guardian” so they are not trying to convert anyone here, but the article has such an air of absurdity to it smacks of desperation. Like they know it will be a struggle to keep all of the lukewarm believers on board as none of their predictions pan out.

  3. Conrad Ziefle says:

    This, “I’m the shaman who understands how to keep the climate just right” scam has been around since the Stone Age. We kind of laugh at their primitive “science” and then turn around and wholeheartedly sign on the belief that our modern science actually can do that. Well, not yet. We may be better than they were, but it’s still a scam to say one knows the single force that causes climate. Clearly, anyone with the slightest understanding of science would know that the climate is not a function of one variable. To believe that CO2 is the driving force for the climate is no smarter than believing that sacrificing thousands to the sun god will save the environment. Modern people, millions of them, are still buying into that shaman scam.

    • We see the shaman’s trick of interpreting any and all events as ‘proof’ of the prognostication. When it is blatantly obviously not the case, it is attributed to sin or failure to present the right sacrifices. It is now dressed up in pseudo-scientific jargon, but it is the same age-old scam which kept the priests fat whilst everybody else starved.

  4. arn says:

    Nice way of sugar coating and rewriting history.

    The explicit ice age scare of the 70ies has now become “wasn’ t necessarily one( climate )of warmer temperatures ”

    At least a progress in terms of honesty from 0.03 to 0.04% compared to the (if i remember correctly)Scientific American that claimed that the global cooling scare was only 2 articles(or 2 segments of the same article?)in the Newsweek.

  5. william says:

    Obviously the 1970s cooling which they tried to dismiss was causing them a problem.

  6. Greg W Smith says:

    Dims have no common sense (or integrity) (or sense of irony) and will say anything that comes to their small minds at the moment to supports their leftist narrative.

  7. Michael+Abbott says:

    “The climate change began in 1960,” the report’s first page informs us,”

    Any intelligent person would have stopped reading right there.

  8. Gasher says:

    The basis of this article is…I overheard someone in the pub saying not to listen to weathermen because the CIA runs the world and they fixed it all back in the 1960,s…but we know this is all rubbish because Greta the doom goblin hadn’t been born when the CIA was in charge (or was it the Rothschilds? or MOSAD? Sorry, I’m not up to date on conspiracy stuff). The omnipotent doom goblin has taught us that if…
    It’s raining – that’s global warming!
    It’s sunny – that’s global warming!
    It’s hot – that’s global warming!
    It’s cold – that’s global warming!
    Not only that – it’s all your fault. No, not him, you. And now we are all going to die.

  9. James Henry says:

    Is “weird weather” a technical term? Can anyone direct me to the definition of weird weather? What would the weather be like if there wasn’t any weird weather?

    • arn says:

      My guess.
      Normal weather is the communist utopia among weathers.
      And just like communist utopia it is always only one genocide away from becoming weather utopia again.
      Weird weather is weather caused by capitalism.
      And we need communism(the fancy kind,with celebs and sh!t)
      to save the weather.

      And the term weird weather is far more correct than one would believe.

      200,100 and 50 years ago 3 days with 30 degrees Celsius with some clouds was normal weather during August in Paris,London,Hamburg,New York,LA etc.

      The exact same weather is called nowadays a Heatwave.
      That’s very weird.
      (and we needed thousands of crying politicians and tv guys to teach us this new reality)

      Then we have all these crazy guys with all the new fancy words(climate denier,climate disruption,co2 is a pollutant)and predictions that always turn out to be wrong.
      Yet they are still called Experts and not fortune teller.
      That’s very weird too.

  10. David Scott says:

    The art of deception goes back a long way and ignoring history is often the beginning. One of my favorites that people fall for is that you can buy something at a fraction of the retail cost, and they get excited! Until they realize that 1/1000 off the price is what the seller intended. Fools. Thanks to Tony Heller for keeping the record straight! Where would we be if all we had to look back on is the “corrected” data?

  11. Terry Shipman says:

    “Crop failures in the Soviet Union…” I guess the Guardian never heard of Comrade Trofim Lysenko. I guess the Guardian also never heard of forced collectivization of Soviet agriculture. No,no. The failures must be due to climate change. Any other explanation has been disposed of down the memory hole.

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